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Thankfulness Mondays – An Early Search, and Find

Week 49 (of  52) joining with Bernadette of Haddon Musings and other bloggers, posting each week of something in our lives to be thankful for, whether small or large;  hoping while doing so it will offset some negative areas and perhaps encourage some others along the way.

Today I’m thankful for something frivolous. While in a shopping mall this week not really intending to look for it, I decided to go into a couple of stores that were there, because the malls around where we live, don’t have these particular stores.

It’s not that I needed to get it yet, as I don’t until October, but just thought I’d have a little look. So the first store that I went into, that I thought  would have a good selection of gowns, in fact had very little choice. Of course when you’re being very specific I wasn’t sure about finding the ‘one’ I was looking for.

Lo and behold, the second shop I went into, had many to choose from, and there on the rack I found exactly the right one; at least in my mind. It was the exact colour, length and had a little bolero top to cover the shoulders and upper arms. If you know about women over 70, you might understand why I would want a little bolero or little jacket.

The dress is for our first grandson, in fact the first grandchild to be married, in October. Now you know why I really didn’t need to really be looking yet. I so look forward to him and his beautiful fiancée, being married and starting their life as husband and wife. I pray for them, that they will accept the best and the worst… and that they do love and cherish each other as they go through their life together.

Anyway, I am excited that I found my dress, and so look forward to their coming marriage.

The pictures I’m putting up were actually from the store’s online website, ( as I had to put mine in for alterations. I’m only 5 feet tall and clothes I buy are always too long). I have to say the pictures don’t  do the dress justice. It is, in actuality a shimmering grey, with sequins.

 Of course, I don’t have a figure like the model does, but I am so happy and thankful to have found it, and on sale!


Marriage versus Wedding

A couple who we know are planning on getting married. They’ve announced their intentions and it won’t be until the summer of 2014.  They wrote about this on Facebook, and numerous comments were made pertaining to their plans.

They announced that due to financial constraints and yet wanting to have the reception at a somewhat expensive restaurant, that they would have to limit the number of people that they invited including the fact that some family would not be there even, but instead those they felt were the closest to them.

Their comments set off a whole conversation about whether to just go to Las Vegas or somewhere similar and not spend any money at all on a reception or other expenses.  Some said that definitely they should not spend money on the ‘wedding’, but instead as little as possible and save their money or just as I said previously take off somewhere themselves. Heck, that doesn’t seem too memorable to me, but again it’s what some want.

This made me think about other weddings lately also, and the fact so much emphasis is placed on the details and cost rather than the fact they are being joined in a union called ‘marriage’.  While I realize that not everyone relates to marriage in the same way, and that some have no religious ties to it, but only the fact they are going to be husband and wife, it seems we have come so far in our thinking.  Even if there are no religious beliefs, it is as though all the emphasis is on the reception and not on the human aspects.

When did this change become so evident?  Was it always so, but just not noticed so much?

I remember when we talked and planned there was excitement of being together and thinking of our lives together. Now this was a long time ago and yes we did have fun thinking about the wedding day itself as I had always dreamed of my wedding day….but

I had a large family; 9 siblings and my husband while he didn’t have as many brothers and sisters, he did have a lot of aunts and uncles and cousins. We did have to decide how many we could comfortably invite with regard to the cost of the reception, but as much family as we could ask we did.  Alas distant cousins we could not. Sharing this day with our family and some close friends was part of the excitement involved.

It was also a time when gifts were chosen for the bride and groom by individuals. That has definitely gone by the wayside now as couples seem to have very definite ideas about what they would like to have, and so they usually go and register at some department store, and list the specific items.  I guess there is nothing wrong with progress and new thinking but somehow now when I see something that I think I would perhaps buy, keeping in mind not something frivolous, but necessary  I cannot purchase it because I don’t know if it’s on the list.  I can remember when we got married we did get duplicates of items. We got for example three irons, but we kept all of them because we knew that irons can wear out and so we would have a replacement.  Thinking about irons now is kind of funny because they are almost like a dinosaur…extinct. I guess not really but with everything perma-press  or with business men taking their shirts to the dry cleaners, I don’t think they are used very much anymore. Just a little side-note, can you believe I ironed sheets, towels, tea towels and many other items that now I look back at and I think…were you crazy or what?

Oh yes, and showers for the bride-to-be are not surprises anymore either. I think that used to be part of the fun…trying to keep it a secret. It didn’t always happen that it was but it was fun trying. I remember one that was given for me, that would have been a surprise but at the last-minute when my husband-to-be picked me up to take me, he said, “are you wearing that?’ Unfortunately that was a dead give-way, but in order not to disappoint those that were at the shower, I ‘pretended’ to be surprised.

I guess I’m just rambling at this point but I just wish there was a little more emphasis put into the planning of two lives becoming as one in marriage and the dreams ahead in their future, and less on the practicalities of arranging the ‘wedding‘. Sigh!!!!