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Thankfulness Mondays – “In Their Thoughts!”

Week 48 (of 52)…… I’ve been posting along with Bernadette of Haddon Musings and others, of the many things in our lives we have to be thankful for, sometimes they are small and may go unnoticed, and other times they can be very obvious. We hope that by doing so, it may offset for us and others, the negative areas in our lives.

Today I’m thankful for those in my life, who I know are available when I need advice, prayer or when I just need to realize that I am in their thoughts.

It is important not only for me but I believe many, when there is an area of concern in our lives; that someone makes us aware that they care and are willing to listen. Sometimes that’s all that is necessary. Actually since I first mentioned that my husband and I were moving, and the various issues and concerns I had, people were so kind to offer their support. There were friends, family and those in the blogging community who all made the move easier, by their help and their encouragement.

Since the move I have been very tired and not feeling as well, as I’d like,  but I know ‘this too shall pass’. When we get overwhelmed it is so easy to let the issue ‘mushroom’ in our minds, but when there are those who we can ‘vent’ to, and just express our frustrations and feelings, the problem is then put back into perspective.

We  can then re-focus and realize we just need to take one day at a time.

So today, I am very thankful for those who keep me in their thoughts, and who have offered to listen, to encourage and to let me know they care! That is most definitely many of ‘you’. !!!

What Will Be Will Be !

I’m writing this post the night before I go to my specialist’s appointment tomorrow. While not wanting to place too much importance on this visit, I find I am. To have spent this past year with the appointments, cancelled appointments, tests,  this specialist and that specialist and my family doctor’s opinions and just plain confusion over it all I am feeling a bit intense.

Lack of proper sleep has affected so many areas of my life, and I have come close to that slippery slope of going down the road to depression again. It’s somewhere I do not want to go as I spent too many years of my life there already. Last summer was not one I like to remember, as even the events leading up to ending up in the hospital were partially to do with sleep exhaustion. Being able to cope with the after effects of that event, in our family relationships that happened has been difficult to handle over this past year also. The M.S. that I have, has probably also contributed to the degree of fatigue.

Having said that I am amazed really that I have been able to function even at the level I have been. I honestly attribute that to the well wishes, good thoughts, and the many prayers offered up on my behalf. While I haven’t been able to lie down to sleep, I do get 4 hours or so in my recliner, and then I nod off many times a day, often not being aware that I’ve done so, until I jerk awake and sometimes my husband telling me how long I’ve been sleeping…many times in the car also. But I do ‘function’. Often times people will say to me even though they know of my situation… that I look so good! My first reaction to myself is …”how can that be”?  I sometimes will laughingly think or even say… that my ‘instant health’ (make-up) is doing a good job. But my second thought is in reality the one that should have been my first… and that being .. “that it’s because of the kindness of others thinking of and praying for me”!

So for many of you who have done so, I thank you. Though I don’t know what the doctor will say tomorrow, and I do still have one more test in June, I want you to know that I do appreciate you and the others who have brought me through this far.

And again, it’s not that it’s anything serious just something that is debilitating.


Short Update

For those of you who remember back in March about the young husband and father who was in a coma and close to death on more than one occasion, and at one point most of his major organs had shut down and he had infection after infection ……there is great news.

He is home and his kidneys and all else is working as it should. His employer was so good and kept his job open and he can work from home until he gets all his strength back.

Thank for all the good thoughts and prayers sent his way…..

I give thanks to God!    … Diane 😉