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If you look into a baby’s face

With tiny fingers and all its’ toes

With eyes that sparkle

And a little button nose…..

Their hands that grasp your fingers

A smile that grabs your heart

You simply watch and wonder

With the joy that they impart.

The innocence and purity

No malice within their soul

They emanate pure trust

Such a gift that they extol.

For when we look into the face

Of an infant undefiled

A sense of peace, of wonderment

We truly are beguiled.

There was no evolution,

No origin unknown

This child was a creation,

A gift from God alone

Great-granddaughter born 2008

Moment By Moment – Poem

Just some thoughts that I wrote a couple of nights ago….. (Diane)

Moment By Moment


Moment by moment

One day at a time,

This is how it should be Lord

With love so divine.

Blurred is my vision,

And thoughts that I hold,

Faith I must cherish

More precious than gold.

Sometimes when I falter

In thoughts or in deed,

You are there with your arms out

Because of my need.

Though wearied these days

And my body is weak,

By your love and your mercy

Your face I will seek.

Compassion and patience,

I know in my heart,

Will always be waiting

And never depart.

Anniversary Dinner .. we celebrated 54 years last week… Feeling blessed!

Good Friday – Poem

I wrote this a couple of years ago, but sharing it again.


Good Friday

Today is called ‘Good’ Friday

The day our Saviour died

So why do we call ‘good’ this day

This, we must decide

That day 2000 years ago

He could have been set free

Instead the crowd, yelled “crucify’

So Pilate had to agree

Jesus that day, put on the cross

Though sin He never knew

Instead He gave His life

For others…me and you

All we must do is believe that fact

And turn to Him each day

Our sins forgiven, once we ask

That’s why it’s called ‘GOOD FRIDAY’


Thankfulness Monday – He’s Moving On – Poem

This is week 29 (of 52) participating with Bernadette of Haddon Musings posting about just everyday things to be thankful for, offsetting the many negative areas of life.

Today at church, we had to say good-bye to our Minister who is moving to the west coast of Canada. He’s going to a church in British Columbia, and while that is sad, I am thankful for the short time we knew him. He was very caring and warm, and when we changed churches just over a year ago I had listened to a sermon online and liked what I heard. There was a luncheon today, and I had written a poem for him, and since there were some other acknowledgements, he asked if I would like to read it. This is the poem I wrote.

GOD GO WITH YOU – REV. JOHN January 2017

While we’ve not known you very long

It’s been long enough to say,

That it was because of you,

We came to Knox one day


The love of God our Father

And of His only Son

And of the Holy Spirit

In this church we know they’re ‘One’


You’ve always centered Christ

In the sermons you have preached

Much for all to think about

Strong faith for us to reach


You’ve heeded God’s call

To move to a new church home

And though we’re sad to see you leave

We know you’re not alone


For God will prepare the way

And will be there as you depart

Just know our prayers are with you

       And you’ll remain within our hearts










Christmas is near once again

To spend with loved ones dear

For laughter, joy and more

To visit those who are not near.

Sometimes the Christmas glee

Is not felt the same by all

It could be health, or it could be

Missing someone call.

It may be war, in far off lands

For those who cannot feel

The joy or happiness within

Or share a family meal.

It is God’s son who came to earth

Whose birth we celebrate

He came to teach us how to love

So let us not, this love abate.

Look around to see a need

And if you can at all

Help brighten someone’s day

Taking heed to God’s greatest call.



A Poem/Painting in Memory of ‘Koko’

I already did a post about having to say good-bye to our beloved pet for 13 years ‘Koko’, so I won’t repeat any of it, but the night that we had taken him in to be put to sleep I was up late, and decided to write a poem in his memory.  I thought I’d share it, and also a painting I did of him today. I’m strictly an amateur,  but it helps me to do so in remembrance of him…. Thanks for indulging me!

When we brought you home that very first day

We thought we had chosen you

But lo and behold we soon found out

Clearly out of the blue….


We didn’t decide who we’d take home

It was done by the Lord above

For when you were placed in our arms

It was a case of immediate love


You were so cute

And your big brown eyes looked into ours.

We smiled, and you knew we were hooked

And were home in a matter of hours.


You had captured both of our hearts;

We loved and were loved in return

That was over thirteen years ago,

A love that none of us had to earn.


Today you trusted in us once again

To do what was best for you,

The decision was made

The options were few.



Our hearts are so heavy, our eyes full of tears

We’ll surely miss you, and it won’t be the same,

But it helps to know that you’re not in pain…..

And in our hearts you will always remain…


Thankfulness Mondays – THEY GIVE THEIR LIVES !

Participating once again (Week 20 of 52)  with Bernadette of Haddon Musings writing about moments, and things we have to be grateful for in our lives, to truly appreciate them, and to offset negative areas.

This week because in Canada, on November 11th we honor those who have given their lives, and those who serve or have served in the Armed Forces. War in so evident and has been to one degree or another present in so many areas of the world. In the news these days of course it seems even more so with Syria and Iraq especially. There are threats of course everywhere, and those who protect us, deserve our thanks and respect.

I realize that some of this post could be considered a ‘negative’ instead of a positive, but the positive is that these men and women put their lives into jeopardy for their country to defend those who cannot defend by themselves against the tyranny of people who seek power and control; those who do not value the lives of others or care that so many, especially the children and their families whose lives are destroyed!

We care, and we are so thankful that those who serve, care enough to put their lives on the line. We who are fortunate to live in a country where we enjoy freedom. We are not persecuted because of race or religion or status. Our countries are not perfect and not without issues that affect people, but we do not live in constant fear!

My oldest brother Russ served in World War 2 in the RCAF and was fortunate to come home. So each Remembrance Day I am also grateful that he did!

I’m going to include a poem I wrote last year.

Remembrance Day is not about war

It’s about so very much more…..

It’s about freedom that we share

About those who really care,

Those who have given so very much

Many lives whom they have touched.

They have gone to foreign lands

Many battles they withstand,

Some have given up their lives

Still many others do survive…..

But their lives won’t be the same

Freedom though they all acclaim.

While no one wants to go to war

It’s about so very much more….

You and me and being free

From those who spread their tyranny.

So this Remembrance day I pray

Someday peace will come our way…

In the meantime, we give thanks

To those that serve in all the ranks!

Russ in UniformWritten in memory of my brother Russ

Who served in the RCAF in WW11

He did come home