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LETTER TO ‘ME’ from ‘ME’

July 14, 2017

Dear “Me”

When are you going to stop worrying? Whatever is going on or is meant to be, just ‘will’!

When you stop dwelling on things, and just trust the God you believe in, all will happen as it should.

Right now all you really ‘have’ to remember, is to take one day at a time and ‘do it’, don’t just say it or think it.

There are those things that are confusing you and you have been feeling overwhelmed.

People who you want to find the answers to some health concerns, prompt feelings that take you back sometimes to years ago, in a similar situation. Try not to go there. Just remind yourself again, ‘one day at a time’, and trust them.

Relax more, worry less, pray,  believe more, and enjoy each day to its’ fullest.

Work on those projects that you want to, and when you can; painting, writing, reading, genealogy of family, and gathering some information you want for another personal project.

Write those letters you’ve been wanting to do.

Visit with family and friends more. Get outside and enjoy the summer and soak in the warmth of the sun, and the beauty of the trees, flowers and all of nature.

Give rest ‘to your soul and spirit’, and give thanks to God who made it all.

Sincerely Yours,


Son took photo in July, at their cottage. One day may try to paint….





Thankfulness Mondays….. ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’

Week (25) of 52 of posting each Monday begun by Bernadette from Haddon Musings  of things to be thankful for in our lives, that often go unnoticed, and to offset some negative things in the world around us.

Today I give thanks for the beauty of winter. It’s often that we think about the temperature, and how cold it is outside, when if we look around there is so much beauty. The fresh fallen snow that is breathtaking, especially as the sunlight makes it glitter and sparkle with light; the icicles glistening as they hang from the eave troughs and hydro lines. 

The snow-laden branches on the trees, inspire us to take pictures and for some to paint. Children on toboggans going down a hill, or skating on the ice, take us back to our own childhood fun, and toes that feel numb as we head home to have some hot chocolate to warm up.

As we say good-bye to the colourful autumn leaves, sometimes with a foreboding of the cold weather ahead, we fail to acknowledge the beauty of Winter!

There’s one adage that indicate no two snowflakes are ever the same, but I don’t know how that has ever been proven!


A Little Bird Told Us …….

This morning my husband and I found a little bird under our feeders. I guess his mother brought him there to feed him, but he must have fallen from the tree above.

We picked him up gently and hoped that he was perhaps just a little stunned, but found a box and put some paper towels in it, and put him in it. We gingerly tried to see what was wrong, and suspected that he had broken one leg but thought perhaps still that he might be able to fly away after resting.

His eyes were wide open and he let out a little squawk now and again. We put some water in a dish and he did take a few sips now and again. It was obviously a baby starling, and while they are not the prettiest or gentlest of birds, we none- the- less felt sorry for his mishap. Every now and again we would check on him and still hoped for his recovery. I even checked online to see what we might do, and was going to try to give him some mushy food of some sort and went to check, but alas it looked like the little bird’s fight was over.

It’s strange perhaps to worry about one bird among the hundreds that come and go in our yard and to our feeders, but it saddened us anyway. We delight in watching all of them, and at this time of year we see the new little ones being fed and taught to eat by the mother and/or father birds.

This little bird told us, that he may not be the prettiest one of God’s creation, but he felt just as important as all the rest and maybe he would have said ‘thank you for caring about me anyway!

This is what the little birdie looked like.. though not him!

This is what the little birdie looked like.. though not him!

Not Much To Say

These days I’m finding it hard to concentrate. I’m sleeping better ‘sometimes’…. because I do have a new medication that helps with laying down to sleep but sometimes it doesn’t, so I haven’t really regained any energy, and remain tired a lot of the time. I had my final test last Thursday to see about a problem that is connected but that is also a separate issue. Of course no test results for a month until I see the specialist again.

All this to say that ‘I don’t have much to say’….. my mind is just at a standstill is seems. Sooooooo, since in the past couple of weeks I’ve done some other paintings, I’m just going to show you some, if you are interested. If not, no worry! I told some fellow bloggers who said they still wanted to see the ones I do, that I would blame them for putting more on my blog.

The two birds I did were from pictures that were put on by The Birding Bunch….  If you want to know almost anything about birds you can find it there.

There’s one that’s just whimsical pink/yellow…..  one of our cat Daisy (first attempt) … I can do it better I think the next time…. and one of our dog Koko.

Maybe I’ll get some inspiration soon for actually writing something!

IMG_0881IMG_0868 IMG_0904IMG_0895IMG_0897



To Greet the Day

IMG_0794-001This morning, at about 5:30 am I went to check the feeders outside to make sure they were full. I had to re-fill the hummingbird and Oriole ones with fresh nectar and jelly and oranges, and put some peanuts out for the blue jays.

The first thing that struck me was the greeting I received. Actually, it wasn’t me that was being greeted but never-the-less I felt that it was.

The various birds were chirping their songs amongst the different trees. I couldn’t see them but I was just so aware of the beautiful sounds that resonated in the air. What struck me, was the fact that they were greeting the new day with joy and I believe anticipation.The other thing that I thought was that there were no ‘grumpy’ chirps that indicated they were annoyed because it had rained all night, and they were wet and cold. There was nothing in their tunes to say that they were upset because now they had to worry about finding food and water for the day. Nothing that showed they were wishing that their sustenance was going to be right in front of them instead of having to go and find those worms, seeds and berries themselves.

No, instead I believe they were just thankful for another day, to live and in their way praise the creator.

IMG_0789-001I thought how different life would be, if we like the birds greeted each day with thankfulness, anticipation and gratitude for just being alive. There are certainly difficulties in our lives, some having more than others to bear, but just for the time we awaken and realize a new day is at hand to be happy and to be joyful for the opportunities that we have! What if we truly thought positively and did not let yesterday’s failures or sorrows or disappointments affect our lives ‘today’?

What if we imagined that we, like the birds of creation simply thanked God for this day; or for those who perhaps don’t believe in God, were just filled with gratitude for the chance to make ‘this day’ the best that we can?


Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge

Today I took some pictures of 3 of the wild birds we feed. While I don’t have the best camera… only an IPhone camera, I decided to post them anyway because they are so beautiful and I get to see them every day.

The one of the Hummingbird is not easy to see because I couldn’t get too close. He’s sitting on the right side of the feeder, and is so tiny. Last year we didn’t get them coming because I think I had the feeders too close to the other ones. This year I moved them and put them on their own, along with the Oriole feeder.

The Oriole is easy to see especially since it’s the male who is of course brighter than the female. He’s eating the grape jelly I put in the feeder.

Then there is the picture of the gorgeous and somewhat noisy Blue Jay, getting a peanut that I put on the railing of our deck.

And then of course I had to put in a picture of ‘Daisy’ hiding in my plant.

I guess I need to put one of our dog Koko, because he might know if I didn’t!!

Hummingbird So tiny

So tiny



Mr. Blue Jay

Mr. Blue Jay

Ooops I think she sees me!

Ooops I think she sees me!



May Spring Bring Forth………

May this Spring bring forth flowers of many colors, shapes and sizes…. may it bring forth blossoms on our lilac and forsythia bushes. May it bring forth lush green grass and leaves of every kind. May it bring forth birds to sing in the garden, and to build nests in our trees and then to eat a bite or two at our feeders in our yard.

May the hummingbird and the orioles come to their special feeder with goodies of jelly, nectar and fruit.

May the sun shine brilliantly as we tend to the garden. May we have friends and family to share the spring and warmth of the summer and then to have a barbecue of various goodies cooked to perfection.

May this Spring bring forth the promise of good health to enjoy every day, and laughter, joy and silly times. May there be a healing wherever there is a need,  of emotions and relationships.

May each and every hour of each day be savored so that when the winter comes again as it will, there will be memories to warm our hearts and perhaps some pictures to remind us that Spring will always come….. it may be late like it is this year….but it will come and we will realize just how wonderfully blessed we are.

Happy Easter everyone….  Diane