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Thankfulness Mondays – A Gift This Mother’s Day

Week 47 (of 52) along with Bernadette of Haddon Musings and others, posting of things to be thankful for in our lives ‘big and small’ to offset some of the more negative areas of life.

This Mother’s Day we had lunch with our two sons, which was very nice. Our daughter and her family live near Chicago, in Illinois so couldn’t come. What was even nicer was that one of our son’s usually goes away most weekends to their cottage, but stayed home in order to come and see me.

That is special in itself, but he also came to church with us this morning. While our children, 2 sons and 1 daughter are Christians, they don’t usually attend church. They used to, but like so many of this generation they don’t do so now. There are many who like them, don’t see the need. They believe in God and they pray. but I guess somewhere along the line, the desire to go and listen to God’s word being preached, has gone by the wayside.

They work all week, and then the weekends are spent ‘doing’ all the chores, shopping and relaxing; and in one son’s case going north 3 hours to their summer cottage.

So this Mother’s Day I am thankful because one of my sons, said to me that he could have bought me a present (though he did give me some flowers and a card), but he thought I might appreciate more, him staying home this weekend, and coming to church with us.

And he’s right, I did !

Family picture last 2015

DP Challenge – Hi, Mom

Prompt: Today is Mother’s Day in the United States. Wherever in the world you are, write your mother a letter.

Mother’s Day is very emotional for me for different reasons and I know that for many it is also.  As I shared recently on another venue,  a ‘Mother’ does not have to equate to a woman having a biological child only. To me it can be anyone female or male who cares for, nurtures, protects and loves as a mother does, a child of ‘any’ age. There are many single fathers that  have to be  ‘mothers’ to their children as my mother had to sometimes fill the role of a ‘father’ also.

I will take this opportunity to write a letter to my Mom who passed away many years ago.

Mom and I on my wedding day

Me and Mom on my wedding day

Mom, you were the most important single influence in my life. You exemplified and were the epitome of what a mother should be to their children.  Compassion, patience, understanding, caring, kindness, are only a few words that come to mind when I think of you. You had to be so strong because my father was not there for you.  I can only imagine having to care for and raise ten children and often thought about that as I raised ‘three’. The advantage for me was that I had my husband’s support and that made it so much easier than you had it.

Being the last of your children I did not have to endure many hardships that many of the others did, with the years of the depression and World War Two. My older siblings were my reference for those years and yet somehow you managed to raise us all with the love that never ran out. It was a constant in our lives.

There were of course times of discipline also, and that taught us respect for you and for many others in our lives that we would cross paths with. You taught us work ethics and tolerance by your example and those lessons lasted a lifetime.

The years of growing up I know were not easy for you, or speaking for myself only at this point, for me either. There were so many challenges especially financially and for me emotionally as well.  However, you were always there to ‘love’ me through those times and I always knew that you were doing the very best that was possible and I could talk to you about anything and you were there listening and I always felt better afterward.

You taught me that God loved me and that knowledge brought me through many a trial in my life, because I knew He was there beside me.

There is so much I could say to you and one day I will.

For today, I will just finish this letter by saying that I miss our talks over a cup of tea or sitting late at night just talking about anything and everything and all seemed better after our time together.

So for now I will simply say Happy Mother’s Day Mom…. the best Mom that there ever was or could be!

Love, Your daughter Diane xoxoxoxo

To Some It’s a Happy Mother’s Day

Someone wrote a blog on the fact that for them it wasn’t a good day because of the fact their mother was not a ‘good mother’ and the fact that they had wanted children but have not been able to do so.

This got me thinking of others that have a difficult time with Mother’s Day and other holidays.

In the case of Mother’s Day, it can be for reasons stated above. Also there are the women who have not been able to find Mr. Right yet and so have not married, and feel as though they want to before having children.

In some cases there are mothers who for one reason or another cannot be with their children, and so perhaps are missing them and maybe don’t hear from them on this day. It must be really tough for them.

I have a friend who is not married but has tried to have children by invetro and donated sperm, but without success. She wanted so much to experience motherhood, but she is getting older and with that the chance of success dwindles.

Then there are the women who cannot celebrate their own mothers because not only were they not good mothers but abusive as well, and so negative feelings are brought forth with Mother’s Day.

This brings to mind another holiday ‘Valentine’s Day’. I know in particular one dear woman who this pains deeply, because there is not that ‘special person’ yet in her life to celebrate this with.  I would imagine there are many women and men like this in the world. The talk of what the special person or love of your life is going to surprise you with and all the advertising that goes along with it, for commercialization.

Christmas is the next holiday which for Christians is the most basic reason for celebrating and most joy is brought by this alone. But for some, all the fuss and fury that goes along with the celebrations, and gift giving and spending time with loved ones, can be a devastating time for many I would think as well. What if there are no loved ones still alive to celebrate this? What if you are in a nursing home and wait for someone in reality or in your memories who is not there to celebrate with? Then it can turn out to be a day of sadness instead of gladness.

So, while it is never going to change the fact that these days come along, we must think of those around us for whom it is not a happy time and try to be cautious and compassionate not to be ‘over zealous’ in our own joy of these days of celebration.

Just some thoughts…..