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Thankfulness Mondays – A Few Wistful Moments

Week 41 (of 52) along with Bernadette of Haddon Musings and others, posting of things in our lives that sometimes go unnoticed, and which if we think about them, will offset many negatives aspects of the world around us, and make us truly thankful.

A few posts ago, I wrote that because of moving and de-cluttering I found some old journals and other writings, from many years ago, when I was going through periods of depression. They caused me to remember things and I found a great sadness overwhelmed me for a time..

Well today I found some more old letters, but instead of sadness they brought some ‘wistful moments’.  There were some from family members who were very close to me, and some friends but the ones that I most cherish, were from my Mother. I was about 12 and 13 years of age at the time. I used to spend most summers when I was young at one of my brother’s home. This was because of course she had to work, and didn’t want me left alone.

He had 5 children, and I used to ‘babysit’ them. Most of them were not babies, but very young. I used to take them to the pool at the park most days, and various other things. I would then get some spending money to go to the show with a friend, or buy treats with.

Since it was in a city about 3 hours away my mother and I used to exchange letters, and I found a few of them today. I re-read them, and it brought back memories. I remembered how special she was, and felt very thankful for having her as my mother.

Of course she occasionally might get a friend or family member to drive up for a visit occasionally, but she always wanted to let me know she was thinking of me. That of course is way before home computers, or cell phones or emails.

It’s a shame that not many write letters anymore, and I’m one of those who don’t.  I do still send cards, but not letters.  It certainly was more exciting to look in the mailbox each day, and wonder if there would be a letter or card addressed to me. Emails or text messages sent are usually deleted shortly after they are received, and not kept as a treasure to be discovered many years later.

While I am getting rid of a lot of stuff with this move  since we won’t have the storage, I will not dispose of those letters.

One doesn’t throw away cherished wistful moments.

Picture of my Mother and I on my wedding day. A picture I cherish!


Thankfulness Mondays – Lessons Learned

This is week 35 of 52 joining with Bernadette of Haddon Musings for reasons large and small to be thankful for in our lives, with the intention of perhaps offsetting the negative aspects of life.

This past week I’ve been at my sister “M” ‘s home, and we were reminiscing our growing up years. She’s 5 years older than I, and not in the best health. but we both had many of the same memories. We thought of our mother, and our other 8 siblings.

We thought about how strong a woman she was, and how we have taken on many of her traits. We thought about the unconditional love she had, but also the way we were raised. The appreciation that we feel, for teaching ‘us’ how to love and to support one another. If one of us is hurting we try to be there. If one of us needs something we try to be there.

There are only 3 of us that are remaining now, and our brother and his wife are going through a difficult time. We went to see them and when leaving, there were tears forming in his eyes; this brother who rarely showed his feelings in such a visible way. His wife has a neurological disease of ‘unknown origin’, that now after many years of deterioration, is waiting for placement in a home, where she can receive 24 hour care. He has tried valiantly for her to remain at home, but it has become impossible to continue.

My sister lost her husband later in July of 2015.

So you may wonder what I have to be thankful for…..  and it is that we were raised by a mother who had compassion, strength, faith, and unconditional love, in order that we might show it to not only our families, but to others as well.

If one has not been the recipient of such love, it is difficult (but not impossible) to give it to others.

Six of us 2015 Brother and His Wife in center

Six of us 2015
Brother and His Wife in center

John 13:34-35New International Version (NIV)

34 “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. 35 By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”


It’s Father’s Day Again.. Well Yesterday!

Each Father’s Day I am reminded that I did not have mine in my life growing up. I was the last of ten children, and about the time I was born, he was barred from coming to the home.

He was an alcoholic and a gambler, and though he fathered biologically 10 of us, that’s about the extent of his involvement.

My mother never derided him to me. What I learned was through my older siblings. I remember my oldest sister telling me that our father never held any of them and told them he loved them. In those days divorce was not as common as it is now, and women just stayed married. He didn’t physically abuse any of his children or my mother, until as I said around the time I came into the world.

My thought this year was just about why some men are not good fathers, and I came to the conclusion that they perhaps did not have a father to teach them or show them how to care for, teach and love like we expect fathers to be. I do know his mother was stern and lacking in the demonstration of affection… again hearing from my older sisters.

I would suppose generation after generation could react the same way unless there is an offsetting person to make a difference. In my family, that would be my mother. She had so much caring and nurturing within her, that it made the difference for my brothers and sisters.

She never demonstrated bitterness and she had plenty of reason to do so, as she never knew from day to day whether she would get money to buy necessary food and for other necessities of living.

Because of her gentle, loving and forgiving nature, we were able to then raise our sons ‘and daughters’ with the same qualities…. and although she remained separated from our father, and she could not at the time speak herself; when she was told he had died, tears rolled down her cheeks.

She still loved him!

A-Z Challenge ‘Grace’

GWhen I thought of something I might write about beginning with ‘G’, my thoughts went to the word ‘Grace’. I wrote a blog  back in 2013 about this subject, and so I hope you don’t mind but I’m using that post here today.

GRACE (noun)

I once thought I’d write a book although have since realized it is not within me to do so, but I thought it would be of our family, and emphasizing the woman,  ‘my mother’ who raised us. There were 10 of us and unfortunately she didn’t receive much help from our father for reasons I won’t go into. I have written much of her in the past, because she worked so hard for so long, but I felt she always had such a ‘grace’ in her being and near the end of her life I believe she lived…in an ‘Age of Grace’ which would have been the title to my book. Here is my humble submission albeit an amateur level poem.

She smiled at me with certain love


My Mother with the ten of us.. I am the youngest

I rested in her care

The moments and the days went by

She had so much to bear..


Many children now totaling ten

To love and to protect

She worked so hard each day because

That’s what one would expect.


As years went by, she seldom rests

There was so much to do

Her strength ne’er waned, she carried on

Her loved remained as ever true.


Then came a time which always does

As older she became

Her family now had to learn

To look after her the same..


They helped her as she realized

Old age she had to face

But all her children saw in her

Was this woman full of grace.

A-Z Challenge – Faith

A-Z. letter FOn many of my posts I allude to the fact that I’m Christian, and so today since the letter is ‘F’ I thought I might write about my ‘faith’.

While I grew up with the knowledge of God, and that He loved me, and my mother was a Christian and taught us to pray; and I went to Sunday School, it wasn’t until much later in life that I  fully understood what it meant to believe in God.

I believe that God  is always waiting for that moment; the right time for the realization of what it means. I went to Church, I prayed, I believed, but there was a moment of the beginning of a search for more knowledge. More than believing in God; and I received a little nudge to start looking further………….

One day while going to work very early, as I worked for communications at a hospital and had to be in by 7 am; I was about 5 minutes away, and at a stop street. I saw a man and noticed he was a member of the Salvation Army. He had just gotten out of a car going in the opposite direction, where it seemed he had received a ride. For some reason I waited till he crossed in front of me, and then he waved to indicate he was looking for a ride in my direction.

I must say, that I absolutely ‘never’ gave rides to hitch hikers previous to this time or since, but I had to make a quick decision.  It was a blizzard and  it was so early with little traffic, and so I asked him where he was going. He said if I could just give him a lift to the next main intersection, which was just past where I was headed; he would really appreciate it.

He had only been in the car for a couple of minutes, when he asked me if I knew where I was going when I died. I thought to myself; boy is he ever direct! But I answered him, and said that I hoped I was going to heaven. He said I didn’t have to ‘hope’, but I could ‘know’. He asked me if I would read a chapter from John, that night, and that he would say a prayer for me that day. I said that I would, and then dropped him off.

I couldn’t forget my promise to him and that night I read the chapter he suggested, and that was the ‘light bulb’ moment, to coin a current phrase.

From that time, I read and searched and asked questions, and came to the truth and the knowledge that once we accept that Christ was the son of God, and died on the cross for all people, all our sins are forgiven and I could ‘know’ and not just ‘hope’ that I would go to heaven.

I think for all of us the timing varies… but for me it was when a man, who asked me boldly a question, and gave me the place to find the answer… in the Word of God… the Bible.

One of the first paintings I did, when I started painting 2 years ago.....

One of the first paintings I did, when I started painting 2 years ago…..

Autumn Memories

Mom, 'Brownie' camera in her hands

Mom, ‘Brownie’ camera in her hands

Autumn was Mom’s favourite time of year

So as the leaves turn bright oranges and red

Memories of her become so dear.

We’d always go, and with camera in hand

Look at God’s array of beauty

As if appearing on command.

So many years, we would go

To take photos and just admire

The brilliance all aglow.

My Painting of Autumn in 2015

My Painting of Autumn in 2015

                 As I paint this picture, here today

           I remember you with love

             In my heart, you’ll always stay

When I am Old and Gray Do not Forsake Me O God -Memories

I wrote this shortly after I started blogging, and thought I might reblog it for some who are more recent followers… Diane


This is another of things that I wrote in the past, which I have been recently been going through. This was written in the 1980’s when my mother lived in a nursing home. It was very difficult for me during the 7 years that she did. She had been a vibrant and exuberant woman prior to having an aneurysm and consequent brain surgery, during which her health declined. She lived with different children during the years after, mostly with me and my family.

There came a time however when we could no longer care for our loving mother in our homes. This letter was written during that time. It was published in our newspaper.

“This letter is written to anyone who has a relative or friend living in a nursing home, and who hasn’t visited them recently.

My mother is in a home and each week when I visit her…

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