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Thankfulness Mondays – The Other Half of the Coming Move

Well, I can’t believe it’s week 40 of (52)  posting with Bernadette of Haddon Musings, and others, for things we are thankful for in our lives, to offset negative things that happen around us.

Today I am very thankful, that our house sold last week. We were prepared that it might take a while to sell, and that the first offer would most likely be quite a bit less than we were asking. We also thought about the fact, that when we previously sold, often the buyers would have conditions on their offer such as financing, or possibly having a house themselves to sell.

As I have previously written about, we have moved an unbelievable 13 times, for various reasons. Some of the moves when our children were in school, we kept in the same area so they wouldn’t have to change schools.

Anyway, we had all of these thoughts, and our agent came to present the offer. My husband and I had  agreed on what we would accept. The first thing she told us, was that it was almost a perfect offer. And of course we wondered what she meant.

She told us the details; which were that the buyers offered $900 less that we asked, BUT everything else was perfect. There was no financing to arrange for them, no inspection, and they wanted the same possession date that we did. There were no extra requests from them, except they asked to be able to come and see our home two more times before we moved. Our agent said, it would be done through her though, and we would be asked when it would be convenient.

I had felt a peace when we had taken a chance to sign the lease for the apartment ‘before’ we sold, even though we had unnecessary concerns about how the sale of our home would go.

So today, I am very thankful that the sale of our home, went so smoothly. (Now, to just get the packing done!)

Couple of pictures of the apartment; our new home



Living Room walk-out to balcony


One of two Bedrooms


Thankfulness Mondays – Just Pondering

Week 39 of (52) along with Bernadette of Haddon Musings and others, posting of things to be thankful for in our lives, whether they are small or great significance.

Today I’m just thinking of our children; our two sons and one daughter.  From the time they are born, you realize what an important role you will have, in helping to guide them into being the best they can be. You hope to instill in them morals, values, faith in God, responsibility, kindness, love…. and just so much more.

You wonder how you will do this and if it is really possible. Then you just start living day by day, issue by issue, challenge by challenge, whether they are 3 or 10 or 15 years of age. The difficulties that arise each stage of life, whether at school or at home you try to help the best that you can, to guide them.

Now, we can look at our children in their 40’s and 50’s,  and who they have become, and can  say that our hopes dreams and prayers for them, have come to be.

We can see that they are happy, and I am full of thankfulness for that, especially to God, and have such a sense of peace and joy within.


Thankfulness Mondays – Half Done – Half to Go

Well, here it is Mondays again, posting about the many things we have in our lives to be thankful for. I’m joining with Bernadette from Haddon Musings and this is week 38 of (52).

Today, I’m thankful for the fact that we have found an apartment to move into. That’s half of what we need to do. The other half is actually the tougher half, and that’s to sell our home.

It’s so strange now, that one has to not only DE clutter but also De personalize one’s home to put it on the market. We not only have to clear anything on top of an appliance or table, or in the bathrooms, and find a place to put it, but also take down all pictures of a personal nature.

Apparently most people looking at homes don’t like to see these things, because they can’t then imagine what it will look like with their personal belongings.  In other words, our house has to appear as though it’s almost not lived in.  Another reason for doing all of this, is that when they take photos, they don’t want any distractions in them. We’re allowed to leave the coffee pot, toaster and can opener in the kitchen, but on separate counters of course, one on each.

It’s a bit hard to hide everything, especially when your husband has a habit of buying paper towel, toilet paper, and other items when they’re on sale, in larger quantities. And we have to hide all the cat’s toys and only have one dish of water and food (if we must); and do we need both printers, one that I have and one in my husband’s office?

Oh, and the coat hooks can’t have anything on them, and the shoe tray mustn’t have any shoes or boots in it, and please remove the table cloth so the wood shows. We can put away only so much and find a place for them, many things out in the shed.

Of course we realize, that they have found that this seems to be better in order to sell, and they’re only trying to help us, but it is a challenge to make our home, feel unlived in.

I am thankful, that we will have a very nice place to move into, and it will be less work outside, and time saved spent driving to do various things like shopping, appointments etc; and we will be closer to one of our son’s should we need him.

Now, if only we could sell in a short span of time! We will have to wait and see.


Reflections From the Past – but I Left Them Behind

In preparation for selling our home in the April, my husband ‘W’ and I have been trying to de-clutter all that we can, as we’re going into an apartment. In doing so we found some things that are from a long time ago, causing ‘reflections from the past.

Now my belief is, that really one should basically not  look into the past too much especially at the worrisome or difficult times. But in having to clear some of it to decide what to throw out, I read a bit of the notes from cognitive therapy I had done and also some writings from a couple of journals. I didn’t read a lot of it but enough to take me back in time to the last period of depression that I had suffered.

We also were deciding what VHS tapes to discard, and so watched a couple not knowing what was on them. There wasn’t anything bad in them, but one was of a cruise we took during another of my ‘episodes’ of depression. We went with his two brothers and their wives, and it reminded me of how little I enjoyed that ‘what should have been’, wonderful vacations. I didn’t recognize most of what ‘W’s  brother had video-taped. I spent so much time by myself, lying down and sleeping so much.  I don’t think I ever went up to the top deck, where the pool was.

I suppose we thought that the cruise would brighten my spirits, but instead it seemed to intensify them.

If you have suffered from this ‘darkness’ of mind and spirit, you’ll know that sometimes good and nice things, or people laughing and having fun make you feel worse.

Anyway, I didn’t stay in the negative zone too long, just long enough for a few tears. I shredded all the material, dried my tears, and left it all behind.

I never want to revisit that place, where at times I could not see any hope or way to feel joy again. It is in the past and will remain there……

I looked into the past for awhile, but only to find out how far I have come!

Thankfulness Mondays – Coming Home

The is the 27th week (of 52) posting with Bernadette of Haddon Musings, of things great and small to be thankful for in our lives; and there are many! This is with the hope of offsetting many negative things that occur around us each day!

I’m posting this ahead, to be published on Monday the 26th of December. I will be on my way home that day, from spending Christmas with our daughter, husband and their two sons, in Chicago.. or near Chicago. While I don’t know the details of our visit at this time, I do know that whenever and wherever we travel, it’s always good to get home.

The name of my blog was chosen because of the value I place on our ‘home’.

Home to me was and is a safe place, a place of comfort, a sense of belonging. It has always been  somewhere that I have considered that I would find acceptance and love, and for this I am thankful.

Home definitely is what you make it to be.. to me a place of love and security!

My husband in his favourite chair with Daisy... home sweet home

My husband in his favourite chair with Daisy… home sweet home





Thankfulness Mondays….. ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’

Week (25) of 52 of posting each Monday begun by Bernadette from Haddon Musings  of things to be thankful for in our lives, that often go unnoticed, and to offset some negative things in the world around us.

Today I give thanks for the beauty of winter. It’s often that we think about the temperature, and how cold it is outside, when if we look around there is so much beauty. The fresh fallen snow that is breathtaking, especially as the sunlight makes it glitter and sparkle with light; the icicles glistening as they hang from the eave troughs and hydro lines. 

The snow-laden branches on the trees, inspire us to take pictures and for some to paint. Children on toboggans going down a hill, or skating on the ice, take us back to our own childhood fun, and toes that feel numb as we head home to have some hot chocolate to warm up.

As we say good-bye to the colourful autumn leaves, sometimes with a foreboding of the cold weather ahead, we fail to acknowledge the beauty of Winter!

There’s one adage that indicate no two snowflakes are ever the same, but I don’t know how that has ever been proven!


We Said Our Good-Byes Today

Today we said our good-byes to our beloved pet and doggie Koko.

He has been a light in our lives for 13 years, and brought so much joy to us. It’s so hard to do the ‘right’ thing..  knowing that you do not want him to suffer any further debilitation.

We’ve had 6 other times that we have had to do this, but it doesn’t make it any easier. Our pets have always been part of our family.

Koko has had issues for several years with his liver, and gone through many tests and procedures, but we weren’t about to put him through anymore at his age. I guess we noticed his behavioural changes for the past few months, and they increased. He wasn’t aggressive, just confused and we’re pretty sure he was in pain, as he would yelp when he was sleeping even.  As my daughter said; animals really handle pain without anyone noticing it, until it becomes very evident and frequent. He also needed comfort more, and would climb up on either my husband’s chair or mine, and during the night he would let out a little sound to let us know he wanted us to put him up on our bed. Normally he always slept in his own! He seemed to be looking into space sometimes, lost in his own ‘doggie thoughts’, and very recently began having ‘accidents’ in the house.

I believe that when an animal is so much a part of you, your instinct and spirit let you know when the right time is to let them go. Both my husband and I had the same feeling, although I left it up to him to decide the time, as he was even closer to him than I.

He went peacefully, in the crook of my husband’s arm, and we will miss his greeting us at the door… and so very much more.

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