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Thankfulness Mondays – “Thank You”

It’s week 51 (of 52) that I and others joined Bernadette of ‘Haddon Musings’, posting and being aware of many things to be thankful for in our lives. Unfortunately Bernadette very recently has had to pull away from blogging, due to a very emotional time in her life. She will be losing her son, who has been ill for many years. There may be other bloggers, if you follow her link, that you might like to read.

This is the second to last post, based on this topic, and I would like to tell you how thankful I am for those who follow me. I have always tried to read the posts of those I follow, but lately because of the challenges in my life, it has been very difficult to do. In retrospect, t seems as though the past few years have been wrought with different types of difficulties.

I know that we all have them and usually we grow stronger as we go through them. If I re-read many of my blogs, there were estrangements, grieving the loss of loved ones, worrying about issues in our lives, or illnesses of those we care about, or things we are experiencing  ourselves. I do indeed write about them, as it helps me to do so.

Support and love has always been offered and given by many. Sometimes (a lot of times actually)… I feel I’ve taken much more than  personally  I’ve given.

So for you, my very kind, supportive, understanding blogging friends, thank you for listening, for thoughts, prayers, and for the patience that you’ve shown when I’m not able to keep up with your blogs, your needs, your concerns.

Right now, I’m just waiting for some answers, and often just tired.

I fully expect to be looking back at this time, and to realize that it was just ‘life’… all of it; and it will only make me appreciate and emphasize the fullness and joy that overrides all the difficulties.

So again I say thank you for your understanding and indulgence…… I will of course be trying to keep up as much as possible.

Romans 8 vs. 37

No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.


Letter to My Children

Jim Jeff and Paul Tromba-004Jim Jeff and Paul Tromba-005P1160256_edited-003 

From the day each of you was born I had only one thing in mind for each of you. That was to love you with all of my heart, mind and soul.

With this same love I knew that you needed boundaries, and therefore discipline and though I wanted to give you everything your heart desired, I knew that would not make you happy in life. You needed to appreciate the blessings came from having respect for yourself and others. You needed to know that to enjoy life, there had to be an appreciation for working hard and to gain self-worth.

To watch as you went through each stage of life, from the scraped knees, to the tentative teenage years wondering what lay ahead for you in your life; to the days when as a young husband or wife and then parenthood you encountered ‘life’ and its’ ups and downs, brought so many joys along with concern for you.

I loved each of you for the very special qualities you had, and I loved you when you would falter in some of those qualities. There is no one who goes through life being perfect, never making mistakes. When you did make them, you learned from them and went on.

The love you have showed me over your lifetime is immeasurable. The joy you have given is immense.

You need to know that there was never one moment that I did not love you. Never a thought that I could have lived my life without you in it. I simply could not imagine that.

As a mother I too made many mistakes, but I believe whatever they were you forgave me. Sometimes I found it hard to forgive myself. Many times I second-guessed decisions I made, or words I spoke, or actions I took.

This would not be complete if I didn’t note that at times when I was suffering with depression, it may have troubled you or you may have wondered why I was the way I was. Many times I questioned that same thing. The only answer that I have is that mental illness just ‘happens’ sometimes, but God has used it in my life to give me a compassion and understanding for others who struggle with this debilitating disease. God in His wisdom allowed me to experience this for His purposes, but also healed me from it as well.

Thank you for loving me anyway!

I am blessed to be allowed to be your Mother.



Christmas 2014

This Christmas just emphasizes for me
Beyond the presents, beyond the tree
The many blessings that I share
How many people that really care
My family means so much to me
How did so much love come to be?
There’s friends both near and far
Who bring me light, much like a star
The star that led the wise men three
Where they did fall upon their knee
And worshipped this King and brought Him thence
Gifts of gold, and myrrh and frankincense

My gift to you my friends, is a prayer that Christmas brings
Peace and joy and love, and some of your favourite things!



I Can’t Believe this is Number 500

When I started blogging in November 2011, I didn’t know what to expect. Well, perhaps I would meet one or two people that were somewhat like-minded and I could write back and forth. I also thought that perhaps if I wrote about some of my struggles with depression, maybe it would help someone else.  Never did I imagine what lay ahead. But that’s not what I want to write about today. In fact as I write this first paragraph I’m still unsure of what to write about in this my 500th post. I’ll take a few minutes to think about it…. Okay I’ve thought about it.

As my husband ‘W’ and I watch the news each day, and tonight a documentary that involved a terror attack a few years ago, we thought about the current state of the world in several countries, and one in particular. But I’m not going to go into all of that either.

Instead, I’d just like to say that while there are wars outside of the country, and violence in our own country, wherever that is, there is also much goodness, kindness and joy. We can’t bury our head and pretend bad things aren’t happening, but we can choose not to let all of it color our perception of life itself and the people around us. There is joy in watching our children, grandchildren and even great-grandchildren learn and grow. I don’t ever want to be complacent in watching them play and laugh and love. Children learn how to love by what they see in the adults around them. We need to teach them how to treat others…… how to be kind and unselfish.

Rylee doing Gymnastics

Rylee doing Gymnastics

Our 5 year old great-granddaughter visited us this summer for a few days, and while she was here it was a joy to watch her as she drew pictures and colored them and told the story of what they meant. Since I have been painting lately, I thought I would let her do her own, but since it was early I wasn’t quite ready. Every few minutes she would ask if it was time yet, and after a few times I said okay!

I set up a little easel and small canvas for her with the paint I use, and not children’s paint. I did this to make her feel special hopefully, and to just let her have fun. One day she painted a picture of the sky, and sun and two butterflies. The next day I was showing her a picture of a bird that I was thinking of painting, and she wanted to do the same one. It had multiple colors and she asked me to draw the bird and then she would paint it.  I showed her how to mix some colors and she painstakingly tried to keep all of them the same as in the picture.

Rylee with her face painted

Rylee with her face painted

She was about three quarters of the way done, and she put the brushes down and her arms at her side and then said “I’m really tired”. So I suggested that she put her name on the painting and said it was beautiful and asked her what she was going to do with it. She said “I’m going to give it to Daddy”….note: she doesn’t live with her Daddy but sees him every other weekend and some miscellaneous days but was going to see him shortly. She knows she is loved by her Mommy and her Daddy.

Rylee and Mommy

Rylee and Mommy

What a smile she brought to me as she sat beside me and concentrated so hard and then as she simply said “I’m really tired”. The honesty and simplicity of a child!

So yes, there are many wars, disasters and there is a lot of sadness and illnesses around. Many reading this have situations in their lives that are tough things to be dealing with. I don’t want to minimize this fact or say that they don’t affect us and understandably so.

I guess I’m just saying that we need to remember to ‘let the sunshine in’ whenever we can, and try not to be overwhelmed at the shadows or darkness of this life. (note to self also) I am thankful for the sunshine in my life; Rylee….other family, friends, and of course… God.

This was a bit long, hope you don’t mind but thanks for reading, and thanks for so much support over this past year especially.



Weekly Photo Challenge – Joy

Challenge: This week, in a post created specifically for this challenge, show us JOY.

Joy – Definition :   a feeling of great pleasure and happiness

‘Joy’ can be an elusive feeling. It’s different than just being satisfied or even happy with an event going on in your life. You can almost feel an energy or even euphoria when you feel true ‘joy’.

This past year has not held a lot of joy for me because of physical and emotional issues. That’s not to say I haven’t had any moments of feeling happy, because I have.  Negativity squashes joy and I have been guilty of this over the past number of months.  I’m not however going to beat myself up about it, because I’m human and I have frailties.

I could talk to myself and give all kinds of reasons why I’m not joyful, but it changes nothing. It’s just a fact. Of course things change and I know that this period is not ‘forever’, but only a ‘season’ in my life.

This summer I think this emotion however, was caught on film when my 5 year old great-granddaughter visited us and had a picture taken with ‘Nanny’…..  Great-Nanny being too long and confusing for a 5 year old.  There is such complete ‘abandon’ in a little child and when you’re not around this kind of energy on a daily basis, it is really noticeable when you are.  So when this picture was taken I was feeling unmistakable and complete ‘joy’.

Rylee and Great Nanny copy

Daily Prompt – Six of One-Half a Dozen of the Other

Prompt: Write a six-word story about what you think the future holds for you, and then expand on it in a post.

“There will be joy and celebration”

There has been so much drama and disconcerting issues in my life in the past few months. There has been the situation within our family unit being broken, and there has been several health concerns that have been and continue to be troublesome.

While these concerns have not been resolved, I do have hope that in the not too distant future there will be healing of relationships and of mind and body.

If I were to continue to only dwell within the problems that currently exist, I would wither away in my very soul. I need to take my eyes as much as possible off the negativity that has been pervasive, and look towards the possibility… no….the probability, that all will be well and there will be joy and celebration in the future.

I have had so much support and encouragement from friends in the blogging community and also from others close to me, and I cannot say how much that has meant to me.

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen” Hebrews 11:1

Even if I don’t see at the present time, how this healing  and reconciliation will come about, I will choose to believe that it will…

Touching Base – Not Finished Yet

I’ve been not really thinking about posting in the last few days, because my last few have been kind of ‘downers’. I thought that maybe I should wait until there is something of a more positive thing to post. But a friend suggested I write anyway so I’ll just fill you in a bit.

The situation that is causing me to feel discouraged has not improved, (at least that I can tell right now).  There has been much prayer and I know some of you have done so on my behalf. Now I’ve lived long enough to know that God doesn’t always answer in the time frame we think we’ll allow. Sometimes other factors are present that we are not aware of that influence when or how the answer will come.  This is I would guess one of those times when He is saying ‘Wait’! I’ve been told that I don’t ‘wait’ well, that I want things settled without delay and normally with most things I have patience galore. But when it involves something or someone close to me, I have to admit I do lack in this regard.

I need to confess that some of my concern as many of you know from reading my blog, is that most of my adult life was filled with depression on and off.  I have been free of it now for 3-4 years and have blogged about this and the feeling of freedom it has brought me. The feeling of laughter and of joy that was not consistent for any length of time during those many years.

So I will admit that this situation brought me so low, I was ‘afraid’….there’s that word ‘fear’… that somehow I would slip back where I thought I would never go again, and the temptation to give into those feelings was strong. I am not yet through this period of sadness but I am believing with God’s grace I will NOT go back to the place of ‘darkness’.

It’s strange that I did use the word ‘temptation’ because I believe it is the tempter who is allowing those thoughts within me.  I realize that not all who read this are Christians and even if so,  perhaps think that statement is a little far fetched.  This time of Lent, leading up to the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ is a time when I reflect on these things, and yet here I am in a weakened state of mind.

So I admit it, but in doing so I know that am more of a conqueror than my state of mind would suggest. And I will run the race set before me, and persevere in the faith that is deep within me.

Thank you for your friendship, thoughts, prayers and yes even love given so freely to me. I have been really touched by it.