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Thankfulness Mondays – The Other Half of the Coming Move

Well, I can’t believe it’s week 40 of (52)  posting with Bernadette of Haddon Musings, and others, for things we are thankful for in our lives, to offset negative things that happen around us.

Today I am very thankful, that our house sold last week. We were prepared that it might take a while to sell, and that the first offer would most likely be quite a bit less than we were asking. We also thought about the fact, that when we previously sold, often the buyers would have conditions on their offer such as financing, or possibly having a house themselves to sell.

As I have previously written about, we have moved an unbelievable 13 times, for various reasons. Some of the moves when our children were in school, we kept in the same area so they wouldn’t have to change schools.

Anyway, we had all of these thoughts, and our agent came to present the offer. My husband and I had  agreed on what we would accept. The first thing she told us, was that it was almost a perfect offer. And of course we wondered what she meant.

She told us the details; which were that the buyers offered $900 less that we asked, BUT everything else was perfect. There was no financing to arrange for them, no inspection, and they wanted the same possession date that we did. There were no extra requests from them, except they asked to be able to come and see our home two more times before we moved. Our agent said, it would be done through her though, and we would be asked when it would be convenient.

I had felt a peace when we had taken a chance to sign the lease for the apartment ‘before’ we sold, even though we had unnecessary concerns about how the sale of our home would go.

So today, I am very thankful that the sale of our home, went so smoothly. (Now, to just get the packing done!)

Couple of pictures of the apartment; our new home



Living Room walk-out to balcony


One of two Bedrooms


Thankfulness Mondays – Little Things Mean a Lot

This is week 36 (of 52) joining Bernadette of Haddon Musings posting of things around us to be thankful for, and to appreciate; things small and large, and to maybe be an influence away from negativity, and toward positivity.

As my husband ‘W’ and I attempt to DE clutter, in order to get ready to put our home up for sale, we’re coming across many items that have survived I believe 12 or 13 moves over what will be in July, 54 years of marriage. Each move had a reason for doing so.

When we married, since we had both moved many times as children, we said we didn’t want to do that. Now here we are planning to move again. When speaking to my daughter this week about this, I noted that at least 4 or 5 of them …maybe 6, were in the same area so our children did not have to change schools often. That’s what was difficult for us as children; starting new schools too many times and being the ‘new kid’.

Anyway, back to sorting things out in order to move, we’re coming across some things that we have to make a decision on. Among them, lots of photos which I sorted through and made packets of some to give to the applicable families. I have some albums which I’ll keep for now; the rest are on our computers.

Then there were books, videos, letters, some special cards, knick knacks, dishes, my mother’s silverware, clothing, etc. etc.

We won’t have the same amount of storage, and so gave a lot away to various thrift stores, and some items to our children and grandchildren. Some we couldn’t give away, because we had emotional ties to them, so our kids will have to decide what to do with those, when the need arises.

What I am thankful for, is that with each thing we look at, it brings with it, memories of times and places, we shared as a family and with friends. While I don’t remember every detail, it did take me back in time and what and who was in our lives then.

I would hope and suppose this will be our last move, because of our ages. We kind of laugh when we say that though. We said it would be our last, many times over.

But I think that this time it will be!

July 1963

July 1963

My husband and I taken in 2015

My husband and I taken in 2015

Thankfulness Mondays – Coming Home

The is the 27th week (of 52) posting with Bernadette of Haddon Musings, of things great and small to be thankful for in our lives; and there are many! This is with the hope of offsetting many negative things that occur around us each day!

I’m posting this ahead, to be published on Monday the 26th of December. I will be on my way home that day, from spending Christmas with our daughter, husband and their two sons, in Chicago.. or near Chicago. While I don’t know the details of our visit at this time, I do know that whenever and wherever we travel, it’s always good to get home.

The name of my blog was chosen because of the value I place on our ‘home’.

Home to me was and is a safe place, a place of comfort, a sense of belonging. It has always been  somewhere that I have considered that I would find acceptance and love, and for this I am thankful.

Home definitely is what you make it to be.. to me a place of love and security!

My husband in his favourite chair with Daisy... home sweet home

My husband in his favourite chair with Daisy… home sweet home





What’s In a Name?

This second day’s assignment of Blogging 101 is to edit our title and tagline of our blog. Of course this is optional as to whether we want to do it or not, or just explain why we chose what we did.

I decided to leave my title of Hometogo232 as it is, but I did change my tagline.

The reason I chose the title I did, was because ‘home’ has always meant a great deal to me. It wasn’t a physical tie that I had to any particular house or home; but instead a place where I felt the warmth of love and security. The security wasn’t the place itself either, but the people within.

My mother always made me feel that she would take care of me, no matter what. There were difficult times, financially and otherwise, and as a child I wondered what my Mom would do, to make it all okay. As a child I had severe asthma, and hay fever and even Scarlet fever once and I was very ill. Back in those days, there were not the rescue inhalers and other medications that we now have; so most times when it got bad she would take me into the bathroom, turn on the hot water fully, and steam the bathroom as much as she could until I was breathing easier. Then it was quite normal for her to sit in a chair and hold me in her lap because I couldn’t lay down, and there we would sleep for the night.

We tried and believe that we succeeded in making our home, a haven of love and security for our children, as they grew up.

I would suppose… no, I know….. that next to God my home and family have been the most important factor of my life.

p.s. the 232 is only because there was already a blog called hometogo, and so I used the street number of our home at that time, and tagged it onto the end.



Trifecta Weekend Challenge – Home

trifecta logo Challenge  For the weekend challenge we’re asking for exactly thirty-three words written in first person narrative. Have fun with it and we’ll meet you back here on 3/3!

This is my submission

I found myself standing in front of a house, and thinking this must be home, but when I opened my sleepy eyes, I realized sadly my home was  instead a dilapidated cardboard box .

I Just Don’t Understand

I’m writing about something that I’m really embarrassed about and actually concerned. I don’t know if anyone else can identify with but here it is.

Ever since I married (at 18) and now in my senior years, my husband has looked after our financial affairs such a paying the bills, banking and in general just handling our money issues. In the beginning it just happened!. I was more concerned with raising our children who we had very early on. We had our first one just over a year after being married and then 16 months later the second and then our third child about 3 years after that. And I worked outside the home either part-time and sometimes full-time.

I was quite content to let him do it as it came so naturally to him. He could have been an accountant had he ever had the proper education….I really believe that. Before ‘computers’ came into our home, he just did it the usual way of paying the bills as they arrived and were due. I was really oblivious to the whole process and didn’t care to know anything about it.

Then we got a PC and banks and other institutions began online payments, and then the automatic payment method where the money is taken out of your account on a monthly basis….and our cheques such as government and pension were also put directly into our bank account.

Here’s the issue now….I don’t have a clue as to any of this….how or when to do it. My husband did a print-out for me of our monthly bills and cheques that are deposited into our accounts as well as which ones are paid by automatic withdrawal and which ones need to have a cheque sent. BUT I don’t know how to balance or to know how much is in the accounts at a given time etc. etc.

Once I tried to learn how to do it, but learning something after such a long time and doing it another person’s way was not easy and I gave up. That was several years ago.

But I worry because if he was incapacitated in some way I just wouldn’t know where to begin. He’s offered of course to try to help me again to see if I can pick up on it, but because of my cognitive disability now especially with the MS I don’t really think I’ll be able to comprehend. I may have to ‘try’ but don’t think I’ll be able to do it.

Can anyone else identify with this? I feel almost like a ‘child’ being looked after instead of a grown and independent woman.

Home? A Place of Love…A Place of Strife Poem-Memories

Well, as I said a couple of days ago, my husband is away for a few days and I intended to read a lot of blogs and write a few. In this case it is a poem that I wrote many years ago probably in the ’80’s, when our children were in a stage of getting ‘at’ each other and I wrote this to them! Again it is certainly amateur poetry but from the heart and how I expressed myself at times. During this period I was also fighting my foe ‘depression’.

“What does ‘home’ mean to me?

A place of love, a place to see

A ‘family’ live in harmony,

Not a place of anger and strife,

But instead, a place to enjoy our life!

We often however, shout and yell,

I want it stopped, I want to tell,

This can’t continue like it’s been,

Old or young, parent or teen.

Consider who, means more to you,

Before you yell, try on the ‘shoe’

The shoe of someone else you see,

Is sometimes a difficult place to be!

While young you think that once you’re old,

You’ll have it made…you’re oh so bold.

We as parents on the other hand,

Wonder how much more we can stand.

We only want to love, you know,

But sometimes we find it hard to show,

Because like you, we feel the hurt,

We sometimes feel not more than dirt.

We know that kids have feelings too,

And sometimes we don’t know what to do,

You see there’s no book that sells just now,

‘To Be Perfect Parents..Here’s the How”

So next time before the anger swells,

And you’re all set to give some yells

Consider instead a soft-spoken word,

And maybe the manner of a beautiful bird

The bird of peace, a gentle dove,

Instead of anger, will instead bring love.

Our home is special, we really all know,

We’re just ‘too human’ to sometimes show.

I know I really love you all,

Let’s build a bridge, instead of a wall.

Our God will help us if only we’ll ask

For ‘ Him’ it’s really and easy task! “

Love Mom

p.s. Forgive me for MY frequent bouts of frustration and anger.


“We love you Mom!…We’re sorry and we’ll try hard”.