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Thankfulness Mondays – “Thank You”

It’s week 51 (of 52) that I and others joined Bernadette of ‘Haddon Musings’, posting and being aware of many things to be thankful for in our lives. Unfortunately Bernadette very recently has had to pull away from blogging, due to a very emotional time in her life. She will be losing her son, who has been ill for many years. There may be other bloggers, if you follow her link, that you might like to read.

This is the second to last post, based on this topic, and I would like to tell you how thankful I am for those who follow me. I have always tried to read the posts of those I follow, but lately because of the challenges in my life, it has been very difficult to do. In retrospect, t seems as though the past few years have been wrought with different types of difficulties.

I know that we all have them and usually we grow stronger as we go through them. If I re-read many of my blogs, there were estrangements, grieving the loss of loved ones, worrying about issues in our lives, or illnesses of those we care about, or things we are experiencing  ourselves. I do indeed write about them, as it helps me to do so.

Support and love has always been offered and given by many. Sometimes (a lot of times actually)… I feel I’ve taken much more than  personally  I’ve given.

So for you, my very kind, supportive, understanding blogging friends, thank you for listening, for thoughts, prayers, and for the patience that you’ve shown when I’m not able to keep up with your blogs, your needs, your concerns.

Right now, I’m just waiting for some answers, and often just tired.

I fully expect to be looking back at this time, and to realize that it was just ‘life’… all of it; and it will only make me appreciate and emphasize the fullness and joy that overrides all the difficulties.

So again I say thank you for your understanding and indulgence…… I will of course be trying to keep up as much as possible.

Romans 8 vs. 37

No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.


Sometimes Moments of the Past… Creep Back

Yesterday, for a short time some moments of the past crept in. It happened in a matter of a few words spoken.

I won’t expand on all the details, but it so quickly took me for a surprise, and evoked feelings that were like those when I was going through a time of depression.

The anxiety that I felt was hard to contain and I didn’t.  The initial aspects only lasted minutes, but the emotions that surfaced are still with me today.

It is strange how a word, can lead to a phrase, that then leads to expressions…. that then lead to emotional reactions.

These past few weeks, I have had some challenges with my health. (It seems to me the word, ‘again’ fits) I guess it goes with age some of it. One of the issues was that I ended up in emergency a couple of weeks ago, because I woke up at 3 am not really speaking or making sense. It is possible that it was a mini stroke (TIA) but equally possible it was something else.  There are some other issues, but won’t go into them.

The only reason I mention that last part, is that I guess, not feeling well, it leaves me vulnerable to over-reaction of words spoken, or perceived criticism, whether there or not.

Anyway, that’s what the left-overs of depression, that sometimes ‘lurk’ in the recesses of your mind, can do to a person years later, if conditions are at all present.

For awhile my strength was very much diminished. I know by the end of today, with God’s help,  I will be okay and my physical and emotional well-being will be as it should.

I write this only as more information, that may help or educate one who suffers/suffered with depression, or one who lives with a person who does………….. I guess I also wrote it to just ‘write’ it! ??

(p.s. I’m somewhat slow in catching up on your blogs; I was also away for 3 days with my sister. I’m hoping to gradually catch up) ………………….. Diane xx

I Think It’s Fixed

I’m ‘cautiously optimistic’ as that saying goes, that the technical problem with commenting and ‘liking’ on my posts, has somehow cleared up. If a person commented through the ‘Reader’ it seemed to work, but those who don’t use the Reader, and tried just on my site, were the ones who had the difficulty.

I haven’t heard from WordPress so I’m not sure how it’s cleared, but then I don’t know what caused it in the first place either.

If anyone does have further problems, please let me know.

Otherwise, I guess I’ll chalk it up to another one of those mysterious things in ‘blogosphere”.

By the way, my husband and my sister and her husband, reached Myrtle Beach last night (Sunday) around 6 pm. The ocean is so beautiful, and the weather is sunny and warm, and it is just so nice to have time together. I also had my procedure (gastroscopy) last Thursday before we left. The doctor that did it, was really good and took time to talk to me. Thanks for the prayer said on my behalf, over the past several months.


A Little Follow-up


Not the best picture ever!

Not the best picture ever!

I wrote a few days ago about getting sick and the episode of having chicken soup so I thought I’d give a follow-up with this past week.

As it turns out; on Wednesday last week I started to feel unwell; by Thursday night it has escalated and I was having trouble breathing. When Friday came, I went to the doctor and was told I had pneumonia, and was given some antibiotics. This was my third time this winter with pneumonia, and I have had the vaccination for pneumonia, but as the doctor said, it only is one strain that is put in vaccines and there are multiple ones.

I went home with the medication sure that it would do the job quickly, and I could still have the procedure tomorrow. Unfortunately they didn’t, and I had to go back to the doctor this past Tuesday, and as I knew I was worse instead of better. So I am on an increase in dosage, plus a steroid and puffers, and need to go back on Monday.

Of course I had to contact the doctor doing the procedure and advise them, which was a feat in itself, but I finally got through to an ‘actual live person’, to cancel and explain. I amazingly got another appointment for next Thursday as she had a cancellation. When I talked to her I was pretty frustrated at all that has occurred, and I took a few minutes to express the fact that it has taken so long, and I wondered why the doctor (surgeon) doing it, was not going to correct the problem, but just ‘look at it’. She agreed and said it didn’t make sense and was sure they would do it at the same time. I think that she may even let the doctor know of my concerns.

Okay, one revelation that came to me about prayer. There are many opinions on prayer; one being that prayers are not answered, one is that God already knows the outcome so why pray, and some just don’t believe at all in prayer, except when a traumatic situation happens in their life, or they just don’t believe in prayer at all. I have been so blessed to have many people praying for me, so one might say (as I did), why have I now got pneumonia, and have to cancel an appointment that has been booked for weeks…. “Why God”?

Today I was once more reminded that when we pray, we pray for what we think is best but don’t allow that something negative should then happen, and the answer will not be as we think it should.

The fact that I had felt many reservations about having this procedure done (in the esophagus area), because I really felt upset that the surgeon told me they wouldn’t do the complete process, until they did another test; and I’m thinking why, if they go and see that what they told me was the problem…. ‘was’, then why wouldn’t they fix it there and then. I know, we have to trust them but sometimes their answers just don’t make sense.

So, by this being delayed, because of illness, at least I got to voice my concern and maybe it will make a difference. Did God give me this pneumonia; of course not, but He used it for a good purpose.

It occurred to me, that what I saw as the process and urgency to just get this done and over with, with reservations, it was ultimately an answer to the many prayers that have been lifted up on my behalf, whereby it was delayed.

Thanks for indulging me, but I just wanted to share and give an update, and thank you for prayers given on my behalf.

p.s. I just realize the title is a misnomer especially the word ‘little’… sorry ’bout that!

Outlook is Everything

The past couple of years has been kind of stressful, with personal issues and health concerns. Lately, my husband and I will frequently say something with regard to getting older.

Now I know that someone in their 80’s or 90’s would say that we are not old at all, but I think outlook is everything, and so lately we seem to be feeling that we are old’er’.

In a few months I will be seven decades old. I know someone who has just turned 90 and she is such a vital and active woman, who does quilting, baking, cooking, crocheting etc. I think sometimes that compared to this lovely lady, I feel like the older one. I guess there is some part of me, who is envious of her abilities… “the green-eyed monster”.

It is of course not good to compare oneself, and I know that!………………. It just happens!

I always had hoped to grow old with grace, and not complaining about the hardships of life. Let’s face it, we all have challenges and hardships as we age. They are just different at different stages of life. The early years when we wonder what lies ahead for us; the middle years when we work and strive to make a living and if we have children there are various types of concerns with them; and then when we are able, we retire and are glad that we’re out of the busyness of life.

One’s health I think is a big factor, in how we enjoy our retirement years. It is not that there aren’t good things about aging, because there are. There aren’t the same timetables to keep and life is a lot slower. We don’t have to be accountable for what we do, or what we decide we don’t want to do. I think though, when facing issues with our health, it just tends to wear us down sometimes. We look at the calendar each week to see who has an appointment, or how many appointments we have. Life seems to revolve around this right now.

We do always keep in mind, there are many who face issues with their health a lot more serious than we have. That however, does not alter what we’re going through but therein is the ‘outlook is everything’, and keeping a perspective.

So today I’m feeling kind of ‘old’, and I seem to notice the younger generation a lot, and am a bit wistful. I am thankful for the years when age or disability was not a factor, and we were able to enjoy the activities that we did.

I am also thankful, for having a blog, where I can just say what I’m feeling…….


Update re Surgery


Hi…. I thought I’d give anyone interested an update.

I had the surgery on the 27th of January. It was to be a myotomy-heller operation.  However, this was changed when the doctor began. A little history before I explain.

I was told that it was for my symptoms relating to achalasia and associated discomfort when eating. Prior to the surgery I alerted an associate of the Surgeon who did an endoscopy on me, and the secretary of the surgeon that I had previously in 2011 and April of 2014 been told that I had a large hernia. Both told me there was no evidence that I had one, but if there was the surgeon would fix it at the same time.

When in recovery I began to have symptoms mimicking a heart attack, but after they did a quick ECG and Xray, I was assured it was not a heart attack, but there was a pocket of gas in my chest. This was caused I was told by the doctor in recovery, because during the surgery that I had, they had to infuse carbon dioxide. The surgery being, a paresophageal hernia repair. This was confusing to me, but the surgeon paid a quick visit and said the last test I had done was badly mis-read. I was out of the hospital in two days and am home now with a limited diet for the next 4 weeks.

On a positive note, I am not in a lot of pain and I actually slept lying down the past two nights. I do wake up a few times but I think my ‘biological clock’ re length of time I have been averaging over this past year has interfered with how long a stretch I can sleep. I think that will correct itself in time.

So, thank you my friends for thoughts, wishes and prayers offered on my behalf. I have much to be thankful for.

😉 😉 😉


Finally, surgery next Tuesday!

No one looks forward to surgery of course, but for the past year I’ve not been able to sleep laying down and so have had to sleep in my recliner. This is not conducive to ‘good or restful’ sleep. I have actually said to my husband on a few occasions especially recently, that I just didn’t know how much longer I could keep going feeling the way I did.

It’s tied in with the fact that when I eat, food gets lodged in my esophagus and causes difficulties of various kinds. I won’t go into details because it would be ‘tmi’ (too much information). The name of the condition is achalasia.

It is minimally invasive surgery and done laparoscopically, and only involves one or two days in the hospital; the rest of recuperation done at home. On a positive note, I’ll be somewhat on a diet of soft food for a month or so and maybe I’ll shed a few of my extra pounds.

I was a bit concerned that they might cancel the surgery because I’ve had bronchitis for a couple of weeks, but thankfully most of it is cleared up, and today I went for the pre-op and got the go ahead.

There are several who have asked for any update, and so I thought I’d do this short one. Thanks for the many encouraging words given during this past year. I really do appreciate them.

There may be a gap when I’m online from Tuesday, for a period of time…. but I’ll likely be checking in at some point.