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DP Challenge – FAQ

Prompt: Interview someone — a friend, another blogger, your mother, the mailman — and write a post based on their responses.

This prompt was timely in that I conducted an interview and put it on FaceBook,  albeit a fictional interview. I wrote it  today prior to reading this challenge. The interview has facts within it, but the responses from the person I was ‘interviewing’, were some facts and some projections of what he might say in response to some of my questions. There are those who may not agree with my projections, but I made them as non-specific as I could so as not to assume his position on a subject, but where I could, I used some of his actual spoken words in various media interviews.

How I would interview J.T. currently applying for the Prime Minister of Canada and what he might say.

Me: So, Mr. T. what education do you have that enhances this position?

T. : Well, I have a BA for Literature and a BA for Education; I studied for Master of Arts, and I taught for several years.

Me: So you feel those degrees will be a significant asset as Prime Minister

T. : Well yes of course

Me: What other experiences do you have.

T. : Well I served as MP in Papineau, P.Q. from 2008 and served as critic for youth and Multiculturalism, Citizenship and Immigration, and Post-Secondary Education, Youth and Amateur Sport. I was also elected leader of the Liberal Party in 2013.

Me: So it seems that your interest is in the youth of Canada in particular.

T. : Yes that is a particular interest, but of course I am concerned for everyone.

Me: Everyone,  but your platform seems to particularly be against the ‘rich’ however in Canada as you want to increase taxation substantially for them.

T. : I certainly do. They are not paying nearly enough taxes.

Me: So you say; and that by taxing the 1 % which is the estimate of Canadians in that category, you will obtain enough money to help greatly the middle-class of Canada?

T. : Absolutely

Me: Well according to statistics that would have to likely increase those ‘rich’ by an enormous amount to cover all that you are promising. You particularly mention the middle-class all the time, but don’t refer to those who are now living on or below the poverty line.

T. : Well, of course I care about them too. I’m sure that we will help them somehow.

Me: Do you realize that the greatest gap between those very rich and those not, increased with the highest ratio in the 1990’s when the Liberals were in power, and that it declined since 2006 when the Conservatives were in control of government?

T. : Well, I don’t have statistics at hand but I’m sure that’s not so.

Me: The interest that you have in youth is evident also in the fact that you want to legalize marijuana as I’m sure that you realize a great percentage of those who use it are the young people. Do you think by legalizing it, that those underage will not have access to it?

T. : Well we will put in controls so that doesn’t happen.

Me: But the current laws are that it is illegal and yet those who shouldn’t have access still do. How will legalizing it keep that from happening?

T. : Well, we have to be in talks with provinces and so I can’t answer that right now.

Me: Your view and position that the Niqab should be able to be worn during citizenship swearing in, is well-known. The Supreme Court overturned the current P.M. and the ruling was that it was based on religious freedom. Are you aware that this has nothing to do with a religious law, but it is simply a person’s choice as part of the culture of the Muslim. In fact a very small number of the women choose to wear them? In fact in their own country it is illegal for them to be worn in various places; their courts for example.

T. : Well, that doesn’t matter. If they want to wear it during the swearing in they should be able to.

Me: Then it follows that it opens the door for Canadian Laws to have to change for various ‘cultural’ issues of many other immigrants who choose to object to our laws, to just have them changed. Do you think that’s a valid concern?

T. : That’s something I’m not prepared to respond to at this time.

Me: Oh, just one more issue. You plan on reversing the tax regulation that the current P.M. is planning on introducing that will allow income splitting for those who have children under 18. Do you not think that is one way to help the middle-class and those with even less income?

T. : We’ll find other ways, I’m sure

Me: Well I honestly can’t wish you ‘luck’ because I feel you are not qualified enough for the job, and the promises you are proposing are not fiscally or reasonably possible. But then, it’s easy to promise and then rescind those promises and blame the former government for having to do so, isn’t it Mr. T. ? Oh and by the way, the current P.M. didn’t do such a bad job did he? He balanced the budget and Canada is a pretty prosperous and good place to live isn’t it. After all, there are many who choose to come here. We must be doing something right.

DP Challenge ‘Daily Ritual’

Prompt: Think about your day. Select one of your daily rituals and explain it to us: why do you do what you do? How did you come to adopt this ritual? What happens on days when you can’t perform it?



I was just thinking that my morning duties are now a daily ritual; that of taking care of the various bird feeders that we have for the blue jays, woodpeckers, juncos, sparrows, chickadees; and various others.



I think of my feathered friends waiting for me each day, and while I know they do get food from other sources they do tend to know where to find my feeders. During the summer they don’t frequent the feeders as much as when the colder weather comes, and the flowers, trees and bushes aren’t available anymore.



Never-the-less I check them every morning and make sure that the raccoons haven’t knocked down one or two of the feeders. Most of them are squirrel proof, however I do leave some seeds and a few peanuts on the top of a faux wishing well and some on the ground for the ground feeding birds like the mourning doves and juncos.

In the summer there are the hummingbird and the oriole feeders that need the nectar, and for the orioles some grape jelly and orange halves. For some reason later into the summer months, the orioles and hummingbirds have been scarce. Most often when I go out in the morning I’m fighting the wasps around and in the feeders.  I can tell that there have been some birds coming, because the jelly and orange halves have been mostly eaten, so I am reticent to stop putting the food out, regardless of the hoards of wasps that await me. Soon the orioles and hummingbirds will be headed south, but there be an influx of birds who will be returning from their summer migration where they go in early spring; back to our area.



If I’m ill my husband will fill all the feeders… so I don’t have to worry.



I have such a love of birds.

DP “Last Words”

Prompt: You have the chance to write one last post on your blog before you stop blogging forever. Write it.

This prompt is an old one, so I won’t link it, but I did keep it because I thought I might do it at some future time.

I thought that this was actually a chance to write a ‘last post’, in case at some point I don’t actually get the chance to do so.  Maybe I’m feeling vulnerable, or with the recent passing of my brother-in-law, understanding that we don’t and can’t know the future.

So, with all that said I would like to say that since beginning with WordPress in November 2011, I have had so many surprises, in what actually is and has been involved. Having only heard that funny word ‘blogging’ once or twice before, and with trepidation trying to follow instructions on just how to begin, it has been an amazing journey.

That very first post that I did and really never understanding or believing how I  would ever connect with anyone else. Who, I thought would ever come across my blog and actually read it? Maybe I thought at some point one or two might accidentally come across it, but never did I think that hundreds would. Though my followers’ stats are over 700, we know that many come and go and likely never even read a post, but simply follow for their own reasons. Just to know however, that several hundreds have at least passed through, and some further bloggers who perhaps read and ‘like’ one or two posts but then don’t return. But that’s alright! There are some who come and stay. They might not read everything I write, because I do so on various topics and not every post will appeal every time.

I have met such wonderful people through blogging; caring, supportive, enlightening, thought-provoking and some who have become close friends. Some of you I would really love to meet, though I most likely never will. Maybe it’s better anyway, because we have many friendships in life and relate to in different ways; so maybe blogging is the connection in our case.

So, if I never get to write that ‘good-bye post’, at least you will know if these were the last words I wrote,  how special my time with all of you ‘is/was’.

To quote Bob Hope (those of you who may remember him)….. “Thanks for the memories”

“For reading what I write,

For making my day bright,

For ‘liking’ even though

It maybe wasn’t so,

For ‘following’ me too

No matter what I do!”

“I thank you, so much”

Diane xx

DP Challenge – Only Sixteen

16 years of age

16 years of age

Daily Prompt Tell us all about the person you were when you were sixteen. If you haven’t yet hit sixteen, tell us about the person you want to be at sixteen

When I was sixteen I was putting in an application for a full-time job at the telephone company, ‘Bell Telephone’ ! Before doing so however my mother and I went to visit my sister in British Columbia. We went by train, and the trip from Ontario through the western part of Canada and through the Rockies was so beautiful. It was a memory that I have cherished forever; not only the trip but the time spent with my Mother.

When we got home I did apply for a position as a telephone operator hoping for long distance, as that’s where my sister worked. However because I was shorter, my reach was not long enough for the switchboards; but I did get a position as an information and rate and route operator.

This was not only my first full-time job, but first job of any kind. To say I was somewhat anxious about being out in the working world, would be an understatement. I was very shy to begin with, and not knowing what to expect. There was not any chance that I would be going further in school, as the cost was out of the question and my mother needed help financially.

At fifteen I had met my husband to be ‘W’, and so at sixteen I had a new job as well as a new relationship. At 17 we were actually engaged to be married, and indeed when I was 18 and ‘W’ 21 we were married. Back in those days I guess we grew up faster or at least at an earlier age than today’s young people.

So, at ‘only sixteen’ my adult life and responsibilities had just begun! Ahh the memories!

D.P. Might as Well Jump or ‘Not’

Today’s assignment for Blogging 101 is to select a ‘Daily Post Prompt’ and write about it. I chose this one.

Prompt: What’s the biggest risk you’d like to take — but haven’t been able to? What would have to happen to make you comfortable taking it?

I tried to think about some risk; actually any risk that I’d like to take and really couldn’t.

Throughout my life I suppose I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone on occasion, but I’m not a big ‘risk taker’. I’ve lived my life facing many adversities, with depression, multiple sclerosis and other medical issues, loss of loved ones and in general I guess all of the various trials any person or family faces in life.

Some I would suppose consider that it is rather boring not to take a risk of some kind,  not adventurous at all.  My life has been anything but boring, with lots of drama but also lots of joy. From the moment that we were married and had our three children and then grandchildren and not to be forgotten our one great-granddaughter, life has not been dull. Learning to be parents is full of surprises and pitfalls. We kept very close the handbook of parenting;  Dr. Spock… not the Dr. Spock of Star Wars… but the renown Pediatrician of our generation and his ‘Baby and Childcare’. If the baby’s crying and we can’t figure out why, look it up in his book; if he’s got a suspicious rash look it up to see if we should be taking him to the doctor or emergency. I lost count I think of how many times we thought he had measles or chicken pox…. but alas it was only a heat rash.  I should note that in retrospect Dr. Spock was not always right, but in the moments of  sheer terror that we as new parents sometimes felt, he was the ‘port in the storm’. Ahh yes, I remember it so well!

Although my husband and I have differences in our personalities, the one thing we do have in common is that neither of us are fond of taking risks. We weren’t afraid to step out in faith different times in our marriage; everyone has to make decisions, but if there was any chance that something had an element of not being in the best interest of us as a family, we just didn’t do it.

The security of everyone’s well being and safety was paramount in our lives, and still is. Maybe we missed out on some opportunities, but when I look back on our lives……. it’s okay; we’re content and we’ve been blessed!


DP Challenge: To Sleep Perchance to Dream… “First the Sleep”

Prompt :Sleep is one-third of our lives: write a post about it. Do you love naps? Have trouble falling alseep? Wish you could remember your dreams? Remember something especially vivid? Snuggle under a blanket, or throw the windows wide open? Meditate on sleep.

I could not resist this suggestion for a post. It seems my life for the past two (plus) years have revolved so much about sleep… or mostly the lack thereof! I’m not going to rehash all the details, but the main one for so long was that I could not sleep laying down in bed, but had to sleep in a recliner, mostly for about 2-4 hours a night, and very broken sleep at that! Those issues were resolved with two surgeries; or so I had thought.

There are still some outstanding conditions that need to be cleared up, but they don’t really affect my sleep. This issue that does, is that because I went with only sleeping about 1-3 hours at a time for so long, my sleep cycle is all out of whack. My biological clock still wants to wake up every couple of hours, and that wouldn’t be so bad if I could go back to sleep.

Just to let you know, I have tried various medications that I wanted to be only temporary, until my body got the message that it’s okay and normal to sleep for 6-7 hours. But every time I try to stop the medications, I’m back to not going to sleep easily, and not staying asleep…whereupon eventually I get up because I can’t stand tossing and turning and watching the clock go around. Nobody wants to be addicted to sleeping medications, nor their doctors wanting it either. I did try also a natural melatonin, but had an adverse reaction to it and was told by my doctor not to take it anymore.

An added annoyance, which I have written about in length is that another condition is put back into action, when I awake from sleep and have to get upand that is Tinnitus! I wrote about this here if anyone is interested. Suffice it to say there is constant ringing/buzzing/other weird sounds, in varying  intensities. I will be finally seeing a doctor (ENT) specialist is June regarding this. I understand now there are possible treatments for this, as when I was first diagnosed approximately 20 years ago there wasn’t. It used to be just occasional and intermittent that it would come and go. Sometimes it would only be for a few days every few months, but it’s now been two years in various intensities that it has impacted my well-being. There is a short-term remedy that helps, previously in the blog I did on Tinnitus, but for the most part, it drives me CRAZY(crazier)

The main issue of course and most important is getting back a ‘normal’ sleep cycle, so that’s where for now I need help…..hopefully my doctor will have some suggestions…. Diane

This is what I call sleep Daisy was happy to see us home from our vacation

This is what I call sleep
Daisy was happy to see us home from our vacation



Daily Post – The Happy Wanderer

Prompt: What’s your travel style? Are you itinerary and schedule driven, needing to have every step mapped out in advance or are you content to arrive without a plan and let happenstance be your guide?

As I sit here writing this post I am at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina on what appears to be a rainy day, so thought I’d take a few minutes as I have my tea.

We have pretty well always ‘mapped out’ most details in advance. Maybe it’s because most of our travelling has been done either during the time we did so with children, and so really needed to be sure of where we would be staying and if the accommodations would be suitable. The other times we have traveled we still make plans, because sometimes there are conventions or activities that are happening at the place we are travelling to, that affects the choice or availability of places to stay.

While we usually plan how many miles we are going to try and drive each day, we don’t book the hotel there, in case we aren’t able to make it that far. This particular trip however, we planned to stop at a certain city but when we got there, there was not a room to be had because of two different things going on there. One was a cheer-leading contest and also Nascar (car racing) was there.  So while we intending on stopping for the day at around 6-6:30 pm; we ended up driving until 8 pm or so. Needless to say we were tired, hungry and a bit cranky. We stopped for gas at a station and we were all exhausted especially my husband and my sister, as they were doing the driving. We had to take two cars because of course all the paraphernalia that seems to go with one as we get older. While the cars were being filled, I said a little prayer and asked God for a place to spend the night.

When we looked around, there was a small hotel nearby, so we thought we would check ‘just in case’;  and lo and behold there were rooms available. While it was not in the best condition, it did have a clean bed and a restaurant attached to it. There was no dissent among us that we would be staying the night there, after all the thing we needed first and foremost was some place to lie down and just sleep.

The next morning we were on our way, and thankful for the night’s rest.