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Thankfulness Mondays – A Few Wistful Moments

Week 41 (of 52) along with Bernadette of Haddon Musings and others, posting of things in our lives that sometimes go unnoticed, and which if we think about them, will offset many negatives aspects of the world around us, and make us truly thankful.

A few posts ago, I wrote that because of moving and de-cluttering I found some old journals and other writings, from many years ago, when I was going through periods of depression. They caused me to remember things and I found a great sadness overwhelmed me for a time..

Well today I found some more old letters, but instead of sadness they brought some ‘wistful moments’.  There were some from family members who were very close to me, and some friends but the ones that I most cherish, were from my Mother. I was about 12 and 13 years of age at the time. I used to spend most summers when I was young at one of my brother’s home. This was because of course she had to work, and didn’t want me left alone.

He had 5 children, and I used to ‘babysit’ them. Most of them were not babies, but very young. I used to take them to the pool at the park most days, and various other things. I would then get some spending money to go to the show with a friend, or buy treats with.

Since it was in a city about 3 hours away my mother and I used to exchange letters, and I found a few of them today. I re-read them, and it brought back memories. I remembered how special she was, and felt very thankful for having her as my mother.

Of course she occasionally might get a friend or family member to drive up for a visit occasionally, but she always wanted to let me know she was thinking of me. That of course is way before home computers, or cell phones or emails.

It’s a shame that not many write letters anymore, and I’m one of those who don’t.  I do still send cards, but not letters.  It certainly was more exciting to look in the mailbox each day, and wonder if there would be a letter or card addressed to me. Emails or text messages sent are usually deleted shortly after they are received, and not kept as a treasure to be discovered many years later.

While I am getting rid of a lot of stuff with this move  since we won’t have the storage, I will not dispose of those letters.

One doesn’t throw away cherished wistful moments.

Picture of my Mother and I on my wedding day. A picture I cherish!


No Matter What!

1391No matter what happens

I’ll love you through tears and fears

Yours’ and mine

I’ll love you through the silence

I’ll love you through the times of sadness

Yours’ and mine

There are times when we wonder

Why and when and how

The questions go unanswered

Yours’ and mine

Memories creep in and bring

Both joy and melancholy

There are thoughts buried deep within

Yours’ and mine

The vision in my head

When first I laid eyes upon you

I gazed at you with pure love

And as your birthday draws near

That memory is so fixed in my mind

And I know our hearts are still joined

Yours’ and mine




Kim as little girlIf you knew the heartache that I bear

Would you care?

If you knew the tears I shed

Would a thought come in your head?

If you knew I lay awake

SAMSUNG DIGIMAX D530Would you maybe give and take?

If you knew that I pretend

Would you ever try to bend?

If you knew really how I feel

Would you know I need to heal?

If you knew I longed to talk

Would your heart be then unlocked?

If you knew that I just wait

Would you open up the gate?

If you knew how deep my love

Would you look to God above

Since you know that I believe
Then I’m sure you will perceive
That it’s easier to cope
Because I know there’s always hope
The day is coming this I know
Just because I love you so!
And our bond will never break
Nor will it ‘ere forsake
It’s a fact you love me too
It’s really something that I knew
By the end of my poem, I realized that I really do know our love is there and forever; it’s just needing some tender loving care!……  Diane

Trifecta – Third Time’s The Charm

Challenge:   This weekend we’re asking for 33 of your own words  inspired by the idiom, third time’s the charm.  This familiar phrase may have an indeterminate origin, but its meaning is clear.  Whether or not you   include the phrase itself is up to you.  Just make sure to use exactly 33 words.    And, as usual, have fun with it!

Our third child was a girl. Whimsical thoughts of pretty dresses, bows in her hair, tea parties for two and the wonderful times we would share as mother and daughter ‘forever and always.’

Kim's Baby Picture

Baby Picture

As a little girl

As a little girl

As a teenager

As a teenager

As a woman

As a woman

DP Challenge – Hi, Mom

Prompt: Today is Mother’s Day in the United States. Wherever in the world you are, write your mother a letter.

Mother’s Day is very emotional for me for different reasons and I know that for many it is also.  As I shared recently on another venue,  a ‘Mother’ does not have to equate to a woman having a biological child only. To me it can be anyone female or male who cares for, nurtures, protects and loves as a mother does, a child of ‘any’ age. There are many single fathers that  have to be  ‘mothers’ to their children as my mother had to sometimes fill the role of a ‘father’ also.

I will take this opportunity to write a letter to my Mom who passed away many years ago.

Mom and I on my wedding day

Me and Mom on my wedding day

Mom, you were the most important single influence in my life. You exemplified and were the epitome of what a mother should be to their children.  Compassion, patience, understanding, caring, kindness, are only a few words that come to mind when I think of you. You had to be so strong because my father was not there for you.  I can only imagine having to care for and raise ten children and often thought about that as I raised ‘three’. The advantage for me was that I had my husband’s support and that made it so much easier than you had it.

Being the last of your children I did not have to endure many hardships that many of the others did, with the years of the depression and World War Two. My older siblings were my reference for those years and yet somehow you managed to raise us all with the love that never ran out. It was a constant in our lives.

There were of course times of discipline also, and that taught us respect for you and for many others in our lives that we would cross paths with. You taught us work ethics and tolerance by your example and those lessons lasted a lifetime.

The years of growing up I know were not easy for you, or speaking for myself only at this point, for me either. There were so many challenges especially financially and for me emotionally as well.  However, you were always there to ‘love’ me through those times and I always knew that you were doing the very best that was possible and I could talk to you about anything and you were there listening and I always felt better afterward.

You taught me that God loved me and that knowledge brought me through many a trial in my life, because I knew He was there beside me.

There is so much I could say to you and one day I will.

For today, I will just finish this letter by saying that I miss our talks over a cup of tea or sitting late at night just talking about anything and everything and all seemed better after our time together.

So for now I will simply say Happy Mother’s Day Mom…. the best Mom that there ever was or could be!

Love, Your daughter Diane xoxoxoxo