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Pondering Life and Death ……………

My brother’s wife passed away last Thursday, but to me she wasn’t an ‘in-law’ but always considered my sister!

Briefly, she had an neurological disorder with a very long name, but basically it was a very rare disorder of an unknown origin. The disease progressed very slowly, to the point where her nerve endings were dead. Even so, for many years she could walk and talk; she just couldn’t feel her arms. legs,  and other areas like her face and her fingertips etc. As the doctor explained; as long as possible if she continued to make sure and exercise on a stationary bike etc; the brain would remember how to walk etc. She did so for years, but this spring my brother became unable to care for her, as her abilities had finally diminished and she had to be placed in a long term home.

She had been able to go home for the day last Monday, to celebrate our Canadian Thanksgiving with her family.

On Wednesday she became very ill with multiple issues, but basically her body was just shutting down. Because of the rarity of her disease, she had decided to donate her body with the hope that something could be learned about her condition, and help someone else in the future.

I mention a little about her because whenever there is death of someone close to us, we do tend to think of the subject. I don’t take credit for this thought that I read at some point or heard, but I like it.

When we are a baby in our mother’s womb, we are nourished with food, warmth, comfort and security. We believe this is what life is; there is no knowledge of what lies ahead. Then we are born into this world, and life changes. Usually we are cared for as infants, and the years following; but it is very different than when we were as yet unborn.

As a Christian therefore, it is not difficult to believe that the world we live in now, with all the challenges and joys of everyday life, is not all there is either. We are promised that when our lives on earth have or will come to an end of life as we know it, there is yet one more to come. That is eternity with God, when we believe. While I have heard much about what Heaven is like, with no sorrow, pain illness………….only joy, I won’t really know until that time comes for me.

My mind has just reverted back unexpectedly to a time over 40 years ago, when I had a very vivid ‘dream’ that felt much more. I had been going through a time of depression, but was starting to feel somewhat better; and I had this wonderful sense of being enveloped in a warmth , with an array of colours that seemed to be such as I’d never seen before. While in this “dream”…. I felt so loved, protected and just full of joy that I didn’t want to wake up, but I also wondered if somehow my husband could feel the same… so I was hoping when I did wake up, this would happen. Of course it didn’t, but I wondered if I could or should try to explain it at all to him and maybe our children.  So when I took our my Bible, I asked God  to let me know. I wasn’t in the habit of opening my Bible at random for some special message, but this time I did. The first words that I read were ‘tell the people’. So I did!

I guess this was to me, a little glimpse into heaven.

The Bible also talks about Hell…. I guess I don’t know what that entails totally. It has been described in many ways. My feeling about it is, that for the most part it means an eternity without the presence of God, or joy, peace, love or security. If there is no God, then there is no heaven or hell. We will not be reunited with other loved ones, and this life we live now is all there is.

But I guess you know that I don’t believe that. I believe that there is that world within the womb, the life here on earth, and an eternity thereafter!

Kind of some deep thoughts in this post, but they evolved this week with the passing of my ‘sister’!  


If you look into a baby’s face

With tiny fingers and all its’ toes

With eyes that sparkle

And a little button nose…..

Their hands that grasp your fingers

A smile that grabs your heart

You simply watch and wonder

With the joy that they impart.

The innocence and purity

No malice within their soul

They emanate pure trust

Such a gift that they extol.

For when we look into the face

Of an infant undefiled

A sense of peace, of wonderment

We truly are beguiled.

There was no evolution,

No origin unknown

This child was a creation,

A gift from God alone

Great-granddaughter born 2008

The Act of Forgiveness

For various reasons I’ve been thinking about the ‘act of forgiveness’.

What does it mean or what should it mean?

As an individual we believe that if a person says they are sorry, we ought to forgive them. As a Christian we believe that it is imperative that we forgive someone, even if they do not say they are sorry. Some would say that even if we aren’t feeling forgiving we ought to do so anyway, to free us … to release the anger and hurt we are feeling, and give it to God.

While I certainly believe that forgiveness ought to be our goal, I think sometimes it’s not as cut and dried for some. Should we ‘mouth’ the words without feeling it in our hearts? If it’s just words does it mean anything? As a comparison, I would say that if anyone were to say the words that they are told to say, in order to become a Christian without really understanding or meaning it, is it meaningful?

Would it perhaps be more apropos to pray for God to help us through our feelings, in order that we can honestly say that we forgive someone?

When we are Christians and parenting our children, how do we teach them about forgiveness? If they do something wrong do we simply force them to say that they are sorry, without helping them understand? Do we then forgive them? Sometimes there are consequences to their misbehaviour. Do we punish them in a manner that is equivalent in degree, that their behaviour was?

If we want to present a loving and forgiving God, do we then ensure that they see that compassion and understanding in us as parents? If we are extreme in the punishment we give, how then will this affect their views?



Just some thoughts !

Moment By Moment – Poem

Just some thoughts that I wrote a couple of nights ago….. (Diane)

Moment By Moment


Moment by moment

One day at a time,

This is how it should be Lord

With love so divine.

Blurred is my vision,

And thoughts that I hold,

Faith I must cherish

More precious than gold.

Sometimes when I falter

In thoughts or in deed,

You are there with your arms out

Because of my need.

Though wearied these days

And my body is weak,

By your love and your mercy

Your face I will seek.

Compassion and patience,

I know in my heart,

Will always be waiting

And never depart.

Anniversary Dinner .. we celebrated 54 years last week… Feeling blessed!

Thankfulness Mondays – A Gift This Mother’s Day

Week 47 (of 52) along with Bernadette of Haddon Musings and others, posting of things to be thankful for in our lives ‘big and small’ to offset some of the more negative areas of life.

This Mother’s Day we had lunch with our two sons, which was very nice. Our daughter and her family live near Chicago, in Illinois so couldn’t come. What was even nicer was that one of our son’s usually goes away most weekends to their cottage, but stayed home in order to come and see me.

That is special in itself, but he also came to church with us this morning. While our children, 2 sons and 1 daughter are Christians, they don’t usually attend church. They used to, but like so many of this generation they don’t do so now. There are many who like them, don’t see the need. They believe in God and they pray. but I guess somewhere along the line, the desire to go and listen to God’s word being preached, has gone by the wayside.

They work all week, and then the weekends are spent ‘doing’ all the chores, shopping and relaxing; and in one son’s case going north 3 hours to their summer cottage.

So this Mother’s Day I am thankful because one of my sons, said to me that he could have bought me a present (though he did give me some flowers and a card), but he thought I might appreciate more, him staying home this weekend, and coming to church with us.

And he’s right, I did !

Family picture last 2015

Thankfulness Mondays- Hope For Those in Dire Need

Week 46 (of 52) giving thanks for things in our lives great and small; along with Bernadette of Haddon Musings, and others as well.

Today I am giving thanks for Organizations that help those who need it very desperately, especially at this time in places like Sudan. Specifically today, I am highlighting World Vision. There are offices around the World but the National offices  including United States, Australia, Canada, and UK.

World Vision is working in over 100 countries within Africa, Asia, South America, Europe and North America. Specifically today, I am writing about the terrible and dire situation in Sudan. I watched a t.v. news broadcast about it this past week, and it brought me to tears. It’s not the only place of course that is riddled with corruption and war targeting the most vulnerable, and causing mass destruction and starvation, but it is terrible right now with the violence, the government involvement and the hunger. The people and especially the children are suffering so much!

I actually worked for World Vision Canada for 13 years, and my son 20 years, and believe in their work. I knew I was meant to be there, as the circumstances that led up to it, were truly amazing.  (I wrote about it here if anyone is interested.) They are a non-profit Christian organization, and do emergency relief and development,  and child sponsorship.

There are other organizations that are striving to help, such as Oxfam and the Red Cross and likely others.

I am thankful for those who help,  as we can’t go directly into these countries, but can support financially those who do.

As the founder of World Vision, Bob Pierce said when he began the organization, “Don’t fail to do something, just because you can’t do everything”.

He also said to “Let my heart be broken, with the things that break the heart of God”

For anyone who might want to give a donation to help those in Sudan, I’m leaving a link to World Vision Canada, and U.S.A; and the International Red Cross.




Thankfulness Mondays – Our Hope

Week 43 (of 52) posting each week along with Bernadette of Haddon Musings and others, of things great and small that we have to be thankful for.  Maybe in doing do we can change some of the negative factors around, and be a reason for the encouragement of others.

Along with other Christians this week, we celebrated Easter Sunday. There are so many denominations of Christianity and each one of them, while we may choose to worship in a different manner,  we have one thing in common, and that is, ‘Jesus Christ.’

We had dinner with one of our sons and wife and grandson; the other deciding to go to their cottage for the weekend; and our daughter being in the States spending it with friends.

No matter how many Easters there have been, it’s always a time to remember the price paid on our behalf, by a baby born in Bethlehem who grew to be a man, and died on a cross.


I am very thankful for God’s love sent to us, in the person of Jesus Christ.

One of my first attempts at painting almost 3 years ago…but seems appropriate!