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Why Is It?

I was sitting here just wondering why exactly it is, that some people just won’t be ‘real’ with you. Sometimes, there are people who won’t open up and say what it is that perhaps is bothering them; or the two of you know, but only one wants to bring it out into the open and discuss it honestly, calmly and in some cases, lovingly.

There is one, who is hoping against hope that the other, will bridge the subject that is causing a wedge between them. One wants to clear the air, but the other wants to avoid doing so. One is hoping to hear some words or encouragement and understanding, but the other withholds giving it to them.

There is an air of doubt, there is an air of ‘don’t ask, and don’t expect too much from me.

Someone might think that just blurting out what you want to talk about might be the answer. However, the person in question knows from previous experience, they can’t do that. There is an invisible wall that prevents unwanted entry.

Why is it though? Is it pride? Is it lack of caring? Is it unwillingness to forgive? Is it lack of wanting to broach a subject they just don’t want to talk about?

Maybe it’s a little of everything. It’s too bad though, because it leaves one person feeling sometimes sad, sometimes hurt, or sometimes that they just wish they themselves didn’t care either!


I’m Beginning to Think…..

I’m beginning to think that I don’t know how to have fun anymore, or write a ‘fun’ post.

I’m beginning to think that others can ‘roll’ with the challenges of life, more than I can.

I’m beginning to think I take life too seriously.

I’m beginning to think that I wish, I was not so complex.

I’m beginning to think that I’m tired of wondering what the next crisis is going to be.

I’m beginning to think I take these ‘crises’ too much to heart, and that they are after all … temporary in the scheme of life.

I’m beginning to think that I need some respite from caring too deeply, loving too much and ‘thinking’ much too much!

“Just one of those days” !!!!!


Valentine’s Day – Who is it For?


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Of course, the first thing that comes to mind for Valentine’s Day is the usual, romantic love between couples. There are a lot of other faces/facets though in my opinion that this day should do, and does for many people, represent love and caring and appreciation of others in our lives.

There’s nothing wrong with a day of celebration of that special romance of  love, but I believe for example we should also show a bit of that love to the lady down the street who lives alone, but who is a very encouraging and friendly soul, and would do anything she could to help any of her neighbours.

What about a family member who doesn’t now have their spouse;  to take this day to just to remind them that they are loved.

What about that person  that you know right now, who is not feeling very well either physically or emotionally and whose face may light up even for a time, by a special acknowledgement on this day!

The most common thing that is given on this day is chocolates, flowers, cards and maybe that special piece of jewelry… even taking this romantic day to get engaged.

Actually this year instead of flowers or the usual, I got two big bags of bird seed! Now some would say that is so totally unromantic, but my husband knows how special it is for me to have my bird feeders, and sometimes the cost is a bit prohibitive for us on our pensions. So instead of spending the money on something that has a limited life span, such as flowers he got me the seed.

For me, that was the most thoughtful gift he could have given. He knows me very well, but I guess after 51 years he should!  (Oh, I did get a card too!)

We got that special neighbour some yellow roses… for her special friendship, and to satisfy her sweet tooth that she has, some cupcakes with pink fluffy icing.

Happy Valentine’s Day… !   Diane



A Short Little Poem on Love

With Valentine’s Day coming up I just had some thoughts running around my head, and wrote a little poem.  Love to me is so much more than what is represented in the days leading up to ‘Cupid’s Day’.

They say that Love

Makes the world go ’round

Would it were so

That it would abound

For those who do not know

For those in far off places

For those close to us

To see in all their faces

That someone cares for them

No matter who or where

If love were shown to all

We could then learn to share

To share our hopes and dreams

To me that’s what love means.