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Thankfulness Mondays – “In Their Thoughts!”

Week 48 (of 52)…… I’ve been posting along with Bernadette of Haddon Musings and others, of the many things in our lives we have to be thankful for, sometimes they are small and may go unnoticed, and other times they can be very obvious. We hope that by doing so, it may offset for us and others, the negative areas in our lives.

Today I’m thankful for those in my life, who I know are available when I need advice, prayer or when I just need to realize that I am in their thoughts.

It is important not only for me but I believe many, when there is an area of concern in our lives; that someone makes us aware that they care and are willing to listen. Sometimes that’s all that is necessary. Actually since I first mentioned that my husband and I were moving, and the various issues and concerns I had, people were so kind to offer their support. There were friends, family and those in the blogging community who all made the move easier, by their help and their encouragement.

Since the move I have been very tired and not feeling as well, as I’d like,  but I know ‘this too shall pass’. When we get overwhelmed it is so easy to let the issue ‘mushroom’ in our minds, but when there are those who we can ‘vent’ to, and just express our frustrations and feelings, the problem is then put back into perspective.

We  can then re-focus and realize we just need to take one day at a time.

So today, I am very thankful for those who keep me in their thoughts, and who have offered to listen, to encourage and to let me know they care! That is most definitely many of ‘you’. !!!

A-Z Challenge – A Way Back !

A-Z ChallengeI decided that perhaps “A’  way back to blogging after some months of limited posts, was to join the A-Z challenge….

It has been quite a few unsettled months for various reasons, that I’ve mentioned in some of my recent posts; ranging from health concerns in our family, some still ongoing, but hopefully soon to have answers, and to helping my sister cope with the death of her husband after 58 years of marriage. I’ve been trying to spend whatever time I can with her, and we are going to embark on a holiday towards the end of the month; just the two of us. When one gets older, the planning and hoping that all will work out without unforeseen issues, come to the forefront of one’s mind.

I have really missed the interaction of so many of my blogging friends, and have been remiss in reading your blogs and interacting with comment.  I have actually read some, but have not regularly done so.

Sometimes I thought that maybe my blogging days were over; but quickly dismissed it, as it has in the past several years become an intricate part of my life. I knew I would continue, even if not daily. However, when my friend Deb from My Weary Mind, who lost her husband and has been trying to move forward; decided to do this challenge, I thought that maybe it was a way back for me to blogging.

So, this is the first day of the challenge, and I hope a continuation for me to post, read and reconnect with many special people that I met in the wonderful world of ‘Blogging’.

I have never really researched to find out how that word was brought into existence, but to me it was the beginning of many friendships!

So Many Going Through So Much

Most that follow me know of my limited involvement right now in blogging. I am so hoping to get reactivated as a regular participant, and reader of so many of your wonderful posts.  There just has been one thing after another going on, and my concentration level and energy and time, has been scattered. Some issues I hope soon will be eased in my mind and I will be able to move forward.

When I think though of the issues in my life, I am so aware that others have so much more to bear than what I do. For some it is health, both physical and emotional; others perhaps a relationship or other hardship.

There are those whose issues are critical , and who have very low support from others in their lives; and a couple who need that love and support so badly. Without a break-through, their lives will continue to be at an almost unbearable level. I say ‘almost’ because they have been enduring these conditions of every day.

Having a history of depression for most of my adult life, (free of it for many years now though); I can so identify with the hopelessness that they feel most of the time. It is so daunting to want to give something more than words.

Words of encouragement can help I believe, but words sometimes are just that….. ‘words’. (forgive my over-use of words)

For me, my faith that I put in God has been literally my ‘salvation’, because when all else failed, I had that. When Jesus walked on earth for 33 years, he felt every kind of hurt, betrayal, physical and emotional abuse, and that’s what I realized every time I felt so many of those things.

However, even having been raised in a Church with those beliefs, some have still been hurt, and so what can I give?

I guess that something a speaker this week at church; born in a mid-eastern country, who was taught that Christians were ‘evil’…. said;  that the reason he changed his mind and accepted Christ; was that by the actions and the love he saw and received, it was evidence that his preconceived and learned prejudice and even hate…. was wrong. He had been raised very harshly and had never experienced this kind of ‘love and acceptance’.

So… all that to say; I guess for now, all I can do is continue to support, pray for and give ‘words’… but in those words may they instill  that which is so necessary…………….. ‘HOPE’ !




Merry Christmas to All – Poem

Who Is This Child

Who is this child called Jesus

Will He be in your home this year

Will He be a part of your day

Part of your Christmas cheer?

As you wrap up all the presents

To give to those you love

Will He be one you give to them

That brings peace from God above?

For that’s what Christmas is you know

Beyond the gifts, and Christmas tree

The kiss beneath the mistletoe

Whatever it will be….

Enjoy the turkey or the ham

And gladness on this Christmas ‘eve’

I wish you joy, I wish you love

And of course the peace…. When you believe!

Merry Christmas and Love

Diane xxx


Support Your Local* Blogger**

Though I’m absent for awhile, I’d like to interrupt this temporary leave of absence to reblog this post, so that we as fellow bloggers can spread the word…Her site is here; Sparking Hope (Diane)


It broke my heart when I learned that Gibber, of Gibber Jabber, needed to work.  She needed food.  A home.  Socks.

It broke my heart to learn that because of those pedestrian needs, Gibber was reluctantly closing her blog.  She collected questions, silly and serious, and we all provided the answers!  It was great fun.  You remember it, surely!

gibber-jabberin Whoa is me, to have questions yet unanswered.  To have the question collector need to make a damn living.

Well, to make a short story long, Gibber had to make some money.  Dinero.  Big, fast bucks — Canadian so they don’t quite count up so quickly.

So our Gibber set up shop as a candle crafter.  Yes!  She started Sparking Hope Candles!  Hand-made, hand-scented, soy-based peace in a mason jar.  Her candles are really beautiful. See?

slide_2 Sparking Hope Candles

And they smell good.  And they support soy farmers who aren’t bloggers…

View original post 257 more words

Blog to Book ??

A little while ago a blogging friend did a post about a company that will turn your blog into a book; basically for personal use; at least that’s my understanding. Actually she chose to get her blogs sent to her in PDF so she could arrange them in the future herself.

Today, I phoned to get some information. I had thought I would just select some posts, as that was listed as an option, but when I first inquired it seemed that the only choice for a WordPress blog, was to include all, or from a certain date to another date. When I explained that I had almost 600 and didn’t really want them all, I was advised that only 400-445 pages could be in the book, but that perhaps if some were shorter it would be okay. I had to actually go through the process before I got the message that indeed there were too many to print.

But that was good, because then I got the chance to delete some from being included, and so I could select only the ones I wanted. NOTE: I just went to the site and found ‘Faqs’ at the bottom. I wish I had seen this earlier as it would have answered some of my questions. The gentleman that I spoke to, did really not seem to explain things well to me, and said he didn’t think I had an option to select the posts I wanted.  So, have a look and you’ll find out some more information

Anyway, I ended up with about 250 pages which cost approximately $130 plus shipping (u.s. funds), in a hard cover with pictures and in colour. There are other options available such as soft cover and in black and white only.

I have not yet received the book, so cannot at this point recommend it,  but I will let you know when it comes if anyone is interested. I had been printing off my posts myself, but I have fallen behind and thought this might be the answer to save myself a lot of printing and organizing.

Anyway, here is the link if you want to look into it. The pages by the way are 8 1/2 by 11, so it isn’t a small book as I thought it might be. ( I asked what the size of the pages were as it doesn’t state that, and the fellow on the phone told me????)  There is a toll-free number also.



Just as I am!

Today’s assignment for Blogging 101 is to create a new feature for my blog. Some things suggested are:

  • A weekly photo post (or even better: a weekly photo gallery post).
  • A monthly Q & A with one of your blogging buddies.
  • A Music Monday, featuring the song that rocked your weekend.
  • A Flavor Friday dedicated to the recipe you experimented with over the previous week.

It’s also suggested that one should try to post on a regular basis.

This is one task that I really can’t do, not to be stubborn or inflexible, but only because when I began blogging I wanted to be able to write whatever was on my mind or heart, whenever I felt led to do so. For me to be concerned about posting a certain number of times a week, or to include concepts or other things that are just not ‘me’…. would just make me too intense and would take away the natural aspect that I have had since I ventured into this wonderful world of blogging.

I must say that I have enjoyed taking part in Blogging 101, last day today unless we choose to do a weekend assignment. I have learned several things and one of the most enjoyable was redoing the theme and widgets etc. of my blog site.

Those at WordPress who gave support were really kind and encouraging throughout these past three weeks.

It was great to interact with others as well who were participating…. some very new bloggers. For these people, some of the suggestions of today will be good ideas to get them started.

I think for me though, that I will have to stick with my concept of what I wanted to blog about, even though it may not be very original or different!

Thank you to those who read what I do write, even though every post is not always of interest to everyone, and that’s okay too!  

I guess I’ll stay ‘Just as I Am”………… Diane