How To Move Around Blog

For those who aren’t perhaps familiar with blogging and how to select what you would like to read I am offering some information or guideline to help.

1. If you have put the name of my blog in browser.. you will be shown a site that if you click on, it will have brought you here to my “Home’ page.

2. You will also see a tab at the top of page which says “About” This  page offers a little information of who I am and if you notice in the post there are certain words or phrases that are ‘linked’ (in pink). If you click on those you will be taken to blogs that I wrote on that issue. After reading you can just click on the top tab that says About and you will be brought back to that page or you may choose to go back to the Home Page.

3. The ‘Home’ page has all the blogs that I’ve written beginning with the most recent, and you need only scroll down and read the one(s) you may choose to. 

If you wish to ‘Like” one of them which means you’ve read it and like it (Note I found out you can only ‘like’ if you are a wordpress user )or you wish to make a comment on it there is in small print at the bottom of the post the word comments..You can click on it  or click on the title and it will take you to that one blog where there is a word ‘Like” which you would click (if indeed you can or want to ) or further down there is a place to ‘Comment’ on that blog.

If there are already comments made, the latest one will display first and there will be a place where you can comment.  You will be asked to sign in using your email address or other options offered ‘W’ for WordPress users, fb to use your sign in for fb, or twitter. If you use your email it will ask for name…you do not need to put your full name only whatever name you choose to put.

Note...After reading the post you can simply click “Home” tab or the arrow indicating back one page.

4. On this page and others you will notice on the right-hand side… Recent Posts or Top Posts. There are several to select from if you wish to click on them and read. Again when you are finished it you can click on the  ‘Home’ tab.

5. Under the Recent and Top Posts,  you’ll notice a place that if you want to be notified of each future post that I do.    You must enter your email address. (For WP users there is a WP icon to follow )

When or if you make a comment I will be notified and can respond to it.

6. Also on the Home/About page or in fact all pages on the right-hand side , the recent posts, and you will see ‘Archives’. It is a ‘drop down’ menu which will list the different months from the latest to the earliest when I started blogging Nov.2011. It will show you all the posts that I wrote in that month, again you would scroll until you reached the one you might like to read.

7.. There is a list of top posts which are the ones that are the most read. Also on that page you will see a lot of words called ‘tags’. If you wished to read blogs for example where I included ‘depression’ or ‘Christianity’ or whatever, you could click on that word and be taken to those blogs again that you would scroll until you wanted to read one …remembering again if you want to ‘Like” or make a ‘Comment’ you need to click on the title before being able to do so, or the word ‘comments’ at the bottom of the post.

8. Under the tags you’ll also notice something called a Blogroll …that is a listing of some of the other blogs I follow (while not all). If you want to read any of them just click on them.

I hope I’ve covered the process and that it is helpful. … It may sound complicated, but just remember that if you get lost, just click on the tab again at the top that says ‘How to move around Blog, and you can recheck.

 Thanks for your interest… Diane


22 thoughts on “How To Move Around Blog

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  2. Hello Diane! I was wondering if you ever resolved the email issue you had some time ago with WP. I’m having the same problem and can’t seem to correct it. Thanks! -Richard


  3. Great idea to provide this information! My only critique is your choice of font; it’s difficult to read, esp for tired ageing eyes. Even removing the ‘italics’ would help. I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts!


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