Thankfulness Mondays – A Year to Remember ! Plus – Painting

Week 52 (of 52) begun by Bernadette of Haddon Musings; blogging once a week of things in our lives. sometimes that  if we don’t really think about may go unnoticed as a blessing. Others have participated also, but Bernadette had to stop for a time, to take time to grieve. She lost her son just last week, and when I have mentioned it in the last couple of posts, there have been many bloggers, who have given their condolences, thoughts and prayers to her and family. I hope by giving  the link to her site, she will receive a notification and know of them.

On this my last post of this specific topic (although I’m sure I will at some point be doing other posts on being thankful); I am thankful that I took time to begin painting again. Of course it is only of an amateur level, but I started back in the spring of 2014, and in the past few months because of moving plans, and other issues, I haven’t been doing any.

It’s something I do casually, and really don’t have the knowledge for so many techniques, but as I start back I’m hoping to work at learning some of the aspects that will help me improve. But for now, I’m just happy to have started again. I should mention that Inese from Inese Poga Art and Creative Discoveries   has give me various tips to help me.I haven’t worked out the logistics yet of where I’m going to paint, although being in an apartment now, there are less choices. But I have the materials that I use in plastic drawers on wheels, so I can move it easily.

For this time however, I just plunked myself down on the floor! My husband took a few pictures, and I included the painting that I did!


As a side note I’ll be blogging on whatever enters my mind in the coming months! But this past year has really helped me to realize just how much I do have to be thankful for….. thanks to the inspiration of another blogger! Also I will also mention that I am still going through some health issues, tests etc. Thanks to all for thoughts, wishes, and prayers


A Poem/Painting in Memory of ‘Koko’

I already did a post about having to say good-bye to our beloved pet for 13 years ‘Koko’, so I won’t repeat any of it, but the night that we had taken him in to be put to sleep I was up late, and decided to write a poem in his memory.  I thought I’d share it, and also a painting I did of him today. I’m strictly an amateur,  but it helps me to do so in remembrance of him…. Thanks for indulging me!

When we brought you home that very first day

We thought we had chosen you

But lo and behold we soon found out

Clearly out of the blue….


We didn’t decide who we’d take home

It was done by the Lord above

For when you were placed in our arms

It was a case of immediate love


You were so cute

And your big brown eyes looked into ours.

We smiled, and you knew we were hooked

And were home in a matter of hours.


You had captured both of our hearts;

We loved and were loved in return

That was over thirteen years ago,

A love that none of us had to earn.


Today you trusted in us once again

To do what was best for you,

The decision was made

The options were few.



Our hearts are so heavy, our eyes full of tears

We’ll surely miss you, and it won’t be the same,

But it helps to know that you’re not in pain…..

And in our hearts you will always remain…


Thankfulness Mondays – I’m Not Perfect !

Another Monday joining Bernadette from Haddon Musings, being thankful for things large and small and in between!

I was just thinking about the fact that I used to struggle with ‘the perfectionism complex’, and am so glad that for the most part I finally realized that it is futile to attempt to be perfect.

When I was younger and also not so young, I hated to make mistakes. I’m not sure when it started to bother me so much. Maybe it was when I was in school, and being very shy. A few times I can remember being laughed at or embarrassed when I answered a question incorrectly. It made me much less likely to hold my hand up when the teacher asked. I can even remember a teacher in Grade 6 or 7, who told us that since there was going to be an observer in his classroom, he wanted everyone to hold up their hand when he asked for an answer. He said to hold up your left hand if you knew the answer, or your right hand if you didn’t know the answer. So I held up my right hand! He picked me by mistake and then ridiculed me because I didn’t; slamming his ruler on the desk as he did so. I was mortified! I don’t think I ever told my mother even, as she probably would have put in a call to the school.

Anyway, I went through much agony different times through my life getting so upset when I would make a mistake. This was very difficult to deal with as I struggled with intermittent depression through most of my adult life. Thankfully, I have not for the past several years. It makes it hard for relationships also, as one expects others to be perfect too. It is not a reasonable expectation to do so, because it just isn’t going to happen!

There are times when it almost sneaks back into my thinking, even as I have tried to learn new things such as painting. But I catch myself, before it takes root and it’s such a relief.

So if you’re like-minded and tempted to expect perfection, I hope you’ll be kinder to yourself!

I’m not perfect…. and I’m so grateful not to worry about trying anymore!

My 'less than perfect' painting of fall colours..

My ‘less than perfect’ painting of fall colours..


Thankfulness Mondays – Turkey and Time

Participating with Bernadette and her blog posts on Haddon Musings; each Monday for 52 weeks, things large and small that we have to be thankful for.

Of course I must note, that it is  our Canadian Thanksgiving. A day set aside to give thanks, although each and every day we should really do so…. for our country, our freedoms and for all that we have.

However I was thinking also of being thankful for ‘time’. I guess being a senior I have more than many people do, but I remember when there never seemed to be enough.

Reflecting though I am grateful for the time that is sometimes needed to let wounds heal, to make decisions that could affect the rest of our lives; time to rest when the world seems too much to handle;  time to tell the people you love how much they mean to you, time to let God work in situations that seem impossible to resolve….

If we don’t utilize time effectively… we don’t take that second breath; it could change our lives drastically. I look back at some of those moments in my own life, and am happy that I did so.

So perhaps we need to slow down, and as the saying goes… ‘take time to smell the roses’ !

A painting I did awhile ago.....

A painting I did awhile ago…..


Thankfulness Mondays – A Kind Word

I’m participating in a theme of Bernadette of ‘Haddon Musings’, acknowledging things small and not so small for which I have to be thankful for. It is to try to offset negative thoughts and actions going on in the world today… with the thought that we really can appreciate our many blessings.

Today, I am reminded how a kind word can make one feel uplifted and encouraged. Sometimes we feel that we are past the point in our lives where we really contribute much. We live our lives often remembering those years when we worked, and where we felt that the job we did, somehow made a difference in the world. We perhaps raised a family, and dedicated ourselves to helping our children become a productive part of society.

Maybe we just felt our ‘worth’ more during those days… at least our worth in the eyes of those around us. My real worth of course is realized in knowing that God accepts me no matter what I accomplish in life. I’m a senior now, but I guess age doesn’t really matter. We all need to think that we are special in some way… that we matter.

This morning I read the scripture, in our church. After the service was over, a few people told me how much they liked when I read, and two even asked if I had been a teacher.

Those few words, lifted my spirit. It was perhaps to some a small thing, but to me it made me feel ‘special’.

We all have the power to make a difference during our daily lives, to make someone else feel that what they do is important. Just think of the number of people we meet every day, who perhaps need a word of encouragement from someone, and the difference we could make in their life.

Maybe today or tomorrow will be your chance to give a ‘kind word’!

IMG_2558-002I’m adding a recent painting I did … some know I do amateur paintings, and occasionally just add to a post.

“Good Friday” – Poem

I wrote this and posted it last year, and am re-blogging it with my humble attempt with a painting of Jesus….. Diane



IMG_1455Tomorrow is called ‘Good’ Friday
The day our Saviour died
So why do we call ‘good’ this day
This, we must decide
That day 2000 years ago
He could have been set free
Instead the crowd, yelled “crucify’
So Pilate had to agree
Jesus that day, put on the cross
Though sin He never knew
Instead He gave His life
For others…me and you
All we must do is believe that fact
And turn to Him each day
Our sins forgiven, once we ask
That’s why it’s called ‘GOOD FRIDAY’

By Diane


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Autumn Memories

Mom, 'Brownie' camera in her hands

Mom, ‘Brownie’ camera in her hands

Autumn was Mom’s favourite time of year

So as the leaves turn bright oranges and red

Memories of her become so dear.

We’d always go, and with camera in hand

Look at God’s array of beauty

As if appearing on command.

So many years, we would go

To take photos and just admire

The brilliance all aglow.

My Painting of Autumn in 2015

My Painting of Autumn in 2015

                 As I paint this picture, here today

           I remember you with love

             In my heart, you’ll always stay