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My husband and I taken in 2015

My husband and I taken in 2015

Just a little about who I am.  I am a woman…senior now, married for 53 years to a wonderful man, with 3 children and 9 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild. .  We are Christians and so a lot of my blogs will include my faith.

I came from a somewhat dysfunctional background; my father not being present,  the last of 10 children and raised by my Mom.

I suffered many years from depression but thanks to God, I am now in a good place in my life.

I also have Multiple Sclerosis but am not severely debilitated by it.

I like to write about things that have happened, or are happening.

I love to wonder about people and issues of life, love and humor. I am a deep thinker and things that are occurring around me interest me.

I enjoy reading others’ blogs.

Special Note.. If you aren’t sure how to make your way around my blog I have done a page to explain the process. Sometimes there may be visits from those who are not familiar with how a blog page looks. There is a tab at the top of the site that indicate this or just click on this link and it will take you to it. Hope it helps…. Diane


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  2. As someone who lives with MS and has also battled depression, I understand where you are coming from. My father was a paranoid schizophrenic and an alcoholic who was quite often absent from our home. It wasn’t easy growing up in such dysfunction but I managed. It taught me compassion, understanding and various coping skills (one of which is a twisted sense of humour); all traits needed when dealing with a chronic illness. I look forward to getting to know you and to following you blog. 😊

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    • Hi Linda, Thanks for reading. It seems you can relate on several levels to what I experienced… You’re right that when we go through adversities like we did, it does teach us to be sensitive to others. I have not been posting a great deal lately because of various issues .. but hope to soon get back to doing so. Diane

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      • Hi I believe that you’re doing a post for the Room 101 award. While I do thank those who nominate me for awards and do accept them… I will let you know I don’t follow through with the process suggested… so if you would like to nominate someone else in my place.. I completely understand….(I’m not completely back to normal blogging routine yet as I’m still dealing with some ongoing issues, but I do check in from time to time)… Diane

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  3. Hello Dianne!

    (I know this is the most inappropriate means of connecting with you…but this is the avenue I could find. Please forgive me).

    Calvary greetings to you in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    Awesome work you are doing on your blog.

    God be praised forever!

    My name (in short) is Tim and I am the administrator of the newly unveiled Christian Social Community: Rhemalog.

    Craving your indulgence, I will quickly like to intimate you on our purpose, goals and objectives.

    Rhemalog is a compound word, coined from both “Rhema” and “Log”.
    It means, putting into writing(Log), your encounters in the Word of God(Rhema).
    That is, sharing with the beloved, the things that God has shown unto you in His Word.

    Rhemalog is established by the leading of the Holy Spirit, as a platform to enrich and impact the body of Christ all over the World!

    You will agree that there is a lot of degradation going on.
    Abuse, spiritual contaminations and pollutions.

    All you need is to refresh your social-media pages long enough…then boom!
    There you have it, in your face!
    Wouldnt it be awesome to have a sanctified environment?

    A platform built solely for the Children of God.
    Devoid of negativity around us, but filled with inspirations, encouragements and above all, the WORD OF GOD!

    This is our driving force.
    The clarion call that moved us to put Rhemalog in place.

    And this is our call to you: Would you like to join us?

    As one of the major (Christian) thinkers and opinion-makers out there, logically, it is a no-brainer that we need you, especially since our main goal is to ensure that the people are well fed.

    We need your insightful thoughts. Inspirational ideas. Well written pieces. We need YOU!

    We need you, not only as a member, but also as an A-List contributor.

    And we already have all the tools required.

    – Personal Blogging feature
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    Together, we can build one of the most vibrant and impactful communities out there.

    Should you decide to join us now:

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    Well, “gold and silver” we have not.
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    It will be a huge honour and we will be waiting for you.

    rhemalog.com is the address.

    Thanks and may God keep His face shining on you.


    Rhemalog Community


    • Thank you very much for the invitation. Unfortunately, with the blog that I write, and the fact that I am the Prayer Coordinator for the church we attend, along with some personal contact with those who need support, and time for my family, and personal time; I can’t commit to anything else at this time. I appreciate that you have asked me though, and I hope that God will bless your endeavors abundantly…. Diane


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  5. Both my mother-in-law and one of my closest friends have MS. My mother-in-law fights a more debilitating form than my friend. My son refers to both his grandmothers as heroes because they both fight chronic illnesses. My mother has fought off non-Hodgkins lymphoma for thirty years. My son is right. These women, all of whom I love dearly, live with chronic illnesses, but they do so with a fighting spirit. They cope with negative effects of their chronic illnesses, but do not let their illnesses defeat them. They remain vibrant, loving, and loved. Those living with chronic illnesses (especially his grandmothers) are heroes (superheroes even). I pray for you as you heroically live with MS. May God bless you and grant you peace. Congratulations for a life well lived, 51 years of marriage, successfully raising your children, loving your grandchildren, and loving your great-grandchild.


    • Thank you for your very kind thoughts. M.S. is so different for each person. I am thankful that I am not severely affected… It must be difficult for your mother-in-law but she has loving people who cares for her! My sister died many year ago.. from non-hodgkins . She unfortunately didn’t get treatment early enough…. Thank you for your prayers… Diane


      • We cannot control how seriously our illnesses affect us even when we do have access to the best medical care. My mother was fortunate to have been a part of experimental monoclonal antibody therapy (now Rituxan). Unfortunately, most of the other stage 4 lymphoma patients who took part in the experiments did not survive.

        As you know, it is not our fault that we become ill, and it is not our fault whether or not our illness is responsive to treatment.

        I am so sorry you lost your sister to non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Both of you are in my prayers.


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