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DP Challenge Whoa -Dreams Can be Real

Prompt:   What’s the most surreal experience you’ve ever had? This is a re-blog but as it was my most significant experience I decided to use it.

While talking to someone the other day I was remembering a time quite a number a years ago. I was working for a Christian organization. I knew that I was supposed to be working there because of how it came about and that I loved that the job entailed helping children and families primarily in far off countries.

Previous to my starting there, I had just been through the worst episode that I had with depression. I had been working at a doctor’s office and my emotional stability came to a halt when I broke down for the second time in two weeks, and was hospitalized both times. At this point in my life I had given up hope that I would ever feel any different………that I would always feel that life was not worth living for me at all, and the world and my family would be better off without me. My children would be looked after by my more than capable husband, and there would not be doom and gloom around all the time.

And so it was decided by my husband, my doctor and I that I would have ECT (Electro Convulsive Therapy). It was a serious decision that we made against the wishes I must say of the rest of my family but at this time there seemed no other option for me and so I did have three treatments. It certainly wasn’t something that I enjoyed, but looking back at that time it probably saved my life. Because of my mental and emotional state the ‘doctors’ decided it would be better if I did not return to working at the office. In other words, I was let go…fired!

It was the spring, and I hadn’t been attending church because of course I avoided people and crowds of any kind. Because of the fact I couldn’t work I went on Unemployment Insurance, while wondering what the future held. I couldn’t picture any company hiring me because of what I had been through and decided to take the spring and summer to just try and heal.

Then one Saturday in May I believe, I said to my husband that I had the feeling we must go to Church the next day. There was no explanation other than this strong urge that I had. That day in Church it was announced that the next day a Christian organization was going to be taking applications for employment. and my minister encouraged me to do so. When I went home that night I was apprehensive, as I couldn’t still imagine anyone wanting to hire an emotional misfit. When I went to bed that night I still hadn’t decided whether or not to put myself through the embarrassment of the process. I prayed fervently but a strange and wonderful dream happened that night.

I dreamed that I was sitting in the interview with a woman who was responsible for hiring people for this organization. As I explained to this woman, that I had been through a serious depression and was now at home recuperating from it, she looked at me and said, “that’s okay, I went through the same thing myself’! Here was someone who understood…I wasn’t alone in the world. I told my husband about it.  In any case the dream gave me the courage to go and apply for a position for this company who was moving it’s office to the area I lived in….at the end of the year.

The next morning I got up and went to apply, filled out the application and waited very nervously for the interview. Finally, I was sitting across from two women, but one was actually doing the talking. They went over my papers and then the questions began, and we got to the part of why I left my previous employment. So, I began to explain what had happened expecting some polite questions or reply of some sort, but not what I did hear. The woman looked at me kindly and spoke the same words as was in my dream…”That’s okay, I understand as I went through the same thing myself”. I looked and listened incredulously at her and tried to keep my composure.  The interview was over soon thereafter and I went home and later when my husband came home, told him of the experience. Even now when I think of it I get chills.

Well, that week I got a call to go in to their current office for a second interview, which was their practice, and spoke with another person this time.

During the next week I waited impatiently for their call and when it came I was ecstatic as they told me that I had a job there, and it would begin in September, which meant that I could have the rest of the summer to rest and to recover.

An answer to prayer, and an amazing miraculous dream.

DP Challenge – We Can be Taught

Prompt: What makes a teacher great?

A teacher can make all the difference in the life of a child, for example if they have the ability and insight to see the potential in a child, who perhaps is sitting in her seat quietly who is shy, or perhaps the one who is outspoken and sometimes disturbs the class.

The child who is shy might not hold up her hand to answer a question that is asked, because of the fear she may be wrong, and be laughed at, or that others may feel she’s not very smart. She may, on the other hand think that the teacher would never pick her and so feel a sense of rejection.

The outspoken or disruptive child on the other hand, may need some firm but still caring attention in order to be able to have them actually ‘listen’ and hopefully learn.

What the teacher must not do, in my opinion is to dismiss either ‘type’ of personality or ignore the possibility of reaching and bringing out the best in them. Some teachers, although they are very knowledgeable can, if they’re not careful squelch the ability and confidence of a child.  They maybe have their favourite students, and it may be very obvious to all the rest of the class.

‘I’ was that shy child and I remember the number of times when I hoped so much that the teacher would pick me for special tasks, like helping her clean up the classroom and believe it or not, back ‘then’ which was a long time ago one of those jobs entailed cleaning the brushes and blackboards. I also recall many times holding up my hand in class, but not being chosen to answer the question that the teacher was asking. It always seemed to be the same ones she/he picked all the time.

Having said that, there were times that some teachers were kind. I remember one year, it was actually the principal that chose me, to ring the bell at the beginning of the day, and at recesses. I also remember that one Christmas when I went back to school with some new clothes she said how really nice I looked. She made a difference in how I felt about myself.

There is one more thing that I think a teacher can do, and that is to watch for the child who is being bullied or abused.  I think there are signs that they can watch for.

While it’s not a teacher’s responsibility to do a parent’s job, children spend a good part of their life in school, and in essence what I feel a teacher can do for a child; is to give them confidence and self-assurance that they are important and they ‘can’ learn. That’s what makes a teacher ‘great’.

Thankfulness Mondays- Hope For Those in Dire Need

Week 46 (of 52) giving thanks for things in our lives great and small; along with Bernadette of Haddon Musings, and others as well.

Today I am giving thanks for Organizations that help those who need it very desperately, especially at this time in places like Sudan. Specifically today, I am highlighting World Vision. There are offices around the World but the National offices  including United States, Australia, Canada, and UK.

World Vision is working in over 100 countries within Africa, Asia, South America, Europe and North America. Specifically today, I am writing about the terrible and dire situation in Sudan. I watched a t.v. news broadcast about it this past week, and it brought me to tears. It’s not the only place of course that is riddled with corruption and war targeting the most vulnerable, and causing mass destruction and starvation, but it is terrible right now with the violence, the government involvement and the hunger. The people and especially the children are suffering so much!

I actually worked for World Vision Canada for 13 years, and my son 20 years, and believe in their work. I knew I was meant to be there, as the circumstances that led up to it, were truly amazing.  (I wrote about it here if anyone is interested.) They are a non-profit Christian organization, and do emergency relief and development,  and child sponsorship.

There are other organizations that are striving to help, such as Oxfam and the Red Cross and likely others.

I am thankful for those who help,  as we can’t go directly into these countries, but can support financially those who do.

As the founder of World Vision, Bob Pierce said when he began the organization, “Don’t fail to do something, just because you can’t do everything”.

He also said to “Let my heart be broken, with the things that break the heart of God”

For anyone who might want to give a donation to help those in Sudan, I’m leaving a link to World Vision Canada, and U.S.A; and the International Red Cross.




A Time of Sweet Memories – Poem

Today, we had to say good-bye to one of our nieces; a young woman (52) challenged in life but who had an indomitable spirit. While she had many reasons to shake her fist at what could be perceived at so many seemingly injustices,  she simply faced each one and stayed the course. You can read if you like a post I did here in October, when she discovered the spread of the cancer.

There were so many people who attended today… a legacy of her life.

I wrote a short poem and read it today, in her memory!

Annette with Rob four-002

She lit up the room wherever she was

Her smile warmed the hearts of all

It matters not whether we were family or friend

We all have our memories to recall

I remember when her sister got married

She was just a young girl but so sweet

When the dinner was over and time to dance

She danced ‘Uncle Wally’ off of his feet

I remember the Mustang convertible

A gift from Rob on the day she turned 50

Shiny and beautiful, and brought so much joy

And sure made her feel very ‘nifty’

For Rob and her sons, her heart was so full

Of love, adoration and care

There was nothing that she wouldn’t do for them

Not anything she wouldn’t share

And while this is a time of sadness for all

Who knew her and loved her so much

Her smile and her spirit will always remain

In the lives of those she has touched.


For my darling niece, Annette with love

Aunt Diane xxxxxxxxxxxxxx



The Book Unwritten

Today’s Prompt is Write a summary of the book you’ve always wanted to write for the back cover of its dust jacket. This is about a young woman born in 1904, who when she was only 16 and lived on a farm in rural Ontario, Canada, fell in love and married a young man who  she loved very much.  They began their family right away which in the end was to be 10 children. It would have been 12 except for the loss of 2 more babies at birth. This woman was my mother. Little did my mother know what her life would be like. The man that she married should never have been a father. At some point, perhaps even from the beginning, he had an addiction to alcohol and gambling. These vices were to be an important factor in her life. While he did work, and they could have had a fairly financially stable life, even through the World War 2 years and things were very tough, my father unfortunately spent a lot of what should have been for the home, on his previously mentioned vices. It fell on my mother to ensure that the family which increased in numbers, received the necessities of life by taking on miscellaneous jobs, to fill the gap between what my father gave the household and what was needed. It also fell on her to raise the children, as my father had little to no interest in this regard. My oldest sister and firstborn said once to me, that he never once held his children and told them he loved them. I only met my father when I was older as he had left the home by the time I was born. This book will tell of her hopes, challenges, disappointments and successes. Perhaps the most important thing she did for each of her children was to instill in each of them that God loved them, and encouraged each to find and accomplish their dreams.