Moment By Moment – Poem

Just some thoughts that I wrote a couple of nights ago….. (Diane)

Moment By Moment


Moment by moment

One day at a time,

This is how it should be Lord

With love so divine.

Blurred is my vision,

And thoughts that I hold,

Faith I must cherish

More precious than gold.

Sometimes when I falter

In thoughts or in deed,

You are there with your arms out

Because of my need.

Though wearied these days

And my body is weak,

By your love and your mercy

Your face I will seek.

Compassion and patience,

I know in my heart,

Will always be waiting

And never depart.

Anniversary Dinner .. we celebrated 54 years last week… Feeling blessed!

32 thoughts on “Moment By Moment – Poem

  1. Congratulations on 54 years together!! You are blessed to have faith in a God of compassion and patience…and He is your strength. I’m glad you shared your encouraging thoughts, Diane 🙂

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  2. Anniversary blessings on your 54 years!!! woot woot, that’s a lot of years! May God continue to knit your hearts together with extra doses of grace, peace & LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!🎉 💜💕💜🎉

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