LETTER TO ‘ME’ from ‘ME’

July 14, 2017

Dear “Me”

When are you going to stop worrying? Whatever is going on or is meant to be, just ‘will’!

When you stop dwelling on things, and just trust the God you believe in, all will happen as it should.

Right now all you really ‘have’ to remember, is to take one day at a time and ‘do it’, don’t just say it or think it.

There are those things that are confusing you and you have been feeling overwhelmed.

People who you want to find the answers to some health concerns, prompt feelings that take you back sometimes to years ago, in a similar situation. Try not to go there. Just remind yourself again, ‘one day at a time’, and trust them.

Relax more, worry less, pray,  believe more, and enjoy each day to its’ fullest.

Work on those projects that you want to, and when you can; painting, writing, reading, genealogy of family, and gathering some information you want for another personal project.

Write those letters you’ve been wanting to do.

Visit with family and friends more. Get outside and enjoy the summer and soak in the warmth of the sun, and the beauty of the trees, flowers and all of nature.

Give rest ‘to your soul and spirit’, and give thanks to God who made it all.

Sincerely Yours,


Son took photo in July, at their cottage. One day may try to paint….





26 thoughts on “LETTER TO ‘ME’ from ‘ME’

  1. It’s a good letter. Well, sometimes the simplest things are most difficult to do.
    Health is everything.
    I actually do not think any health issues are meant to be.
    I also think having some worries is just normal.
    Enjoying everything even when things are not that great is all we can do.
    I find the health care here quite damaging with very little focus on the actual patient’s concerns. Some doctors just should chose some other occupation. The patient definitely feels that doctor is just seeing him/her as a current somebody who walks in and leaves after a small while. Care can sometimes be a total disaster. That’s why it is extremely important to get second, third and even forth opinion if possible. I’m heading to Europe to get a better opinion since my health troubles haven’t been addressed completely in Canada for about 3 years now. Too bad, I still need to raise some money for that.
    We certainly can leave some parts to God, but God has nothing to do with human negligence or ignorance. That is quite frequently what determines the outcome of cure.
    I wish you all the best, and most importantly, remain in good health or get back to it if it’s giving glitches!

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    • Thank you Inese I agree that even though we have for the most part a good medical system, it never the less has flaws or gaps in it. Instead of having only one doctor who can look at all the symptoms/issues and hopefully diagnose; we have to be sent to several doctors because they are all specialists in different parts of the body. I think too, that in my case because I am getting older, issues conflict… is it just because I’m getting older and have to just accept it….
      I know how serious your health concerns have been for quite some time, so I really hope you get the answers and treatment that you need. It’s too bad that you feel that you need to go outside of Canada to do it though. Take care …. Diane


  2. Beautiful message. We have to stop living our lives in fear and worry. Everything that will happen will happen whether you worry or not. So why worry?

    A man was headed for prison and his lawyer asked, “Aren’t you worried?” The man responded, “Would it help?”

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  3. I’m pleased your feeling better Diane and yes One Day at a Time, I see that message every time I make a Cuppa I do have other messages around my home but that one I see the most, I still seek to be real everyday too and not wear a mask, when I’m up you know it and when I’m down I pray and ask for prayer too, all my friends are vert faithful and caring like you.

    Christian Love Always – Anne.

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