JUST A NOTE – Number ???

While many/most of you likely don’t even realize when I read posts or write them; as I am sure that you have many followers and blogs that you read; I am just sitting here trying to see if I can concentrate long enough to be active here on WordPress, and thought I’d write a note (again) .

I’ve alluded to not feeling my best, but feel so bad, when I can’t do what I want to do; can’t make my eyes focus clearly sometimes because of fatigue.  While I have M.S. I don’t think it’s that; could be part of it, but not all I don’t think. I’ve been through so many tests, I don’t think many can be left or specialists either. I have had one diagnosis of ‘severe spinal stenosis’ and will need to see a Neurosurgeon to see what options there are.

I’m also going to see my General Practitioner in a week or so; She wants to go over all the tests and symptoms etc; as she’s been on maternity leave, and has missed most of what’s been going on. I think that will be good, because then at least I’ll have an idea of where we go from here.

In the midst of this though, I’m not happy that I may miss some of what’s going on in your lives or posts. I think I’m repeating myself; and if so I apologize for doing so; but I’ll be trying to grab some moments when I can, to keep in touch.

There is such an awareness within me, that I am talking too much about ‘me’….. You’re my friends, and I just didn’t want you to think I didn’t care anymore!    (Diane )

Oh, for my Canadian friends Happy 150th Canada DayFor my American friends Happy Independence Day….


34 thoughts on “JUST A NOTE – Number ???

  1. Sorry I have not been around much, when I think of things in my life I write them down. I have been getting my head around this new sense of freedom. I could not have done it without finding WordPress, God, and my psychologist Your writing Dianne is very real, very human. I do love it. Take care Dianne our health is so important.

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  2. I wish we could have a cuppa together Diane I always feel better when I share my ups and downs, so never apologize for doing this, God tells us to carry each others burdens to even cry with others and to show Compassion, we don’t have to be Happy Clappy all the time, we can be real.

    You are in my thoughts and prayers Diane and in my heart too.

    Christian Love Always – Anne.

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    • Hi Anne.. I’m glad you’ve made the move.. hope you feel settled in soon. (I’ve cried a few times lately; mainly because I just feel so tired).. I can’t think straight. I go to my family tomorrow.. hoping to get some answers … ?? Diane xx


  3. I’m sorry you are not feeling well, Diane. I will be praying for you, my friend. I can definitely relate to the fatigue aspect; it seems that fatigue is a symptom of most serious diseases, definitely MS and ALS.

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  4. Oh, Diane! I’m sorry to hear that you are feeling so unwell. You were one of my first virtual friends in the blogging world. I have learned a lot from you and I always enjoy your posts. I hope you’re soon feeling more like yourself. House moves are more traumatic than we realise and that could well be a factor.
    Love, Meryl x

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    • Hi Meryl, thanks for your kind thoughts. Moving is definitely a stress factor… The back issue began to worsen a year ago, and has just progressed… so something needs to be done. I’m sure I’ll likely wait for the specialist app’t… but am praying somehow not too too long.
      The tiredness has also progressed and I need to find out what is causing it… so I can function normally. Anyway, as my mother used to say ‘ It’ll all come out in the wash ‘… not sure if that’s apropos or not… just came to mind ha! Diane


  5. Diane – you are in my thoughts & prayers. My Papa suffered for years as a bedfast quadriplegic – some days were harder than others. Hang in there (Papa always said ‘oranges grow by hanging in there.”) May Christ be your strength when you have none. 💜🤗💜🤗 Virginia

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    • Thanks Virginia , “He’ definitely is my strength, because when I sometimes ‘have’ to go out,.. and lately it’s been a lot especially appointments; I am able to do so. (I may have a nap on the way, but at least I do what I need to do) .. Diane

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  6. My dear friend that is by far not the truth that u talk to much about you…my experience things happen we wanna talk about share but most of all you allways care to check in with others I know u always there…
    I’m sorry you not well and do hope u get some answers soon..rest and do little things for you that make u feel happy.
    Sending lots love lis

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