Thankfulness Mondays – A Year to Remember ! Plus – Painting

Week 52 (of 52) begun by Bernadette of Haddon Musings; blogging once a week of things in our lives. sometimes that  if we don’t really think about may go unnoticed as a blessing. Others have participated also, but Bernadette had to stop for a time, to take time to grieve. She lost her son just last week, and when I have mentioned it in the last couple of posts, there have been many bloggers, who have given their condolences, thoughts and prayers to her and family. I hope by giving  the link to her site, she will receive a notification and know of them.

On this my last post of this specific topic (although I’m sure I will at some point be doing other posts on being thankful); I am thankful that I took time to begin painting again. Of course it is only of an amateur level, but I started back in the spring of 2014, and in the past few months because of moving plans, and other issues, I haven’t been doing any.

It’s something I do casually, and really don’t have the knowledge for so many techniques, but as I start back I’m hoping to work at learning some of the aspects that will help me improve. But for now, I’m just happy to have started again. I should mention that Inese from Inese Poga Art and Creative Discoveries   has give me various tips to help me.I haven’t worked out the logistics yet of where I’m going to paint, although being in an apartment now, there are less choices. But I have the materials that I use in plastic drawers on wheels, so I can move it easily.

For this time however, I just plunked myself down on the floor! My husband took a few pictures, and I included the painting that I did!


As a side note I’ll be blogging on whatever enters my mind in the coming months! But this past year has really helped me to realize just how much I do have to be thankful for….. thanks to the inspiration of another blogger! Also I will also mention that I am still going through some health issues, tests etc. Thanks to all for thoughts, wishes, and prayers


26 thoughts on “Thankfulness Mondays – A Year to Remember ! Plus – Painting

  1. That is wonderful you started painting again. You seem to be enjoying yourself. I miss Bernadette and concerned about what she is going through with the loss of her son. Sending hugs to both of you. 💐 🌸 🌷

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    • Thanks Eugenia…. I love ‘hugs’ virtual or not…. I’m thinking of Bernadette too. I can only imagine what she is going through, but grief takes it’s own time for each person, but hope she’s ‘okay’ as she can be.
      . I am glad to at least start painting a little, to get back into it. I do like just dabbing away, wondering how or what will turn out… Diane

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  2. 52 weeks is quite a while, you were really up to this challenge and there have been posted so many gratitude stories.
    Painting is great and just keep adding layers. Paintings love layers, the more you add, the better it becomes.

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  3. Diane, I am an art groupie (member @ VMFA art museum in Richmond, VA) & have pictures hanging in all availabe wall-estate in the house, but have zero talent for drawing or painting. What a lovely picture! you’ve got talent!! Thanx for sharing … Virginia
    p.s. You & Bernadette have been in my thoughts & prayers

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