Thankfulness Mondays – “Thank You”

It’s week 51 (of 52) that I and others joined Bernadette of ‘Haddon Musings’, posting and being aware of many things to be thankful for in our lives. Unfortunately Bernadette very recently has had to pull away from blogging, due to a very emotional time in her life. She will be losing her son, who has been ill for many years. There may be other bloggers, if you follow her link, that you might like to read.

This is the second to last post, based on this topic, and I would like to tell you how thankful I am for those who follow me. I have always tried to read the posts of those I follow, but lately because of the challenges in my life, it has been very difficult to do. In retrospect, t seems as though the past few years have been wrought with different types of difficulties.

I know that we all have them and usually we grow stronger as we go through them. If I re-read many of my blogs, there were estrangements, grieving the loss of loved ones, worrying about issues in our lives, or illnesses of those we care about, or things we are experiencing  ourselves. I do indeed write about them, as it helps me to do so.

Support and love has always been offered and given by many. Sometimes (a lot of times actually)… I feel I’ve taken much more than  personally  I’ve given.

So for you, my very kind, supportive, understanding blogging friends, thank you for listening, for thoughts, prayers, and for the patience that you’ve shown when I’m not able to keep up with your blogs, your needs, your concerns.

Right now, I’m just waiting for some answers, and often just tired.

I fully expect to be looking back at this time, and to realize that it was just ‘life’… all of it; and it will only make me appreciate and emphasize the fullness and joy that overrides all the difficulties.

So again I say thank you for your understanding and indulgence…… I will of course be trying to keep up as much as possible.

Romans 8 vs. 37

No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.


20 thoughts on “Thankfulness Mondays – “Thank You”

  1. Lovely post. “I feel I’ve taken much more than personally I’ve given.” I feel the same way! I have gotten so much support from other bloggers, and can only hope I am as supportive. You, my dear, have given me much. Namaste

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  2. 51 weeks of thankfulness! Will you keep going? The connections we make on here are astonishing. Who would have ever thought how deeply satisfying it would be to connect with each other. How lucky we all are to have discovered blogging!

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    • After 52, for awhile I think I’ll just write ‘whatever pops into my head’ and stays awhile… always mindful of so many blessings and you’re right .. how lucky we are to find people all around the world,,and sometimes not too far away, that we do develop true friendships;;; ‘who’d of thunk’…. Thanks for yours Linda.. Diane

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  3. Diane, you were the first blogger to offer help and support when I started blogging so I thank you for that! Wow! Week 51 done. You have more than risen to the challenge and you have given all your followers so much to think about and to be thankful for.

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      • The blogging world is a world all its own. Even though I had wrote in my blog for a while, I still stay in touch with most through their articles or emails. Sending you hugs and God’s blessings!

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        • Sometimes I can’t keep up with the reading or even writing… so I don’t worry; I just read the posts that I can…. Otherwise, I don’t have the time for other things as well…. I do like to keep in touch with you though and of course a few others…. Diane


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