Sometimes Moments of the Past… Creep Back

Yesterday, for a short time some moments of the past crept in. It happened in a matter of a few words spoken.

I won’t expand on all the details, but it so quickly took me for a surprise, and evoked feelings that were like those when I was going through a time of depression.

The anxiety that I felt was hard to contain and I didn’t.  The initial aspects only lasted minutes, but the emotions that surfaced are still with me today.

It is strange how a word, can lead to a phrase, that then leads to expressions…. that then lead to emotional reactions.

These past few weeks, I have had some challenges with my health. (It seems to me the word, ‘again’ fits) I guess it goes with age some of it. One of the issues was that I ended up in emergency a couple of weeks ago, because I woke up at 3 am not really speaking or making sense. It is possible that it was a mini stroke (TIA) but equally possible it was something else.  There are some other issues, but won’t go into them.

The only reason I mention that last part, is that I guess, not feeling well, it leaves me vulnerable to over-reaction of words spoken, or perceived criticism, whether there or not.

Anyway, that’s what the left-overs of depression, that sometimes ‘lurk’ in the recesses of your mind, can do to a person years later, if conditions are at all present.

For awhile my strength was very much diminished. I know by the end of today, with God’s help,  I will be okay and my physical and emotional well-being will be as it should.

I write this only as more information, that may help or educate one who suffers/suffered with depression, or one who lives with a person who does………….. I guess I also wrote it to just ‘write’ it! ??

(p.s. I’m somewhat slow in catching up on your blogs; I was also away for 3 days with my sister. I’m hoping to gradually catch up) ………………….. Diane xx

29 thoughts on “Sometimes Moments of the Past… Creep Back

  1. It’s pretty hard to know what might trigger an emotional reaction to a given situation. While I feel my own depression has been under control for 5 years, I still have terrible days when I can’t get out of bed. So I don’t know if anyone is ever really “over” depression. Depression seems to accompany health problems. I don’t recall you mentioning your possible TIA (god, I hope that wasn’t it). I can’t imagine the fright! I do hope you get answers soon. I think not having the answer (even if it is negative) is very hard for people with depression. I think we tend to think the worst. I send you big hugs and thoughts of love and health!


  2. Hi Diane, we are only human and experiences such as depression are always with us no matter how well we seem to recover from them. I do hope your health improves soon. It’s good to write things down and by so doing, relieve the pressure from your mind.


  3. I’m Praying for you Diane and yes we are never alone in the Storms Life brings even in memories that are painful or when something triggers old hurtful feelings.

    I’m sure like me Diane you have been under a lot of pressure moving and perhaps need to take time out to relax in whatever way does this for you. Right now I keep pushing myself as time is running out but it catches up as I have found out before and with the Dog attack and the Accident it’s been even more pressure, but once I’m settled in my new Home I’m going to have a Holiday, maybe go to Sydney and visit some of my friends, anyway for now as I shared before one day at a time.

    Christian Love Always – Anne.

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  4. May the balm of the Holy Spirit & love of Jesus & peace of our Heavenly Father encircle your heart (especially the worn out places) with healing graces. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. Lots of 💜💕🙏💕💜 – Virginia

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