Thankfulness Mondays – “In Spite Of”

Week 50 (of 52).  I’ve been blogging with Bernadette of Haddon Musings, and several others of things in our lives or of things around us, that we are thankful for, and that perhaps offset negative situations around us and in the world.

Before I go any further, my thoughts and many others go out to Bernadette, who has of late had a great sadness and while she is I know and has been very grateful and thankful in abundance, is now experiencing one of those times that we most likely all will or have faced in our lifetime; a time of grieving. Her son is and has been not well for many years, but the family now faces the fact that they will likely lose him very soon. She has therefore taken a hiatus from blogging for a time. My heart goes out to her, but I so appreciate even the fact that she has over this past ‘almost year’ given me pause to appreciate the blessings in my life. May she find the peace, healing and strength that she needs in the days ahead.

Like Bernadette, there are many who are struggling with one area or another.  The people who of late, are being terrorized in U.K; Afghanistan, France, Syria and so many other places; one would think have very little to be thankful for.

When one sees and hears of their strength of perseverance, the heroism of many, and their determination to not give into fear and hate, in spite of’ the atrocities that are happening to them.  I am so thankful when I hear that their spirits, while very wounded, their physical well-beings are challenged, and the sanctity of life is being so disrespected; the vast majority of people do not want to give up; do not want this violence to control or consume their lives.

One doesn’t just have to look at the present but the past also. How it might be the easier route to just throw up your hands, and in fact just give up on the human race.

But we don’t and we can’t, just as in our personal lives we must persevere with what we face in life. Sometimes, we do need a time of quietness of mind and spirit, or in the case of a personal loss to grieve and to heal.

But as nations and people, we must try not to let the trying and even tumultuous events that befall us ‘defeat us or define us’, and when I look around the world today, the spirit of ‘man/woman’ wages on and we are not defeated!



11 thoughts on “Thankfulness Mondays – “In Spite Of”

  1. Sadly Bernadette lost her son..last week… I can only imagine the level of grief losing a chile.. No matter what their age…. I too am so grateful for living in a country with of course problems… But who doesn’t have daily fear … Or the many other extreme things some people face…
    It’s nice of you to say that this post made you feel grateful, because that was the goal; to do these posts…. Thanks for saying that… Diane


  2. Diane – prayers for Bernadette… & England & Egypt & our whacked out world that needs Hope (with a capital H.) Its hard not to let horrors & failures define us – but Love can touch our hurts, heal our hearts & carry us when we can’t bear another day. Love gives us courage to hope… & hope squashes fear (at least enough to take another small step forward?) Thank you for this beautiful reminder not to give up!!

    grace, peace & HOPE – Virginia

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  3. You made me cry-this was so touching and heart felt. O have been thinkung of Bernadette, and am so glad that you are too-and others as well. There is a lot of sorrow in this world and it takes the heart of warrior at times. It feels encouraging that others stand beside you in such times. God bless this worlds’ victims with a powerful grace and give the rest of us the courage to endure and not give up. I knew I liked you right off-thank you.

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