Thankfulness Mondays – Humour Amidst Chaos

Under the wire… but Week 45 (of 52) weeks posting with Bernadette of Haddon Musings and others, for things and areas of our lives, that we have to be thankful for and to offset the negativity that can surround us..

Well, I’m definitely thankful the actual move is done. It’s been exhausting really, and it will be awhile until we’re settled.

The night of the move, I found myself chuckling. Here my husband was putting together two of three items we ordered online and were delivered that day to the new apartment. He was muttering to himself things like “they sent the wrong part”, or…. ” the directions don’t make any sense, or….. the picture they show doesn’t match their directions etc. etc.

I found myself trying to do something, and I was doing the very same thing, muttering away to myself and not expecting any replies or conversation.. just muttering. I then realized what a pair we were!

As it turns out he got everything assembled though one of them was a real challenge; with so many screws, nuts and bolts, along with pieces to put together… A & B go opposite C & D; an so on and so on. I on the other did not solve my dilemma, but now I have the internet and I will ‘google’ to find my answer!

It was a tough move, as the older one gets of course the less energy one has. But I am thankful for the ability to laugh in the midst of the chaos of moving!

P.S. For those who gave their thoughts and prayers for my sister; she is out of the hospital but the doctors have advised her not to live alone now, with her condition as it is. She has the opportunity of moving to a Senior’s building where there is 24 hour medical help if there is a need, and also some meals each month, and activities if she wants. She’ll still have an apartment, though small; it will still be her ‘own’ ! Thank You for caring! …..Diane

20 thoughts on “Thankfulness Mondays – Humour Amidst Chaos

  1. Moving is a very challenging and difficult thing. I had to move about 30 times in my life sofar, and the craziest was definitely across the ocean when I could take just one suitcase with me.
    It’s good you take everything the easy way.
    Hopefully, your sister likes it there and her stay will be nice and people caring.
    To move my blog to a website took me 2 weeks, and I am just starting out, but thanks for the visit!

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  2. I’m Thankful Diane that your Sister is settled and being cared for, how wonderful for her to have a Loving Sister like you.

    I often talk to myself Diane, I find I always get total agreement regardless of the topic, of course at times when I’m asking where something is that I can’t find, it is very upsetting because I don’t get an answer just more mumbling.

    So what is energy, isn’t that just what you get when you turn on the jug or light switch?

    Annie is confused.

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  3. I’m glad you’re all moved in! I hope you can get some rest, both of you! I’m glad your sister is feeling better, as well. I can’t remember if you wrote about your cats, did they move with you?

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    • Thanks Shelley.. Yes we moved .. only 1 cat. (our doggie had to be put down last Dec) Our cat Daisy didn’t like it at first, especially the drive here. She hates going out of the house at all, and wouldn’t go into her cage, so I carried her on my lap. She hid for 2 days almost but finally investigated and is used to it now… Diane


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