Thankfulness Mondays – A Few Wistful Moments

Week 41 (of 52) along with Bernadette of Haddon Musings and others, posting of things in our lives that sometimes go unnoticed, and which if we think about them, will offset many negatives aspects of the world around us, and make us truly thankful.

A few posts ago, I wrote that because of moving and de-cluttering I found some old journals and other writings, from many years ago, when I was going through periods of depression. They caused me to remember things and I found a great sadness overwhelmed me for a time..

Well today I found some more old letters, but instead of sadness they brought some ‘wistful moments’.  There were some from family members who were very close to me, and some friends but the ones that I most cherish, were from my Mother. I was about 12 and 13 years of age at the time. I used to spend most summers when I was young at one of my brother’s home. This was because of course she had to work, and didn’t want me left alone.

He had 5 children, and I used to ‘babysit’ them. Most of them were not babies, but very young. I used to take them to the pool at the park most days, and various other things. I would then get some spending money to go to the show with a friend, or buy treats with.

Since it was in a city about 3 hours away my mother and I used to exchange letters, and I found a few of them today. I re-read them, and it brought back memories. I remembered how special she was, and felt very thankful for having her as my mother.

Of course she occasionally might get a friend or family member to drive up for a visit occasionally, but she always wanted to let me know she was thinking of me. That of course is way before home computers, or cell phones or emails.

It’s a shame that not many write letters anymore, and I’m one of those who don’t.  I do still send cards, but not letters.  It certainly was more exciting to look in the mailbox each day, and wonder if there would be a letter or card addressed to me. Emails or text messages sent are usually deleted shortly after they are received, and not kept as a treasure to be discovered many years later.

While I am getting rid of a lot of stuff with this move  since we won’t have the storage, I will not dispose of those letters.

One doesn’t throw away cherished wistful moments.

Picture of my Mother and I on my wedding day. A picture I cherish!


20 thoughts on “Thankfulness Mondays – A Few Wistful Moments

  1. It is lovely to find old writings and letters – even when they bring sadness. It amazes me when I do this, how little I remember of what I have written! It’s like visiting a different county!


  2. How very special are our beautiful Memories Diane, thank you for sharing yours, those that we Cherise in our heart are never really forgotten but yes Letters have a memory of their own. I only have a few of them in comparison to the e-mails which I always save but I have lost some because of Computer Crashes now I have copies so few are lost.

    Have a special Day Diane and make some more special memories to share.

    Christian Love Always – Anne.

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      • You reminded me Diane about a very special letter I received from my half Sister Anne after she had died. I received it 2 weeks before I was told she had passed away and that she had been in a coma for 2 months, what was amazing was she had wrote it a year before and it must have got lost in the Post. I cherish the words in her letter.

        Anne like me was named after our Aunty Anne, who told her about me, Anne didn’t know she had a Sister but had always wanted one, she often told me she Loved me very much and that I was her very Special Sister from God. Sorry it’s getting to hard to write, I Loved her too.

        Blessings – Anne.

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  3. Like you I tend send cards instead of letters and do miss the anticipation of getting letters in the mail and then sitting down to read them. Although I do not save most of my emails, I do have the ones Tom and my son Tommy sent me when they were deployed. Along with their letters and cards. Even emails are getting old fashioned as people text or msg each other on places like facebook. Yes, I am getting old remembering the good ole days…I wonder what our children and grandchildren will miss as life continues to change. Will facebook and blogging be just a memory and I wonder what will replace it. 🙂 Have a good day!

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    • It’s so true. All of these new methods replace telephone calls too; a more personal way of communicating. I too wonder about the next generations… Maybe instead of asking people to come and visit for birthdays etc…. or even get married they’ll have a live video of the occasion l…( Well that is a stretch .). Diane


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