Thankfulness Mondays – The Other Half of the Coming Move

Well, I can’t believe it’s week 40 of (52)  posting with Bernadette of Haddon Musings, and others, for things we are thankful for in our lives, to offset negative things that happen around us.

Today I am very thankful, that our house sold last week. We were prepared that it might take a while to sell, and that the first offer would most likely be quite a bit less than we were asking. We also thought about the fact, that when we previously sold, often the buyers would have conditions on their offer such as financing, or possibly having a house themselves to sell.

As I have previously written about, we have moved an unbelievable 13 times, for various reasons. Some of the moves when our children were in school, we kept in the same area so they wouldn’t have to change schools.

Anyway, we had all of these thoughts, and our agent came to present the offer. My husband and I had  agreed on what we would accept. The first thing she told us, was that it was almost a perfect offer. And of course we wondered what she meant.

She told us the details; which were that the buyers offered $900 less that we asked, BUT everything else was perfect. There was no financing to arrange for them, no inspection, and they wanted the same possession date that we did. There were no extra requests from them, except they asked to be able to come and see our home two more times before we moved. Our agent said, it would be done through her though, and we would be asked when it would be convenient.

I had felt a peace when we had taken a chance to sign the lease for the apartment ‘before’ we sold, even though we had unnecessary concerns about how the sale of our home would go.

So today, I am very thankful that the sale of our home, went so smoothly. (Now, to just get the packing done!)

Couple of pictures of the apartment; our new home



Living Room walk-out to balcony


One of two Bedrooms


27 thoughts on “Thankfulness Mondays – The Other Half of the Coming Move

  1. Congratulations! The market is very hot, so I would think somebody might offer even more than the asking price. However, I never noticed where exactly you were located. Generally speaking, it is very good that it happened as you wish.

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  2. Sorry I missed this Post Diane, great to hear your news even if I’m jealous, there is still have no buyer for our place but the Market is very low in this Area.

    Your new place looks real nice, I’m packing my bags and the dogs too, I don’t mind which bedroom you give me, I’m not fussy but I think the Main Bedroom would be the best for the three of us.Lol

    Blessings – Anne.

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  3. Congratulations on your selling the old home and getting your new apartment – I am hoping like you to sell my home in a few years and then moving into an apartment. Something to look forward to! Have fun packing. 🙂

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