Thankfulness Mondays – Half Done – Half to Go

Well, here it is Mondays again, posting about the many things we have in our lives to be thankful for. I’m joining with Bernadette from Haddon Musings and this is week 38 of (52).

Today, I’m thankful for the fact that we have found an apartment to move into. That’s half of what we need to do. The other half is actually the tougher half, and that’s to sell our home.

It’s so strange now, that one has to not only DE clutter but also De personalize one’s home to put it on the market. We not only have to clear anything on top of an appliance or table, or in the bathrooms, and find a place to put it, but also take down all pictures of a personal nature.

Apparently most people looking at homes don’t like to see these things, because they can’t then imagine what it will look like with their personal belongings.  In other words, our house has to appear as though it’s almost not lived in.  Another reason for doing all of this, is that when they take photos, they don’t want any distractions in them. We’re allowed to leave the coffee pot, toaster and can opener in the kitchen, but on separate counters of course, one on each.

It’s a bit hard to hide everything, especially when your husband has a habit of buying paper towel, toilet paper, and other items when they’re on sale, in larger quantities. And we have to hide all the cat’s toys and only have one dish of water and food (if we must); and do we need both printers, one that I have and one in my husband’s office?

Oh, and the coat hooks can’t have anything on them, and the shoe tray mustn’t have any shoes or boots in it, and please remove the table cloth so the wood shows. We can put away only so much and find a place for them, many things out in the shed.

Of course we realize, that they have found that this seems to be better in order to sell, and they’re only trying to help us, but it is a challenge to make our home, feel unlived in.

I am thankful, that we will have a very nice place to move into, and it will be less work outside, and time saved spent driving to do various things like shopping, appointments etc; and we will be closer to one of our son’s should we need him.

Now, if only we could sell in a short span of time! We will have to wait and see.


19 thoughts on “Thankfulness Mondays – Half Done – Half to Go

  1. Hoping all goes well for you Diane, but to be honest my home is full of my personal items including Christian quotes and sayings on the walls plus many Children’s letters and colored pictures that they have given to me on my Joy Wall in the Rumpus room and this was the same with the other homes I sold, I did not remove my Personal belongings.

    Real-estate Agents have their fix it fast solutions that don’t always work. I have put my Home in God’s hands and no longer worry if it sells, if it does good, if it doesn’t than it’s still my home and He has a good reason for it to be.

    Christian Love Always – Anne.

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    • Well, this is the first time we’ve been asked to do it, and several people have said that’s what they do now. So, because we’ve stepped out in faith… and signed for the apartment, we decided to accommodate them. I really believe, as I’ve prayed that God chose where we were to move. We were going to choose another one, but I just didn’t have a peace about it, and I asked my husband to call this other apartment, the first one we thought looked nice but somehow hadn’t called. We went to see it and I felt that’s where we were to be.

      We didn’t take down anything off the walls except ‘personal’ photos. I have Christian plaques and pictures that I left up and certainly left the Bible on the stand by my bed.

      This selling part is not fun, that’s for sure. Diane

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  2. You have done SO well with this year-long challenge! It must be very therapeutic finding something to be thankful for once a week – especially any week when you’re feeling a bit below par.

    I can’t believe what you need to hide to have the photographs taken! I’ve never heard of anything like that before!! Good luck with the de-cluttering.


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