Thankfulness Mondays – Those Special Moments

This is week 31 (of 52) of joining Bernadette of  ‘Haddon Musings’, posting of things we have every day to be thankful for; and to try to realize them to help offset many negative situations around us and in the world in general.

Yesterday we had a lovely visit with one of our grandsons (B) and his fiancée (K). She sent a text on Friday night to see if we had plans and asked if we wanted to have lunch with them. So of course, I said that would be great and asked the time. We agreed on 12:30.

We decided to make a pie and take it with us for dessert as they were supplying lunch. It’s a joint effort; my husband peels and I put it all together. We did it in the morning and then got ready to go, and just as we were leaving I received another text message saying that they would be there in five minutes and to put the coffee on.

A little befuddled I looked at my husband and told him, and also looked at the message they had sent the first time. I then realized I had read it rather quickly and thought we were to go to their home. Of course I was mistaken. If he hadn’t sent that second text we would have left, and likely all been very confused when no one was home at either place.

Anyway, we had a very nice visit. I am very thankful when one of our children or grandchildren take a bit of time out of their very busy schedule, to visit very grateful grandparents.

The day they were engaged.

The day they were engaged.


20 thoughts on “Thankfulness Mondays – Those Special Moments

  1. I would love you both to come for lunch at my place Diane and I’m sure that is how your family feel too, no doubt they look forward to sharing with you but yes as you said being busy gets in the way.

    I was wondering Diane if you had a Pie for desert what did you give them for the main course?

    Christian Love Always – Anne.

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    • Actually, they had supplied the lunch. They just brought in ‘chicken as take-out, so we only supplied dessert.
      To that point I cook very simple food. I wish I had the inclination to expand to cooking more gourmet types of meals but I tend to follow in my mother’s footsteps, and cook very simple meals. Actually my husband likes to cook more so, especially since he retired. He does what he likes to and I do what I like to…… It’s nice! .. Diane ❤

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  2. We had a visit from our toddler grnadchildren too, they are so full of energy, always smiling and always busy, I love watching them experience things for the first time. The 21 month old suddenly realised that our dining chair seats are alternate colours and stood looking from one to the other in the middle of preparing to have lunch, mesmerised and smiling as he sorted out the conundrum in his head before climbing up to eat.

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