A New Year’s Eve to Remember

New Year’s Eve 1965; the year our second child “J’; a son was born!

I had actually been due on the 27th of December, but didn’t go into labour until late afternoon on the 31st. We were visiting my mother, and had just gone shopping for something to cook for dinner. While we were in the store, I began having some mild contractions, but after getting back to her apartment, I made a call to my doctor. As it was our second child, he said I should go to the hospital.

They weren’t too strong, so my husband asked if we could wait until he had his dinner before we went. My Mother had been cooking a steak for him and so I said we could wait. Others found this kind of funny, and in retrospect I guess it was.

I was kind of looking forward to maybe having the first baby in the New Year, as usually the parents received gifts from various places. But back then, if a baby was born before 12 midnight we were able to claim the deduction on our income tax for the total year, and so my husband kind of wanted me to have our child before then.

There was only one other lady in the delivery room at the time, and the nurses were kind of hoping one of us would have the New Year’s baby. She went for delivery about 9 p.m. but I was still there.

I went however sometime later, and our son came into the world at 10:30 p.m. so my husband got his income tax deduction for 1965 for the whole 12 months.

He thinks he coerced me into delivering before the end of the year, but it was ‘J’s decision and not his! He’s been a blessing from that day forward.

J.A. on the day he was born

J.A. on the day he was born


16 thoughts on “A New Year’s Eve to Remember

  1. Happy times for J.A on his special day and to you too Diane and your husband, memories about Happy events are wonderful to recall and in your case with JA’s birth time, financial rewards too were a blessing.

    My 7 Babies are in Heaven, I’m looking forward to our reunion one day, no financial rewards of course but lots of Love and Joy.

    Christian Love Always – Anne.

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