Well, we’re back from our visit to the Chicago area, to our daughter and family. We got back late Monday night with  a somewhat turbulent and delayed flight, but nonetheless having had a wonderful few days at Christmas with them.

The first night there I had a very disturbed sleep. I hardly slept at all, and when I did I had dreams that were not very nice. I hesitate to call them nightmares but in fact there was not anything happy in any of them.

When I was trying to get a meaning of  what was in them and why I was having them, it occurred to me they represented some of my innate concerns.  Some things that are within that we don’t really want to acknowledge, but are there.  As I thought about them the words ‘frailties,  fears and future came to mind.

Some of what I recall, was that I became aware of some of my conflicts between some of my actions and some of my core beliefs…. what feels like ‘right vs wrong’ decisions that I make. Some choices could be better; in that I feel sometimes that I am a hypocrite; saying one thing but feeling or doing the opposite.  I find that there is an internal struggle at times. I label that my frailties.

Another of the dreams was to do with a reality of the past, and some current,  but a continued inward fear to do with familial issues. I label that my ‘fears’.

The third and perhaps most important realization, is ‘future‘…. and that is that I know that God can forgive me my frailties, and help me when I seek Him;  He can allay my fears when I ask Him to help me deal with them; and in Him I give the ‘future’, not only for me but for all of those I love .  I know that He loves them even more than I do, and so He wants the best for them.

So while these ‘dreams’ gave me a very unsettled night and upset me somewhat, my husband helped to comfort me and  these dreams gave me food for thought! (Now I need to catch up on reading some blogs)…..


Our son and wife who we went with.


Our daughter and husband with us… I’m so short !



Our 2 grandsons with us


  1. I never received this Post Diane although it may have been deleted by mistake, this has happened before but I felt a strong need to visit you anyway and when I did I found this Post.

    I’m so pleased you arrived home safely and had a very special time with your family, how very blessed you are and they are to have you and your husband.

    Sorry to hear about your nightmares Diane, I understand how unsettling they can be and broken sleep is also not good for us. I found that playing soft Christian Music before I go to sleep has helped me greatly to have a good night. I use to wake up because of something that was worrying me and being half asleep it was never resolved but now I sleep well and yes worry in the Morning but of course Pray too and find comfort in God’s assurance that He is with me and than I focus of something Positive including Blogging.

    I’m a People person and I Love to share with others but I must be a sticky beak too because I like to know what their up to or think and feel, yes I correct error if needed with the confirmation of Scripture but mostly I seek to encourage and uplift as they do me including you, which I really appreciate.

    Christian Love and Blessings – Anne.

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    • It’s been a long time since I had that unsettling a night; and while I did pray I perhaps was too tired or pre-occupied with the ‘dreams’ to focus… Thanks as always Anne. May your 2017 bring you peace and blessings…. Diane


  2. My daughter is a big dreamer she has some funny stories to tell at times. The dreams are of family past, I tell her she has a big heart, I cannot answer her questions about what is going on. Sometimes I dream but it is rare, I put it down to the fact I have to much going on in my mind. I did not get online over Christmas, too many emotions in the mind during that time. Glad you enjoyed your visit with family, and Christmas

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    • Dreams I would imagine involve a variety of reasons for being as they are… the mind is a complicated thing… and Christmas brings with it a whole range of emotions for people for various reasons… some good and some difficult.. take care… Diane


  3. It’s so good you were with your family! You are a tiny lady! Amazing!
    Dreams can be everything: from hints to warnings, and I am afraid to see something which can come true. My dad’s dreams always fulfilled, my sister’s dreams are quite foretelling what to expect, and I am even afraid like I said to dream. I know the basic meanings and I can pretty much interpret them, too, but sometimes it can be just impact of the weather, or you were probably tired after flight.
    I talk to candle, too, haven’t done that recently, but it helps.
    I regret you want to say one thing, but don’t say it because of some afterthoughts. I am very direct, just like most Latvians are, and I am unable to compliment people for things which are not great or promise something which I don’t intend to do. Canadian people don’t like that, and I have been very disappointed at times because people did not say what they wanted, but just something which was not true. Truth can hurt, but it is so much better to be aware of good and not that pleasant things.
    Happy 2017!

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    • Hi Inese… I usually say what I need to.. not if it hurts someone though and not really necessary; but it’s that sometimes I do not make right choices or decisions. It’s as if I know it’s not really what I should do but I still do it. Those are the issues I want to do better at… Diane


  4. Great photos! I’m glad you had a good visit with family, and weren’t badly delayed by the weather.

    I’ve had similar dreams. Ones that you can’t really remember, but left you feeling anxious. Glad your faith allows you to work through these troubling dreams.

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