Thankfulness Mondays – Christmases Past

Week 26 (of 52) joining Bernadette of Haddon Musings, with her suggestion of posting for a year, of things large and small to give thanks for.

I was looking through some picture today and came across this one, and it reminded me of so many “Christmases Past’, and of all the ones we have been able to share. I am thankful for the memories instigated by photos kept over the years.

Taken in 1960

Taken in 1960

This picture was taken the first Christmas after we met. I was all of 15 and he 19… an older man! I know that would seem far too young nowadays for a serious relationship, but I guess we were older back then for our age. It’s been over 56 years (53 years married) that we have seen come and go. I know it’s common to ask where the time has gone and it doesn’t seem possible, that our family is now grown up and have children and one even a grandchild.

Those first years of raising them we ensured they knew the real meaning of Christmas, while allowing a little fantasy about Santa. I know that many Christians don’t believe that Santa should be part of Christmas, but he was never lifted up as being equal in importance as was Jesus, and that it was His birthday we celebrated.

Each of them in turn came to the realization as they grew older, that Santa was indeed a bearded man in a red suit but when confronted by them if he was real or not,  we let them in on the little secret. It was cute to watch the older ones ensure that the younger siblings did not find out that secret, ‘too soon’.

My husband and I still put up the crèche he made when our kids were very small, out of bits of wood and a little paint that we had on hand.

It just wouldn’t be the same without it!

Nativity creche made 40 years ago and which we still use today....

Nativity creche made over 50 years ago and which we still use today….


22 thoughts on “Thankfulness Mondays – Christmases Past

  1. What a wonderful remembrance your Photo is Diane, you look no doubt as you were, young and innocent and your husband a handsome and strong Man.

    Yes I agree with you about Santa Diane, he is just a fairy Story today, although he originated from St Nickolas a True Santa, he didn’t give the bill for the goodies to Parents and he helped them to have a wonderful Christmas too, the Elves and Rudolph the red nosed Reindeer were added much later .

    But so good to hear that you made Jesus the reason for the season, when Santa is gone Children like we do need reality to hold onto, Jesus doesn’t disappear, He is with us for Eternity.

    Christ- mas Love and Blessings – Anne.

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  2. Absolutely beautiful a story of love through the decades and what we are grateful for. Sounds similar to a story I am grateful for. My Dad whistled my Mum up during the war, on the corner of King William street, Adelaide and North Terrace, they held hands till the day, my Dad passed away.

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  3. I like this picture. I was 17 when I met my hubby and thankful for all the happy years. Like you I have been going down memory lane – it seems the only road I travel these days…but such happy memories to travel on.

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  4. A marriage that has passed the tests of time is one truly to be thankful for. Your picture is adorable. I sometimes look at those very young pictures of me and wish I could remember who I was then and what I was thinking about the future. Wishing you have a Christmas filled with peace and joy.

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    • The memories are sometimes blurred by time… but I remember the hope of a future with my new ‘love’… and perhaps one day a family…. I hope you have a very special and blessed Christmas too Bernadette. .. My next post may be a re-blog or perhaps I’ll be able to do done to be published next Monday, as we’re going to Chicago to spend a few days with our Daughter and family for Christmas! Diane


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