A Poem/Painting in Memory of ‘Koko’

I already did a post about having to say good-bye to our beloved pet for 13 years ‘Koko’, so I won’t repeat any of it, but the night that we had taken him in to be put to sleep I was up late, and decided to write a poem in his memory.  I thought I’d share it, and also a painting I did of him today. I’m strictly an amateur,  but it helps me to do so in remembrance of him…. Thanks for indulging me!

When we brought you home that very first day

We thought we had chosen you

But lo and behold we soon found out

Clearly out of the blue….


We didn’t decide who we’d take home

It was done by the Lord above

For when you were placed in our arms

It was a case of immediate love


You were so cute

And your big brown eyes looked into ours.

We smiled, and you knew we were hooked

And were home in a matter of hours.


You had captured both of our hearts;

We loved and were loved in return

That was over thirteen years ago,

A love that none of us had to earn.


Today you trusted in us once again

To do what was best for you,

The decision was made

The options were few.



Our hearts are so heavy, our eyes full of tears

We’ll surely miss you, and it won’t be the same,

But it helps to know that you’re not in pain…..

And in our hearts you will always remain…


16 thoughts on “A Poem/Painting in Memory of ‘Koko’

  1. It is a heartache that lingers, after loosing my Tibby not so long ago I bought two finches, the noise they make sounds like Tibby did when she was a little girl playing with her squeaky toys. I missed her sounds. Beautifully said.

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