Thankfulness Mondays – ‘This Little Light…….. ‘

As I’m participating with Bernadette of Haddon Musings, taking the opportunity to share some of the many things we have to be thankful for in our everyday lives, today I’m thankful for ‘light’ !

Of course there are different kinds of light. With the autumn weather and the oncoming winter coming,, there will be less hours in the day when we will have sunshine. It is now getting dark around 6:30 pm or so. I appreciated the summer with the warm weather and sunshine, and not getting dark so early. But we have electricity which means I can turn on all the lights I want…. maybe some candlelight  too!

There are some who actually have a condition called ‘seasonal affective disorder’ or (S.A.D.) during the months that have less sunlight. It can cause a level of depression. ( My sister has this.) There are special lamps now that you can buy, at pharmacies and other stores, whereby you sit near it for a period of time during the day. I know someone who uses one, and they have said that it does help.

Some of the types of S.A.D. Lamps available

Some of the types of S.A.D. Lamps available

Then there is a ‘lightness’ of our spirit, or the opportunity to share some light to someone who is going through some difficulty. I remember when my own spirit felt darkness all around. during the times I suffered with depression. In fact one of the first blogs I wrote, I called “The Darkness”!

And I don’t mean that we have to try to cheer up the person, because that’s the last thing they need to hear really; they just want understanding, and support and to perhaps listen when they need to talk….  but maybe we can be the light that can  give them some hope.

I’m remembering a line in a children’s song from Sunday School….  “This little light of mine….I’m going to let it shine”.



18 thoughts on “Thankfulness Mondays – ‘This Little Light…….. ‘

  1. We are coming into the season of light here, daylight saving has commenced. The longing for Spring here has been longs. Winter is taking its time in leaving. I to remember the song not from Sunday school, something my Mum used to sing.


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