A Letter to Donald Trump’s Children

As a Canadian and of course not voting in the United States election, I am not offering any profound statements about it…. but if I could….. I would send this letter to Donald Trump’s children.

Dear Donald Jr; Eric, Ivanka, Tiffany and Barron Trump,

With recent and earlier negative information that has come to the surface relating to your father from past years, I know that it must hurt to hear all of these things.

While we sometimes think we know our loved ones, even some qualities that are perhaps of the negative nature, like temper or impatience etc; we believe we know the essence of that person. And I believe that your father has been good, loving and kind towards all of you. I think he has disciplined and directed you in a positive way. Otherwise, you wouldn’t want to love and defend him.

Having to see now some of his past behaviour, words and actions that do not reflect what you know or believe of him, must be very difficult for you, and cause pain. Children and parents do not easily abandon each other, and I think it is very loving of you to stay faithful to your father.

You have seen and experienced the goodness of him, and so it is understandable that you do stand with him, and again. I think you are very loyal to do so. Take care!





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