Thankfulness Mondays – Second Chances!

I am participating with Bernadette of Haddon Musings theme each Monday, of giving thanks or something in our lives!

Today I am reminded of how important second chances are. So often in our lives and relationships things go awry.  Actions and words spoken in the heat of a disagreement, can have devastating results.

Friendships, even family ties are broken. We wonder if things can ever be the same again….perhaps there can never be reconciliation; perhaps there will never be forgiveness. It happens in a lot of families I would imagine. I know it did in ours’. Even as a Christian and we are praying that somehow, some way we will be reunited; we don’t sometimes fully trust that God will work and bring it to be.

We worry, we wait, we hope for perhaps that call or email or letter that will come. We pray! Then we start the process all over again.

Of course it is never one-sided. It is usually both parties who have caused concern and hurt. Forgiveness is the key though; whether Christian or not… but if we are believers  it is not only the right thing to do, it is necessary and the ‘only’ thing to do. If our actions do not reflect our faith, then our faith is meaningless and in vain. (

But the good news is, that reconciliation is very possible, and it happened in our lives.  When there is and has been a bond, it cannot and should not ever be broken. Perhaps it will take some time for some of the hurt to heal, but most definitely it can happen.

Life is too short, to not give or be given a ‘second chance’…. and I’m very thankful for several second chances in my life!

Note: for some who have been abused etc. forgiveness may take some time and can be far more complex to deal with. This post is not delving into that area.

10 thoughts on “Thankfulness Mondays – Second Chances!

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    Hey all, hope you had a great weekend. I discovered this article & decided to share for my Monday post. Considering it’s a holiday week, I feel this post may benefit various families abroad. Enjoy 🙂 &ky;postotheOnsisClosOnh

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  2. This is a fantastic post, but your attitude is such because you are a well-wishing and no grudge holding person. I personally have no problem with forgiveness, however, mended can never become new again.

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