Thankfulness Mondays – ‘Smile’ !

Today is a day I join Bernadette  (Haddon Musings)  by  posting on Mondays, of something to be thankful about, in lieu of recognizing how very much we need to promote good things in our lives,  with  the hope that by doing so it might spark others to do so as well.

As I sit in my living room there are many pictures that I look at each and every day. Photos of loved ones.

Each one takes me back to the time when it was taken, reminding me of the various special moments in my life, and my husband’s. There are snapshots of our parents, our children and our grandchildren… oh and of one great-grandchild. Pictures of special friends and beloved pets, are also in view.

I have several photo and scrapbooking albums that I often look at too. I’m glad that prior to putting all pictures on an electronic device, there are some that are not! I would caution some of the younger generation to take the time to actually print out some of their pictures and put them in an album. There will be times in the future where it may not be possible to go onto a computer or other device. I also find it different to scan through photos this way, and not be able to pause and reflect on each one. It’s not the same!

It must make one wary to have all photos on a computer. We all know that there is the possibility of them all being lost, if there are technical issues.

So, today I am thankful that we can be reminded of all the special moments in our life, because of the ability to take pictures and to recall them each time we look at them.

So, as though I am ready to take your picture……..  ‘SMILE’….

Picture of my Mother and I on my wedding day. A picture I cherish!

Picture of my Mother and I on my wedding day. A picture I cherish!



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