Woman, Who Are You?

I am participating in Thankfulness Mondays begun by Bernadette of Haddon Musings. Today I am doing another reblog of a post in 2012 because we’re off to the Zoo today with our great-granddaughter! The sentiments in this post are still relevant today!


What I’m writing today is the fact that sometimes I don’t recognize myself. Just the other day I looked into the mirror and actually said “Woman, who are you”? Over the years we change of course in so many ways, but I guess the physical appearance sometimes is how we gauge how old we’re getting. Recently I was showing a photo album to someone, of my husband and I and family when they were small, and this ‘younger’ person said something to the effect of how those pictures didn’t look like me at all. I laughed ‘kind of’ while thinking it was so true but didn’t like to think about it really.

Inside, I still feel basically the same as I felt years ago but my physical appearance said something quite different to another but also to me. Don’t get me wrong….I know we must age with the exception of…

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