To Greet the Day

For Thankfulness Mondays started by Bernadette ‘Haddon Musings’ I am doing a reblog of a posting in May of 2014…. ‘Diane’


IMG_0794-001This morning, at about 5:30 am I went to check the feeders outside to make sure they were full. I had to re-fill the hummingbird and Oriole ones with fresh nectar and jelly and oranges, and put some peanuts out for the blue jays.

The first thing that struck me was the greeting I received. Actually, it wasn’t me that was being greeted but never-the-less I felt that it was.

The various birds were chirping their songs amongst the different trees. I couldn’t see them but I was just so aware of the beautiful sounds that resonated in the air. What struck me, was the fact that they were greeting the new day with joy and I believe anticipation.The other thing that I thought was that there were no ‘grumpy’ chirps that indicated they were annoyed because it had rained all night, and they were wet and cold. There was…

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2 thoughts on “To Greet the Day

  1. Beautiful thoughts, Diane! I feel the same when we are with any of the grandchildren (five of them from aged five down to one year). Every new day is exciting to little ones. When do we lose that pure, untainted zest for life?
    I love that you have jays and humming birds in your garden! Sounds so exotic compared to our robins, sparrows and blue-tits!

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    • Thanks Meryl… I don’t know when we lose it either…. I guess when we have to face the challenges that come with life. We concentrate too much on them… and like you said the ‘zest’ of life.. the beauty and positive things in our life…. Diane


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