Thankfulness Mondays ‘New Love Blooms’

I’m joining Bernadette from Haddon Musings in weekly posts on Mondays, just being thankful for something in my life.

Today I’m thankful for celebrating the engagement of one of our grandsons during a surprise party for him and his fiancée today.  I’m just going to share a poem I wrote for them.

To “K AND B”

on the occasion of their ENGAGEMENT

There are special moments in life such as today

That give reason to celebrate

And for which I’d just like to say…….

How happy we are for the two of you

That you found each other

And whatever you do…………

Cherish these moments as years from now

You’ll look back and recall

And think of just how…………

You were brought together, not by just chance

I believe it to be

With God’s providence.

One just has to look at the joy on your faces

When your eyes meet each other

Or in your embraces.

There’ll be plans you’ll be making

For your marriage and future

And the vows you’ll be taking.

And this you must know

Your family and friends

Want to bestow

Many wishes and blessings

That indeed overflow.

Love from Nanny xxxx

Brandon and Katrina


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