Thankfulness Mondays – ‘Relationships’

Participating with Bernadette’s theme of Thankfulness Mondays .. her blog is Haddon Musings, with the idea that we recognize how much we have to be grateful for, and to offset perhaps the negative occurrences that occur around us.

This week I am just thankful for the various relationships that we have. There are those that we see daily perhaps, such as our neighbours. There are those that we meet through social media, such as blogging.

We have friends we meet and interact with each Sunday, at church and have social time with on occasion. Last week we had dinner with two couples from church, and it was very nice.

Family relationships of course are very important, whether it is brother, sister, children, grandchildren and others.

I suppose of course the relationship with our spouse or ‘significant other’ is a very special one, as they know pretty much everything about us.

The most important relationship for me as a Christian is certainly that of God. He knows me even better than my husband and actually better than I know myself.

Relationships of any kind can be scarred or even broken. But the amazing thing is, that they can also be reconciled and healed. With forgiveness, compassion and effort from all concerned anything is possible.

I know this to be true, as in my own lifetime this has happened many times!

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