Thankfulness Mondays…… Special Visit

In keeping with Thankfulness Mondays initiated by Bernadette from Haddon Musings, I am thankful for a visit for a few days from our great-granddaughter ‘R’.

We don’t too often get a chance to have her stay over with us so it’s a real joy. She’s almost 8 years old and it is a long time since our children or even grandchildren were that age. She has of course the usual electronic devices, and I marvel at how adept she is at using them.

I find that the use of these modern Ipods and Ipads etc. are great, but also find that it is likely better to not do so right before settling down for bed. It took quite a while for her to do so, and I told her it would be better to maybe read something quietly before trying to sleep. Tonight I’m going to read a short story to her, and then maybe tomorrow look for a book that she can read herself. She’s really quite good at reading and understanding a lot of words.

Today, she decided to paint a little picture to give to her Daddy, and tomorrow she’ll do one for Mommy. She likes to be precise in what she’s trying to paint, and likes a lot of colour.

Anyway, today I’m thankful that ‘Nanny and Poppy’ got a visit from a special little girl, who in her own words realizes that she’s a little ‘very’ spoiled sometimes… That’s one of the privileges of being the great- grandparent!




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