Yes, We’re Senior !

We’re known as ‘Senior Citizens’, and that carries with it the usual vision of graying or white hair, or even no hair;  some arthritis perhaps and maybe a cane or walker.

Many people do give some respect to the elder generation; some perhaps show impatience in one way or another. It takes us more time to move through the store checkouts, while sometimes we fumble for the correct amount to pay for our purchases. Sometimes while driving, there are those who wish we weren’t in front of them and not going as fast as they’d like us to.

I marvel at the fact that when the light turns green, a few seconds delay gives reason for those behind, a reason to honk their horn.

We’ve become such a busy generation, rushing ‘to and fro’, with little time to really take notice of the people and world around us. The proverbial ‘take time to smell the roses’, is quite apropos.

I suppose with each and every generation, there is less and less time to truly take the time we’d like to enjoy more of what brings contentment and joy into our lives. And those times we wish that we’d see our children and grandchildren and other family more, we have flashbacks of times we too were in too much of a rush sometimes, to visit with those we should have.

When someone pays a compliment of perhaps having wisdom and insight they perhaps don’t, I often think and sometimes make a remark, that I only wish I had some of it earlier in life when I needed it.

That’s the thing about wisdom; it takes a lot of living to gain it!

So, yes we’re ‘Senior Citizens’ but that’s okay!

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