Thankfulness Monday – God’s Creatures – ‘Great and Small’

Participating in Bernadette’s Thankfulness Mondays’ theme (her blog Haddon’s Musings)……..

Today I’m thankful for all of God’s creatures. Throughout our marriage we’ve had several pets; actually a total of 8 including our current dog Koko(14) and cat Daisy(3).





Most have been rescued animals and or strays. They have all had their special qualities and personalities, and have brought much laughter, happiness and comfort into our lives and those of our children.

Of course there are many kind of animals and creatures of all kinds in our world. Each one is unique and so many with variations of colour and habits.

Our latest wild ‘pet’ is a small chipmunk we have named ‘Dale’. Some will remember a cartoon chipmunk with the same name. He took a liking to my husband, and now comes looking for his peanuts several times a day. He is going to have quite a collection when the winter comes,  and he needs food in his little den or whatever he calls home. There’s a few chipmunks that we feed, but he’s the only daring one that comes to seek us out.

I did a short video the other day of one of his visits, but unfortunately it seems I can’t download it here on WordPress without a premium cost, so I’ve just added some photos.  Anyway, I am thankful for all of God’s creatures and the joy they bring into our lives.

IMG_0647 IMG_0653























12 thoughts on “Thankfulness Monday – God’s Creatures – ‘Great and Small’

    • I’m feeling a bit that the med the neurologist is trying me on, makes the fatigue factor at least somewhat less than it was….. still have to have tests related to gastro problem in September… Hoping that you may be feeling somewhat better too… Think and pray often for you… Sometimes wondering about God’s timing in improvement for you … Love Diane xx

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