AGE … Fact and/or State of Mind

I guess that I’m starting to feel my age… I’ll be 71 in a couple of days, and I’m feeling like it. But I also realize that while age is a fact, it is also a state of mind.

Of course a feeling of wellness helps to offset some of the feelings that come with being a ‘senior’ but regardless, limitations happen as well. I can’t do the things I used to be able to, or think as clearly as I once did.

Sometimes though you meet someone like I did recently who has defied the mental aspects of growing older, though frail in body. I met ‘Elsie’ at the community centre I joined to do warm water exercises. I look forward to seeing her on Thursdays when I go, as that’s her day to do so as well. She actually lives in the home where the pool and centre is. She moves very slowly and requires help to get into the pool, but she attempts to walk in it and exercise what she refers to as her ‘cracking bones’.

Elsie always has a story of times in her life, like when she was young and could swim across the lake where she lived; and how she wished she could still swim. Or like when she was a young woman in England during the bombing in WW2 and being in a shelter and helping a woman who was burned. Or planning a move to the U.S.A with her daughter who separated from her husband, and helping her to buy a home… only to have her daughter die during the planning of the move.

Anyway, Elsie is 95 and I thought how lovely it is that she can recount so clearly the events of her life. I can only hope and pray that while I age, somehow I too will be able to remember some special moments of my life.

Because there have been many!  ………………. Diane

6 thoughts on “AGE … Fact and/or State of Mind

  1. Wtg Elsie! She sounds like an amazing lady and I imagine her stories of her life are wonderful.
    And dear friend, I imagine your birthday will be great day! Have a wonderful birthday!!🎂☺️

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