CONNECTION……Body, Mind, and Spirit

Having experienced depression throughout most of my adult life, makes me once again realize that we are intricately connected by our ‘body, mind and spirit.

I’ve been free from the depth of darkness and depression for several years now, but the past couple of years with physical issues related to myself and my husband; and the deaths of several family members, I have once again realized how each facet of our being affects the others.

When our health is not the best, then it follows that we don’t think as clearly and that in turn affects our spiritual nature.

I feel right now like I’m in a bubble, wanting to do much more than I do, and when I don’t, I feel like a failure… Now I don’t really think I’m a failure; that’s a strong word, but I just don’t feel as though I’m part of what’s going on around me.

That’s the trick of the mind reacting in a negative way, which of course can mushroom into further difficulties. Fortunately I don’t travel back into the times of depression of earlier years, but there is a dullness in the spirit, and motivation. I go through the motions and do what I need to do, and go where I need to go, but it is with a feeling of doing so in a fog.

Concentration/fatigue are big factors that keeps me from accomplishing what I wish I could. I scan through some blogs, and think about writing, but come up short right now so much of the time.

Anyway, I know that many of you are going through issues of your own; some much more than I.

I hold on to hope that one day I will feel energized and will be able to participate more fully in many things, among which of course, is ‘blogging’ !   (Diane)

P.S. There are blessings around at even difficult times, that warm the spirit and soul, and one of them was a couple of weeks ago, when our grandson was surprised by his parents with a graduation party. They live in the States but arranged for older school friends and family back here in Canada, to help him celebrate graduating with high honors, and attending University in the fall. This is a photo with him and I.


11 thoughts on “CONNECTION……Body, Mind, and Spirit

  1. Through it all the light of Christ shines right through you – I understand how you must be feeling my prayer for you is for God’s love to sustain you and for the peace of Christ to fill the depths of your soul. God will use even this time in your life to glorify Him and to encourage others. and I must add – you have a good looking grandson!! That is a terrific picture of both of you.

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  2. Hi Diane!

    Thank you for sharing. I think it is normal what you are experiencing. If you are dealing with physical situations you are automatically dealing with emotional situations as well. This consumes energy. Now is a time to focus on yourself and be kind to yourself. The energy will return by itself. And then you can share all your new insights with us here.

    All the best you and lots of blessings, Ilka

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  3. I agree Dianne when we not well all those things suffer or are effected. ..I hope soon to be able to Skype with u again it’s been a while,and to catch up were your health is ..I can only imagine how tiring it is,lately while a month now iv stopped meds and boy it’s a roller coaster emotionally and physically and tiring as well as my heart doing funny stuff iv just had a few tests yesterday I can’t do much physical stuff without it going out of whack it’s so frustrating!

    The graduation picture looks lovely and happy exciting times ahead no doubt as they grow😄 Happy granny!
    Take lots care Dianne
    Love lisa

    Awesome picture Dianne. .


    • Thank you Lisa, I know that you have been going through ‘very difficult’ times. I wish you well in your attempt to cut down on the meds you take. Maybe you were just taking too many, and need to pare down. A close friend of mine as it turns out was doing just that… and having hallucinations and paranoia … and doctor cut many away, and she’s definitely a lot better…. Take care Love Diane xx

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