A Year ‘plus’ in Review

This past year ‘and more’ has been really tough. Yesterday I was just mentally trying to sort why I have been so discombobulated, and put it down to the issues over this period of time.

I haven’t been active much on my blog, on Facebook or even painting. My mind is just on overload I guess.

There has according to an estimate I quickly did of 80 plus appointments between my husband and I; some of which included procedures or surgery. There have been three deaths in the family, and the attempt to support my sister as one was her husband.

There is still this extreme fatigue which to this point has not resolved. It is believed to be the Multiple Sclerosis type, that I experienced prior to being diagnosed back in 1991, and while at times I have been tired it has not been like this until this past 6 months or so. I’ll see a neurologist the end of this month, hopeful that perhaps there will be some medication to alleviate it. While I function and am not physically severely debilitated, it is like going through a fog each day.

If I could relieve it by sleep I would, but unfortunately I can’t; but when I can, just close my eyes and rest my head. I do sleep at night but only because of some medication to help.

There is also one other issue with eating, as basically I have hardly any motility in my esophagus so food gets stuck. Again I will see a specialist but not for a few months as there is a wait.

I feel like my motivation and clarity of thought to do much of anything, is just a void right now. I want to write, but not always about my problems, so hence the lack of blogging right now.

I wish I could do the proverbial ‘snap out of it’. As most of you realize that is not the answer; it’s not as simple as that.

Having said all of that, I know many of you are going through issues of your own. I do think of my friends here in the blogging community, and will be striving to become more involved when I can.

I hope to squeeze in some posts when able to do so, hoping that it might be more a more enlightening subject than just ‘me’.

Take care…. Diane




14 thoughts on “A Year ‘plus’ in Review

  1. Your always in my heart and thoughts Diane, thank you for letting us know why you have not been Blogging as you did before and yes I too have been having problems that have made Blogging and even doing my day to day activities very difficult but there is a time for everything and right now Diane, rest may be what we both need.

    Take care dear Blogging friend – Christian Love Always – Anne.

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  2. I’m so sorry to hear you’ve had such a rotten time, Diane. Glad you are seeing specialists about the health problems. I have been off and on blogging for awhile too but for different reasons. Sending love your way xx

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  3. I am sorry things have been so hectic for you – the others are right no need to apologize. Actually I understand what you are going through, since I am going through the same thing. I will lift you up in prayer – for strength, comfort and for God’s peace to surround you. When our minds are on overload with our trials and suffering along with the fatigue that wears us down it is impossible to write. I have so many things I want to write about but when I sit nothing comes… God be with you my friend and at this time He may be calling you to rest. So rest in His arms and regain your strength and energy from His strength and power. ❤


    • Thanks Patty… for thoughts and prayers. I’m so sorry that you are not feeling well either. On a personal note… ‘we are officially going to become members of the new “Presbyterian church we now attend; this Sunday’…….. Diane


  4. Oh, Diane! Don’t apologise for talking about yourself. Talking really does help even if it’s via a blog. So sorry to hear you are functioning at less than 100% just now. You have been through so much and mental stress pulls the body down every bit as much as physical ailments. Stay strong, you WILL feel better soon. Winter is over and longer hours of daylight do so much good.

    Love, Meryl


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