A-Z Challenge ‘Inaccurate”

OOPS… .As you can see from what I wrote below, it is ‘I’naccurate’ as today’s letter is ‘I’ and not ‘H’… blame it on the headache…But it will have to do  (ha !!!!)

II was trying to think how I would write a blog tonight because I have a bad headache.. and then I became aware that the letter today was ‘H”.. hence my very short post!

I don’t often get headaches, but it’s been a busy few days and this week I need to do all the things that one does when getting ready to go away on a trip.

One of the issues health wise that I’ve been dealing with however, is just this great overwhelming fatigue that has been plaguing me for months. The doctor and I are both in agreement that it is likely from the Multiple Sclerosis. Some of you may know that while I have M.S. it is not seriously debilitating to me. I can walk, though my balance is off, and my legs feel like lead and I have some cognitive issues relating to memory and some issues with overheating in the sun etc.

However, this fatigue is reminiscent of the time previous to the diagnosis being made. For two years beforehand, I had various symptoms but this fatigue was the most troublesome. It’s the kind where sleep doesn’t happen; just the heavy head and fatigue that just affects everyday life.

My doctor is trying me on some different medications, but also sending me back to a neurologist just to see if there is anything else to try.

Anyway,  this particular headache makes this post very short tonight……

5 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge ‘Inaccurate”

  1. I’m sorry you were feeling bad. I can’t imagine the fatigue you must feel. I know how tired I can get by the end of the day, and your feelings must be magnified times 100! Hugs! xx deb

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